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“Rock solid belief is the one single thing you can instill in your team that will help themmore than anything else in achieving success.”

TECHNIQUES THAT WORK TIME, TIME WHY This means you first establish a time to meet and then you tell themwhy you’re meeting. I call this my furniture-moving approach because if I called and asked you to help me move a grand piano you’d say no , but if I called and asked if you were free to get coffee on Saturday you’d say yes . Then I would say I had an exciting idea I wanted to bounce off you. DIRECT QUESTION “Are you shopping at Melaleuca.com yet?” It’s such an easy question to ask and if their answer is no you can naturally segue into setting an appointment. You may say, “It’s like Amazon but with much better customer service and better products that are focused on wellness. I’ve got to show you this!” OFFER HELP OR LEAD WITH A NEED “Are you still working full time or have you found a way to be home with the kids yet?” If they say no , then you can tell them you’re calling to help themwith that. WORK YOUR STORY INTO IT When you share your own story, it’s authentic. Then when you say, “Here is the type of person I’m looking to partner with and here’s why I thought of you,” it not only helps them see themselves in your story, it also compliments them so they’re more willing to listen. MAKE TEXTING WORK FOR YOU To initiate contact, text them something brief like, “Hey, what’s up?” If they reply right back, ask if they have two minutes. If they say yes , then call them. I have found that 99 percent of the time, they’ll answer their phone. Do it this way because if you text to ask if they have a fewminutes right now to run something by them, they usually text back to talk to them later. BYPASS THE NO FEEL, FELT, FOUND If they voice an objection, respond with, “I understand, I felt that way too. But I found...” and then tell them how the business worked out for you . THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Agree with their objection. (“I understand. Most people are really busy.”) Then say something like, “I’ll show you howMelaleuca works and if you still feel like that then don’t do it, okay?” If you knew one hundred percent for sure that you would be at Convention 2019 walking across the stage at the status you envision getting to, how fast would you get started in achieving that status? What’s stopping you? Let’s just do it.

On the other hand, fear can be a great motivator. Think of what your future may be if you don’t do this business. To me, that’s a lot scarier than having to learn the new skill set of setting appointments! BUILD MENTAL MOTIVATORS I love that our team does Power Hours on Tuesday and Saturday, but I encourage a daily habit of making phone calls. Why? Because I don’t want my team to slip into the thought pattern that getting through Tuesday means you don’t have to make calls until Saturday. What if you got into the daily habit of saying, “I’m going to make enough calls and talk to enough people each day that I set at least one appointment.” If you cultivate a daily habit like that it will eventually seem like an easy thing to do and you will be a lot less likely to procrastinate about it. THERE ARE THREE Ps IN SUCCESS In making approaches and setting appointments, three things contribute to the right mindset. POSTURE Posture is confident enthusiasm, not the result of hype. People pick up on your energy or the lack of it in your voice, and your energy is affected by where you make your calls and your physical posture when you make them. I tend to be the type of person who walks around a lot, so I’m like that when I’m on the phone. I’d rather not sit, so I’ll walk around the backyard or around the office. Because I stand up and walk, I’m breathing deeply, I’m enthusiastic, and it comes across. Everyone is different – some of you call from the quietest place you can find in the house and it’s often the bathroom! Wherever you choose to make your calls, make sure you are energized and upbeat when you do. PREPAREDNESS Don’t just grab your contact list and your phone and dial numbers. Start with you . Have your schedule handy, as well as the schedule of anyone helping you with the Melaleuca Overview. Next, consider the person you’re calling and decide how they would best be introduced to Melaleuca. For example, if you’re calling a stay-at-home momwith little children, consider getting a few other moms together at her home on a Thursday morning while the kids are at school. Our team sometimes elects to do “business luncheons,” where they present the Overview to business people during lunch. Executive Director 5 Charles Stuetzel built his business on business luncheons! PARAPHRASE When I enrolled inMelaleuca I wrote down all the approaches of successful business builders and handed themout tomy team; instead of helping them it paralyzed them, so I decided to help themparaphrase instead. Here are some ideas I share with new builders:


something like, “Hey, if it’s not for you, you might think of someone who would be perfect for me to talk to and I’d just appreciate any help I can get.” A no doesn’t have to stop with that one name on your list.

Resistance isn’t an objection it’s what you may get when you’re trying to book an appointment. Here are some words to help you avoid it. Instead of “home-based business” say “work from home” because people want to work from home. Instead of offering an “opportunity” say you “partner” or “team up” with others to help them.


In creating a positive mindset of approaching people, all business builders need to get over a few things.

TREPIDATION STOPS YOU BEFORE YOU START Trepidation is defined as “an anxious apprehension about something that may happen.” I love that word may – it’s the word I underlined in the definition. With success comes belief, and belief overrules trepidation, so it’s all about initiating a success cycle. With brand-new business builders we really need to help them get wins under their belt. With a few wins they have less trepidation, success leads to more action, more action leads to more success, and we can create momentumwith that. PROCRASTINATION DELAYS SUCCESS We tend to procrastinateon thingswedon’t like. Sometimeswe’ve just got to make the leapandbuildourwings aswefly.Whatever you think you’re theworst at doing, dive right into it. After all, this isn’t abusinesswhere youcanmake life-threateningmistakes. FEAR IS BEHIND INACTION We’ve all heard the old acronym for fear: False Expectations Appearing Real. The word “appearing” is the key word. Many of our fears aren’t real; they just appear real to us. I am fully convinced that with belief and confidence we could go out and enroll all of America in the next month. If we’re only separated by six degrees from everyone on the planet, we already have enough builders to enroll every household possible in the world in the next fewmonths. Get a calculator and do the math! If we had 10,000 people and charged themwith telling a few people each day, it wouldn’t take long to get to seven billion – so why don’t we? What is holding us back? Fear is a prison! The day you identify the fear holding you back is the day you get out of your prison.

Instead of asking to “tell” them about Melaleuca – because then they want

you to tell them right then on the phonewuse words

like “show” and “see” instead. I’ll say, “I want to show you something” or “I want you to see this” because if I’m on the phone I can’t show them something they need to see, right? It gives me an opportunity to book a time to meet with them.



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