Powerful Steps To Stronger Hips & Knees

My hip pain has decreased! “I came to Canyon Sports for hip tendonitis pain. I started working with Brad. He gave me glute workouts to help my hip. I have gained strength and range of motion and my hip pain has decreased. I will now be able to do activities such as biking and skiing without the pain in my hip. Thanks Brad.” - D.E. PATIENT RESULTS


Until recently the human hip was one of the least appreciated joints in the human body. Being that the hip is a strong and stable joint it had rarely given us cause for concern unless we traumatize it. Not surprisingly, the human hip is responsible for quite a number of critical functions. Aside frompropelling us in all directions our hips provide incredible mobility, critical dynamic balance as well as shock absorption while allowing us freedom to do all sorts of activities. It has recently become clear through research that problems accompanying the hip joint including its connective tissue and surrounding musculature may be directly responsible for a much larger group of once seemingly unrelated physical problems and injuries. Some examples of related problems which until recently had not been clearly appreciated as hip related issues now include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ligament and tendon strain of the foot, patella tendon and patella femoral, stress issues and low back pain. Hip and pelvic weakness may be the sole cause of a multitude of traumatic knee and ankle injuries in athletes of all ages. With its simple ball and socket type design and a strong surrounding ligamentous capsule the hip provides exceptional mobility as well as stability to our pelvis and upper body. As it turns out the hip has critical responsibility in controlling our knee and thus further down what happens at the ankle. As we age we naturally lose strength in the large hip muscles including hip range of motion as our hip socket deepens and cartilage wears. It now appears that loss of balance and fall related accidents involving the elderly are in part due to a

musculature insufficiency and/or inability to rapidly engage hipmuscles. All serious athletes including the aging athlete should consider having Canyon Sports Therapy perform a comprehensive movement analysis and lower quarter strength assessment. Doing this will identify any movement impairment or muscle imbalance which could lead the athlete toward injury or potential hip issues later on. Correcting movement impairments also is seen to improve performance. Canyon Sports Therapy has been and continues to be the leader in Utah in understanding soft tissue pain and injury and its relationship to the hip. Our specialty is in the objective diagnosis and treatment of hip related problems even those which till nowmay have been seen as unrelated. Canyon Sports Therapy has the trained staff, sophisticated diagnostic tools including high speed motion capture, Instrumented treadmill, EMG telemetry and bike testing equipment to help get you back to pushing the limits of your ability without fear of re-injury. FORMORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR BIOMECHANICAL ASSESSMENTS, GO TO WWW.CANYONSPORTSTHERAPY.COM


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