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STAY IN CONTACT Why you can’t afford to lose touch with your contact list.

Building and maintaining a healthy contact list is more than the essential first step to setting appointments. It’s the lifeblood of your Melaleuca business.

HOW DO I BUILD A CONTACT LIST? First, you write down everyone you know. And we mean everyone. Think about the people you see when you go about your daily routine. Who are your friends on Facebook? Who do you talk to at the gym? Don’t leave someone off just because you think they won’t be interested. Avoid the temptation to prejudge. Use the memory jogger on the following pages to help you. Social media is an excellent source to help you build your contact list. Hopefully you’ve already added all the people you’re friends with on social media to your contact list. But what about all the suggested contacts? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social programs also provide suggested contacts. These are often people you already know or people with whom you share a common connection. Use these resources to reach out and get to know someone new or reconnect with an old acquaintance. The goal isn’t to approach over social media, simply to begin building a relationship. When you first meet or reconnect with someone, the focus should be on them and their lives. Ask about their families, what they do for work, their hobbies, and what goals they are trying to achieve. As you follow up and learn more about their lives, you will learn how Melaleuca’s products and business opportunity can help meet their needs. Set a goal to add names to your contact list each day.

WHAT IS A CONTACT LIST? At it’s most basic, a contact list is simply a list of people you know. You don’t need to be highly successful or wildly popular to have a contact list. Between your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, business associates, and the people you interact with on a daily basis, chances are you could quickly list at least 100 people. WHY DO I NEED A CONTACT LIST? Think of your Melaleuca business as a vehicle you’re trying to drive from point A to point B. But before you can even get out of the driveway, you first have to fill your vehicle with fuel. Your contact list is the fuel you use to power your business. As you enroll customers from your contact list and earn commissions from their purchases, you move your business forward. Then you have to refill your tank with new contacts and potential customers, otherwise your business will come to a standstill. There’s a reason Melaleuca encourages you to build a contact list, rather than just approaching random people on the street. People do business with and refer friends to people they know, like, and trust. It’s natural for you to tell a friend about a great new restaurant or a laundry detergent that saved your favorite shirt. We trust our friends’ opinions. We know they understand our needs and goals. Your warm market (or the people you know) is like premium fuel for your business. They are always going to be more receptive to hearing about Melaleuca, simply because they know you and value your opinion.



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