The Livewell Collective - December 2019


Emails are a time suck. As you read through the subject lines, you wonder how your time can be better spent. Kevin Rose, entrepreneur and founder of, discovered an interesting way to limit the time he spends replying to emails, and it’s extremely simple. All you have to do is end all emails with “Sent from my smartphone.” Why does this make a difference? According to Rose, he found that people have different expectations based on whether emails are sent from mobile devices or computers. Presumably, any email that doesn’t include the tag “Sent from my smartphone” is sent from a computer with a full keyboard and your full attention. As it turns out, people don’t mind short, to-the-point emails if you reply on the go. The best part is that you can add the “Sent from my smartphone” from any device. You can add the signoff manually when you need a quick fix or add it to your signature. You no longer have to waste time writing paragraphs in response. Instead, you can limit your responses to single words or short phrases. This is helpful when you need to send someone a quick answer to keep things moving but you’re not interested in getting into the details then and there. In other words, you can buy


‘Tis the season of giving, which means it’s time we talk about one of the most simple, effective retail strategies out there: promotional gifts. Giving away merchandise for free may sound counterintuitive, but you’ll see that there’s a lot to gain through generosity. MORE THAN A DISCOUNT On paper, giving a great discounted price on big-ticket items can be just as generous as giving away smaller ones. But, psychologically, the two actions are very different. Ultimately, buying something at a discount still feels transactional. A gift, on the other hand, is a very personal gesture,

with a freebie. This lets them know you value their time spent at your gym. It’s gestures like this that create lifetime members. THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING We all know the feeling — a friend gets us a gift that we weren’t expecting, and suddenly we feel a deep urge to return the favor. Free merch may lead members to actively refer people to your

one that comes with no strings attached. For this reason, a small freebie can leave a lasting impression. MAKE MEMBERS FEEL SEEN We’re not saying you should just open the refrigerator and tell your whole gym to grab a can of O2 on the house. Rather, we’re saying you can use promotional gifts to recognize their achievements. For example, if someone’s boosted their attendance or finally completed a WOD that had been a challenge for them in the past, you could further encourage them

gym, sign up for more classes, or just become regular

buyers of that recovery drink you recommended.


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