Your guide to Christ's College 2021 - International

Your guide to Christ’s College

For international boys and parents



2 – Your guide to Christ’s College




Code of Practice, Immigration, Health & Insurance Application Information, Requirements & Procedures Accommodation, Boarding and Transport Adjusting to a New Culture Strategies for Coping with Cultural Stress Orientation and Support Programme Refund Conditions & Fees


Term Dates



Weekly Routine


About College





The House System



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College Directory


Map of Christ’s College


Contact Us

Address Christ’s College

Phone 03 366 8705 Email

Office Hours Monday–Friday 8.30am–4.30pm Absence Line 03 364 8676 Website

Rolleston Avenue Private Bag 4900 Christchurch 8140 New Zealand


4 – Your guide to Christ’s College


Nau mai haere mai A very warm welcome to Christ’s College

I am delighted you have chosen to come to College and I hope you and your family enjoy a productive and rewarding partnership with us in the years ahead. Our vision is encompassed in our mission: Each boy at his best . College is renowned for the quality and strength of its academic, cultural, sport and co- curricular programmes. Our commitment is to work with you, to help you develop the skills and attributes you need to thrive. We look forward to seeing you grow into a virtuous young man, confident and self-aware, ready, willing and able to make a positive contribution to society. I hope you will take advantage of all the amazing opportunities available for you at College. Focus on your studies, explore your interests, and never be afraid to put your hand up to try something new. If you put in the effort, your life will be enriched by your College experience. This handbook contains a wealth of information about College life. I am sure it will prove useful as you begin your learning journey with us.

Garth Wynne Executive Principal


Term Dates

Term 1 (9 Weeks) Monday 1 February–Thursday 1 April Waitangi Day Public Holiday –Monday 8 February Easter – Friday 2 April–Tuesday 6 April 3 weeks’ holiday Term 2 (11 weeks) Anzac Day Public Holiday –Monday 26 April Tuesday 27 April–Friday 9 July Queen’s Birthday – Monday 7 June 2 weeks’ holiday Term 3 (9 weeks) Monday 26 July–Friday 24 September 3 weeks’ holiday Term 4 (7 weeks) Monday 18 October–Friday 3 December Labour Day – Monday 25 October Show Day – Friday 12 November The Calendar page on our website is a great way to find out about what’s going on at College. Click the view calendar button on our homepage and then click on the title of an event to find out more.

6 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Weekly Routine




House Time 9.20am Staff PL 8.20– 9.15am Assembly 9.30am

House Time 8.15am

House Time 8.15am

House Time 8.15am

House Time 8.15am

Chapel 8.30

Mentor Time 8.30

Chapel 8.30am

Late start for students







9.55–10.45am 9.55–10.45am 9.20–10am



Break 10.45–11.05am 10.45–11.05am 10–10.20am

10.45–11.05am 10.45–11.05am

Congers 10.20am MINDfit &MANifesto 10.20–11.40am Department Meetings 10.20


11.05–11.55am 11.05–11.55am 11–11.40am

11.05–11.55am 11.05–11.55am



12.00–12.50pm 11.45am–12.25pm 12–12.50pm


Lunch 12.50–1.50pm 12.50–1.50pm 12.25–1.05pm 12.50–1.50pm 12.50–1.50pm

Careers 1.10–1.40pm





1.50–2.40pm 1.50–2.40pm





2.45–3.35pm 2.45–3.35pm

Our Routine Boarders are expected to be in residence by 6pm on the evening before termbegins and dayboys should be at their House by 8.10amon the first morning of term.Blazers areworn for the first day of the summer terms,Terms 1 and 4.Dress uniform (suit) is to beworn on the first day of term in thewinter terms,Mondays and Fridays inwinter,Sunday Chapel,Prize-giving and other formal occasions as appropriate. Boys are encouraged to cycle or walk to school. However, if driving,we ask College families to stay away fromthe school gates in order to avoid congestion on Rolleston Avenue. House time is held everyMonday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8.15am, and on Thursday at 9.20am.There is awhole school assembly every Thursday at 9.30am.Chapel services are held at 8.30amonMonday and

Friday, and on Sundays throughout the year (dates and times available on thewebsite). Congregational singing practice (Congers) takes place onWednesday at 10.20am. There are six 50minute lessons onMonday, Tuesday and Friday.OnWednesday the first lesson is 45minutes and thereafter each lesson is 40minutes,which allows time for Congers and sport.There is a late start for students on Thursday,withHouse time at 9.20am, assembly at 9.30amand the first lesson commencing at 10am.Aswell as the first 45minute lesson, there are a further four 50minute lessons on Thursday.The routine has sufficient time built in to allowstudents to transfer between classes. Any requests for permission to leave early or arrive late should bemade to your Housemaster, in advance andwith good reason.


About College

Our Virtues

Established in 1850, Christ’s College is an Anglican school founded on Christian principles. Its history is inextricably linked with the foundation and settlement of Christchurch and the Canterbury region. College moved to its present site in 1856, putting down roots in the central city, growing and developing, and creating the exceptional learning environment you find today. And exceptional it is. As one of the leading independent boys’ schools in New Zealand, College focuses on delivering a multi-faceted and inspirational educational experience and – in partnership with parents – preparing our students for a world of opportunities. Our Vision Christ’s College will be a vibrant school community that educates boys to be men of virtuous character who make a positive contribution to society.

Seven core Christian virtues underpin all aspects of College life • Honesty – being truthful and sincere in words and actions • Spirituality – appreciating that in seeking a fullness of life we need to look beyond our material needs and wants • Compassion – being generous towards those less fortunate than ourselves • Learning – striving to become independent, lifelong learners, and recognising the right of others to learn • Respect – cultivating an attitude of respect, for ourselves, for others and for our school and community • Stewardship – recognising the good we have received from the past so that it may be preserved or enhanced • Justice – accepting people’s differences and being fair in all our dealings with others We encourage our students to aspire to live a virtuous life, to cultivate good character and work habits, make good choices, and strive for excellence in everything they do.

Our Mission

Each boy at his best . Ma te ahurei o te rangatahi, ka arahi i o matou mahi – “Let the uniqueness of the student guide our work”

Our Motto

Bene tradita, bene servanda – “Good traditions, well maintained”

8 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Our Crest

The College crest reflects our heritage, identity and history. The helm – a corporate body with the crest of a tui’s head. The white tuft on black plumage forms the College colours, black and white. The hung fleece – taken from the coat of arms of the Canterbury Province. The lion – taken from the coat of arms of Christ’s College, Cambridge, alma mater of the first Superintendent of Canterbury Mr JE Fitzgerald, who drew up the ordinance founding College. The Tudor rose – taken from the coat of arms of Christ Church, Oxford, alma mater of Mr JR Godley and many of the founders of Canterbury. The wavy line – signifies a voyage by sea. The four shells (escallops) – represent the Canterbury Association’s early settlers who arrived in the First Four Ships. The lozenge – with points forming the heraldic cross most similar to that in the east window of the Chapel, and used on the pockets of Old Boys’ blazers. The open book with letters – signifies a place of learning or school and XP (the Greek letters chi and rho) represent Christos, thus Christ’s College.


Our Haka – Te Kura Karaiti

Kaea Tuturu whakamaua kia tina The coming together of our family, Katoa Tina Our school Kaea Haumi e, hui e Katoa Taiki e!

Kaea A ha, ko te Kura Karaiti

We are Christ’s College

Katoa E ara! E ara!

Arise, arise

Kaea Ko te Kura Karaiti Katoa E ara! E ara! Kaea Aoraki Matatu Katoa E ara! E ara! Kaea Aoraki Rakatira

We are Christ’s College

Arise, arise

We must pay homage

As we gaze upon our celestial mountain Mount Aoraki Our protector, our paramount chief

Katoa E ara! E ara! E ...

Kaea I ... a ha ha! Katoa Ko te mana o roto

That provides our mana, belief within

Ko te mana tupuna

Acknowledges our ancestral mana (Old Boys who wore the jersey and ones who have passed) Acknowledges the mana of the school and,

Ko te mana Kura Karaiti

Atua e ... (look up)

most importantly, Christ the Lord

Kaea A ha ... Ka wero, ka wero

We challenge you our adversaries

(slap right chest first)

Katoa Ki te hoa kakari

Sense our awe Sense the fear

Ki te hoa kakari Me(h) roko, te ihi Me roko, te wehi e

Kaea Aue

To cry (our love for the team and school) For we are Christ’s College standing here

Ko te Kura Karaiti

E tu nei! Katoa Tu tonu ake ake

We will forever remain, forever remain ...

Tu tonu ake ake, Hi!

Kaea Ano Katoa Tu tonu ake ake, Ha!

10 – Your guide to Christ’s College


12 – Your guide to Christ’s College


Chapel is an integral part of College life. It is the architectural reminder at the heart of our school to find the still point in the turning world, a place where the College community gathers to pause, reflect, sing and pray.

Centre for Ethics & Spirituality

All boys, regardless of religious affiliation, are expected to participate in Chapel. They must attend Chapel onMonday and Friday mornings, congregational singing practice (Congers) onWednesday, at least two Sunday services each term, and Carols on the Quad. Juniors also attend our end-of-year Advent Carol Service. Christ’s College follows contemporary Anglican practice, and is inclusive of all. Parents and families are encouraged to attend Sunday services and are also invited to come and share our traditional Christmas celebrations. Whatever his age,whatever his denomination, if a boy is baptised (christened) he is encouraged to receive communion. Baptism is offered for boys in any year group and each year preparation for confirmation is available for boys in Years 12 and 13. Confirmation is regarded as an individual commitment to aspire to live according to Christian ideals. The Chaplain’s office is in the Selwyn Building, which also accommodates the Religious Education department and the Choir vestry. Religious Education at College focuses mainly on Christianity, but also explores the world’s other great religions, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhismand Sikhism, and teaches the fundamentals of philosophy and ethics.

The aim of the Centre for Ethics & Spirituality is to inspire us, as a community, to start thinking and talking about some of the big questions in life. Guest speakers present on a wide range of topics, designed to promote critical and creative thinking and enhance our understanding of and engagement with the world.

Chaplain Rev. Bosco Peters

For more information about Chapel and the Centre for Ethics & Spirituality, go to the Chapel and Ethics & Spirituality pages in the Community section of our website.


The House System

When you start at Christ’s College you will be assigned to a House. College has 10 Houses, three for boarders and seven for dayboys.

In addition, you will be assigned to the particular care and attention of an Assistant Housemaster, who will help you with goal planning and monitor your progress. All boys are bound by the school rules and each House publishes its own student guide, designed to help you settle in and understand House rules and expectations. Student leaders in each House include the Head of House and Year 13 students. These senior boys support the Housemaster in running interhouse events, mentor younger students, oversee House duties and foster House spirit. College runs a number of interhouse competitions, and all students are encouraged to take part. There is always an atmosphere of friendly rivalry between Houses at these events. We encourage you to get involved in House activities. By becoming an active and enthusiastic member of your House, you will form some amazing friendships, gain the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and try different things, develop your sense of self and your character strengths, have opportunities to both lead and follow, and be recognised for your hard work and the contribution you make. Please refer to the College Directory at the back of this handbook to find the names and contact details of key House personnel, or visit the College Life page on our website to find out more about our Houses.

Boarding Houses Flower’s House Richards House School House

Day Houses Condell’s House Corfe House Harper House Jacobs House Julius House Rolleston House Somes House

Your House will become one of your most important places at school, your band of brothers within the wider College community. If you are a boarder, your House will become your home away from home. If a dayboy, your House will be the base from which you operate while at school. Your Housemaster and other House staff are there to support you throughout your time at College. They will get to know you well, and will give you help and advice about all aspects of College life, as well as any other matters that affect your wellbeing.

14 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Centre for Character & Leadership The Centre for Character & Leadership complements and enhances our academic programme. Its age-appropriate programmes are designed to support the boys as they transition through adolescence, helping them acquire the character strengths and skills they need in order to thrive and, ultimately, make a positive contribution to the wider society in which they live.

Prefects 2021 HeadPrefect –Jack Belcher

DeputyHeadPrefect –Jamie Barr Head of Boarding –Henry Briscoe Head of Condell’s – Sam Idiens Head of Corfe – SamDickie Head of Flower’s – SamHadley Head of Harper – Charlie Cameron Head of Jacobs – Isaac Aitken Head of Julius –Hanjun Kim Head of Richards –NathanMcKenzie Head of Rolleston –George Geary Head of School – Louis Elworthy Head of Somes –TomClarke Head of Academic –Jeremy Kinley Head of Arts&Culture –JoshJolly Head of Biculturalism –Bradley Shearer Head of Chapel Choir –Joshua Erasmus

Director of Character & Leadership Matt Cortesi

For more information about the Centre for Character & Leadership, go to the Character & Leadership page in the Community section of our website. Student Leaders By getting involved in the life of the school, you will find many opportunities to develop leadership skills in different contexts – and while not everyone can be Head Prefect, or captain of a sports team, or first violin, or take a leading role in a school production, each boy can aspire to be and do his best, to both lead and serve as a valued member of our community.

Chapel Prefects –Kosei Oikawa,Freddie Sudell Head of Character &Leadership –Oliver Hlavac Head of Environment –Janindu Pahalawatta Headof International&RoundSquare –ClaudeTellick

Head of Service – Charles Lord Head of Sport – LiamAlexander Head ofWellbeing –Thomas Stephens


16 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Pastoral Care

We take our duty of care seriously. Our pastoral care approach is designed to make sure every boy feels safe and supported, and develops a sense of belonging to the College community .

College Counsellor Our two College Counsellors – Riki Clark and Kirsty Robinson – offer a professional, confidential counselling service for boys and their families. Riki and Kirsty have considerable experience working with children, adolescents and adults in need, and understand the psychological and social stressors andmental health issues many young people face today.

Your Housemaster or HouseMentor should be the first person you contact if you have any problems or concerns, or youmight prefer to confide in a trusted teacher or sports coach. Each boy is assigned to the particular care of a staff member who will act as a mentor, support himwith goal planning and monitor his progress. In addition, College has a comprehensive counselling and support service,with a number of people – including the Chaplain, our two College Counsellors, and the Careers Advisor, International Student Manager,Nurses andMatrons – in our guidance network. The Student Wellbeing page on Schoolbox, run by the Student Wellbeing committeewith the support of theHealth&Wellbeing team, is a self-help initiative that provides links to practical ideas and resources designed to help students in need and to raise awareness of the importance of goodmental health. It iswell worth a look. At College,we take a firm stand on bullying or harassment and do not tolerate abusive behaviour.We encourage students to report any instances of bullying or harassment, either by talking to a trustedmember of staff or through the Bullying Report Form (BRF) option on Schoolbox.We will respect your confidentiality, and undertake to investigate and resolve such issues in a satisfactory and timely manner.

College Counsellors Riki Clark Kirsty Robinson

Centre for Health & Wellbeing We believe the best education focuses not only on academic achievement, but also on development of character strengths and wellbeing. The Centre for Health &Wellbeing brings positive psychology and best teaching practice together, to promote good relationships, foster resilience and encourage positive lifestyle choices.

Directors of Health & Wellbeing John Quinn – 027 282 3972 Sarah Anticich – 021 917 891

For more information head to the Health & Wellbeing page in the Community section of our website.


The Home and School Partnership

We are in this together. When a boy starts College, he and his family are welcomed into our school community. As we encourage our students to dive in and take advantage of the many opportunities available through their College experience, we also encourage their families to get involved.

Marketing and Communications A wide range of publications are distributed to the College community, including Register – a chronicle of each year at College, published in Term 1 College – a colour news magazine, published twice a year In Black &White – an electronic newsletter, published every two weeks in term time College calendar – a list of key events, dates, times and venues, published electronically College website – a useful source of news and information about all aspects of College life College Facebook – ChristsCollege – for the latest news and events at College Please tell us if your sonhasdoneanything you thinkwe shouldknowabout,whether aspart of his school activities or inother areas of his life. We encourageparents to contact ourMarketing andCommunications teamwithnews and photographs celebrating students’successes.

There is always something happening at College, and parents are always welcome to attend. Whether you are cheering on the sidelines or helping manage a sports team, lending a hand behind the scenes for drama or music productions, or accompanying students on away trips, we are grateful for your support. Your Housemaster will let you know about any House-specific activities, or have a look at the Calendar page on our website to find out about upcoming events. Christ’s College Parents’ Association For parents, joining the Parents’ Association is a great way to meet other people and support the school. The Parents’ Association plays a pivotal role in coordinating some of College’s main social functions, including Athletics Sports Day, Mid-Winter Drinks and the Pink Lunch.

Director of Advancement Claire Sparks

18 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Keep in Touch To be confident we can get in touch with you in any situation, please ensure we have your family’s up-to-date contact details – including address, phone numbers (mobile and landline) and email – at all times.


20 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Academic Matters

Our focus is on helping each boy realise his full academic potential. College delivers high quality learning programmes, encompassing the latest curriculum developments and best teaching pedagogy. Teaching and learning areas of expertise are supported through the Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research.

for students who need more focused individual or small group tuition

• English

• The Arts – Art History, Drama, Music and Visual Arts • Health & Physical Education – including Sport Leadership • Modern Languages – French, Japanese, Te Reo Maori

• Advanced Learning – provides extension and enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom • Careers Advisor – provides advice about subject choices and study or career pathways

• Mathematics & Statistics – including Calculus

• Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth & Space Science

• Social Sciences – Accounting, Agribusiness, Classical Studies,

Economics, Financial Literacy, Geography, History, Religious Education, Psychology • Technology – Digital Technology, Design & Visual Communication, Materials Technology and Mechanical Engineering

• Learning Centre – provides extra support


Curriculum Overview

YEAR 12 NCEA Level 2

YEAR 13 NCEA Level 3


YEAR 9 YEAR 10 YEAR 11 NCEA Level 1

Accounting Agribusiness Art (Painting at Year 12 & 13) Art (Design) Art (Photography) Art History Biology Chemistry Classical Studies Design & Visual Communication (DVC) Digital Technologies Drama Economics (Enterprise& Innovation at Year 10) English Financial Literacy French Geography History Japanese Materials Technology Mathematics Mathematics with Calculus Mathematics with Statistics Mechanical Engineering Music Physical Education, Health &Wellbeing Physics Psychology Religious Education Science (General/Year 12&13 Earth&Space Science) Spanish (Not offered from2023) Sport Leadership Te Reo Ma¯ori


Subject taught

Compulsory for all

Subject not taught

Compulsory and optional courses in subject

Potential future offering, dependant on numbers

22 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Course Summary







Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

5 (trimesters)


4 (half year)


4 (half year)

Te Reo Maori


Choose either of the following languages: French Japanese

3 3

Art / Drama / Music


Digital Thinking / Materials Technology / Design & Visual Communication


Religious Education


Physical Education and Health



Classroom Code of Conduct College has high expectations of good behaviour and expects all students to treat their teachers and fellow students with respect at all times. In the classroom, students should always • make the most of their learning opportunities • behave in a way that does not disrupt the learning of others New Zealand Qualifications The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is New Zealand’s main national qualification for senior secondary school students. In each subject, skills and knowledge are assessed against a number of standards – and schools use a range of internal and external assessments to measure how well students meet these standards. When a student achieves a standard, they are awarded credits. Students must accrue a certain number of credits at each level in order to gain an NCEA certificate. High achievement is recognised by Merit and Excellence endorsements. NCEA Level 1 – a student must gain a total of 80 credits at Level 1 or above, including a minimum of 10 literacy and 10 numeracy credits. NCEA Level 2 – a student must gain a total of 60 credits at Level 2 or above, plus 20 credits from any level, and Level 1 literacy and numeracy.

NCEA Level 3 – a student must gain a total of 60 credits at Level 3 or above, plus 20 credits from Level 2 or above, and Level 1 literacy and numeracy. University Entrance University Entrance (UE) is the qualification students need in order to go to university in New Zealand. To gain UE, a student must achieve • NCEA Level 3 • Three subjects – 42 credits at Level 3,made up of 14 credits each in three approved subjects • Literacy – 10 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of 5 credits in reading and 5 credits in writing • Numeracy – 10 credits at Level 1 or above, made up of specified achievement standards through a range of subjects, or three numeracy unit standards (26623, 26626, 26627 – all three required) Students should be aware that prolonged absences in Years 11, 12 or 13, may result in them being unable to meet the requirements for NCEA. Please discuss any concerns with your Housemaster, subject teachers or the Assistant Principal – Curriculum. For more information about academic matters and subject choices at College, please talk to your Housemaster or refer to our Curriculum Studies Guide, the NZQA Booklet and NCEA pages in the Curriculum section of our website.

24 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Prizes and Awards We like to celebrate success. The systemof prizes and awards at College is designed to recognise not only academic excellence, but also effort and achievement. Gold Badges and Gold Ties are awarded for academic excellence, Honours Ties are given to boys whomake an outstanding contribution to the cultural life of the school,while School Colours are awarded to our top sportsmen. Gold and Silver Buttons may be worn by boys who excel in a number of areas, plus there are many other House and school awards made to boys who deserve recognition. Character andMANifesto Awards Character andMANifesto awards, for juniors and seniors respectively, are for boyswho embody any of College’s 24 character strengths, as identified through the VIA classification of character strengths and virtues.While theymay be used to acknowledge academic endeavours, the awards have been designed to ensure staff look at each boy holistically and recognise personal growth and development both in and outside the classroom.Any boy nominated for an award is invited to attendmorning teawith the Executive Principal. Charles UphamCharacter Awards These awards celebrate character strengths in action in the classroom, around the school and in the community. Up to two awards are made in each year group.

They are named after College Old Boy, Charles Upham, who was awarded the Victoria Cross and bar during World War II. Charles Upham is recognised for his strengths of humility, courage, perserverance and leadership. To be eligible for this award, a student must have received a Character Award during the year (Years 9–11), or a MANifesto Award (Years 12 and 13). The Charles Upham awards are awarded in Junior and Senior Prize-giving. Gold Badges Gold Badges recognise outstanding achievement in NCEA at Levels 1 and 2. The criteria for receiving a Gold Badge are • Year 11 – a minimum of 90 credits at Excellence in Year 11 at NCEA Level 1 or above, or aminimumof 100 credits at Excellence at Level 1 NCEA achieved by the end of Year 11 • Year 12 – a minimum of 70 credits at Excellence in Year 12 NCEA Level 2 or above, or a minimum of 80 credits at Excellence at Level 2 NCEA achieved by the end of Year 12 Gold Ties A Gold Tie is awarded to the top five students in Year 11 and the top five students in Year 12 with the highest percentage of Excellence credits in one academic year. To be eligible, the student must also be a Gold Badge recipient.


Gold Buttons These may be worn by boys who • receive their second award of a Gold Badge • receive their third award of Colours • receive their third award of an Honours Tie • receive three awards in combination – for example, an Honours Tie, Colours and a Gold Badge; or two Colours and a Gold Badge; or two Honours Ties and Colours Silver Buttons These may be worn by boys who • receive their second award of Colours, or their second award of an Honours Tie • receive two awards – for example, an award of Colours plus an award of a Gold Badge; an Honours Tie plus an award of a Gold Badge; or Colours and an Honours Tie

Careers Our dedicated Careers Advisor is available to give advice on learning pathways at College, as well as tertiary study and career options. He works with both juniors and seniors, with groups and individuals, and liaises with tertiary education providers, organises work experience opportunities, and has a wide range of information and resources available. It is never too early to seek careers advice and all boys should be encouraged to think about life beyond school.

Careers Advisor Chris Sellars 027 268 9437

Library The library has a fantastic range of fiction and non-fiction paper and e-books, plus magazines and DVDs, computers and audio- visual equipment. Its website gives access to the library catalogue, as well as a range of databases, search engines and resource links. Books are issued for four weeks and DVDs for one week. Renewals are allowed. Overdue notices will be sent by email, and students are responsible for the safe return of all borrowed items. Our approachable and dedicated library staff are always keen to help, and have a world of information at their fingertips. Students should always be aware the library is a place for quiet work and study – and sensible, respectful behaviour is expected. Food and

Student–Parent–Teacher Meetings

These meetings provide an opportunity for parents to get to know their son’s teachers, discuss his academic progress and raise any other pertinent issues. Senior and junior students have one parent meeting plus a goal planning meeting each year. Housemasters are always prepared to arrange meetings at other times as required.

26 – Your guide to Christ’s College

drink are not allowed in the library. Bags must be left in the foyer on the hooks and benches provided, but students should take their laptops with themwhen studying in the library. Opening hours (term time only) 8.30am–5pmMonday–Friday Supervised prep and academic tuition for boarders in the evening.

Heads of Teaching & Learning Dr Graeme Swanson Katie Southworth Melissa Campbell Warren Lidstone

Website Librarian Caroline Black

Research & Policy Analyst Amanda Lester

College Archives The archives are available for you to research College history. To arrange an appointment, either email the archivist or talk to the library staff and they will contact the archivist on your behalf.

Library Assistant Lyn Feterika

Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research The Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research has been established to promote continuous improvement in teaching and learning. Using a coaching model and focusing on best practice in education, the Centre will support and empower our teaching staff to be the best they can be and to deliver inspirational and meaningful learning programmes.

Archivist Jane Teal

Assistant Principal – Curriculum Nicole Billante


Digital Services and e-Learning

College is at the forefront of using digital technologies to support teaching and learning, and all students are expected to have a fully charged laptop available for use in class.

Jumpcloud Your login to Jumpcloud provides you with a single password for logging into the wifi network, Schoolbox, Google Workspace and printing. You are required to use a secure password of more than eight characters, with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Be a Good Digital Citizen • always charge your laptop overnight • backup your files and keep your passwords secure • carry your laptop in a case or bag to prevent damage • never interfere with another boy’s laptop • never leave your laptop lying around. When not in use, store it in a safe place • never use email, texts or the network to bully or humiliate others • use access to technology resources responsibly and wisely • do not use VPNs to bypass College systems

We require boys to have either the Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, with a minimum of 8GB memory and 256GB storage, with battery life expected to last the school day. The laptop should be fully charged each night. College provides relevant curriculum software and makes extensive use of the Google Workspace suite of apps, which offer a full range of cloud-based productivity tools designed to support learning. At the beginning of the year, all boys are required to sign a Digital code of conduct, which outlines expectations and responsibilities, and are issued with a College email address and passwords, which provide access to digital services and resources.


Schoolbox is an integrated learning management system and community portal provided by College to support engagement and enhance teaching and learning. Ensure you use and check it regularly as notices are personalised to the groups you belong to. You can also access Schoolbox via the College app. Search for Christ’s College, Christchurch, in the App Store or on Google Play.

28 – Your guide to Christ’s College

Please refer to the College Directory at the back of this handbook to find the names and contact details of key Digital Services personnel, or visit the e-Learning page in the Curriculum section of our website for more information about Digital Services and our digital learning strategy.

Digital Services Digital Services is located on Level 2 of the Fine Arts & Technology building. The Digital Services team operate information technology resources around College and provide assistance in all areas associated with digital services. For any digital related problems, visit the help-desk in the Digital Services reception area for assistance.

Email Protocols • use Christ’s College email addresses for all matters relating to College • keep your emails as concise as possible • always be polite • teachers are not expected to read work- related emails in the evening or on the weekend. However, they are expected to respond as soon as convenient and preferably within 24 hours on a normal school day While email is one of the most efficient ways to contact teachers and other students, as with all digital technologies, we expect you to use it wisely and adhere to these email protocols.

Director of Digital Services Paul Rodley


30 – Your guide to Christ’s College


College is known for its competitiveness in a broad range of sports. Our excellent facilities, specialist coaches and support staff, regular training sessions and strength and conditioning programmes, are in place to assist teams and individuals develop skills in their chosen field.

Summer Sports Athletics Clay Target Shooting* Cricket

Sport is an integral part of College life and all boys are expected to participate in both summer and winter sport. House sport competitions, held throughout the year, give everyone the opportunity to have a go at different activities and foster House and school spirit. Our Athletics Sports Day and Swimming Sports are held early in Term 1. In both cases there is an interhouse competition, as well as individual championships. These events are a great introduction to sport at College, as well as fun social activities. Parents are always welcome at sports games and events. Usual sports days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school and Saturday – but other days may be used, depending on the sport. Practice times vary, but most finish by 5.30pm. Your coach will outline the expectations for your chosen sport. Whether you are a passionate sportsman or not, at College we believe there are many health and wellbeing benefits to be gained from taking part in sports and physical activity and having access to a high quality physical education programme.

Golf (Years 11–13) Mountain Biking Multisport* Polo

Rowing Sailing Surfing Swimming Tennis Venture Group (Years 10–13) Volleyball Water Polo

Winter Sports Badminton Basketball Clay Target Shooting* Cycling

Football Harriers Hockey Rugby Skiing and Snowboarding* Squash Table Tennis

* Boys can participate in these sports in addition to their chosen summer or winter sport.


Facilities College’s playing fields, known as the Christ’s College Cricket Ground, are located in South Hagley Park. This complex comprises two rugby fields, three football fields, eight turf cricket pitches and a grass net training facility for cricket. On campus, College has a well-equipped gymnasium, a five-lane 25mheated indoor swimming pool and another playing field – Upper. The gymnasium is used for various sport events, including badminton,basketball, table tennis and volleyball and also houses our strength and conditioning area.Street shoes may not beworn on the gymnasiumfloor under any circumstances.Do not take food or drink into the gymnasium. When using the swimming pool, students must behave sensibly and pay attention to the pool rules (posted in the pool building) at all times. Swimming is only allowed when there is supervision available. Do not walk to the pool in bare feet, or take food or drink into the pool building. Upper is used as a track and field facility in summer and a rugby field in winter. It also has an all-weather astro turf area for tennis, hockey and cricket. College has its own rowing shed at Kerr’s Reach and a rowing erg room in Cranmer Square. Other facilities are sourced on an as-required basis.

Sport Code of Conduct College strongly supports the principles of good sportsmanship and fair play. Your appearance and behaviour, both on and off the field, should be of the highest standard • wear the correct gear to practices and matches • be punctual • abide by the referee’s (or umpire’s) decisions without complaint or argument • avoid inappropriate behaviour – such as swearing, fighting or arguing – even when provoked • racial abuse or harassment will not be tolerated • show loyalty to your team, captain, coach and College • play with a will to win, but play fairly Exemptions Exemptions from sport must be cleared through the Director of Sport and may be granted • on medical grounds (doctor’s certificate required) • where there is genuine high-level involvement outside College in a sport or activity which is not available at College

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Director of Sport Rob Clarke

For more information on sport at College – in particular, further details about individual sports and the teachers in charge, our sport Code of Conduct, Guidelines and FAQs – go to the Sport pages on our website.


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Co-curricular Activities

There’s always something happening at College and we encourage all students to get involved in some kind of activity outside the classroom. You might pursue an already established interest or decide to try something new – whatever you choose, co-curricular activities are sure to help you meet new people, gain new skills and enhance your College experience.

Chess Chess enthusiasts can compete for the House Cup in Term 3 and play in the interschool chess competition during winter months. All boys, at any level, are welcome.

Drama College has a strong tradition of excellence in the performing arts,with amyriad of opportunities for students to participate both onstage and behind the scenes – including House Plays, Theatresports, the SheilahWinn Shakespeare Festival and annual musical or dramatic productions for senior and junior students. Through timetabled classroomdrama and the Christ’s College Drama Club,we teach individual performance skills and stagecraft, and foster aesthetic and kinaesthetic growth, nurturing creative talent, imaginative flair and a love for the theatre arts. We work closely with theMusic School and local girls’ schools to create vibrant performing arts partnerships. Specialist speechanddrama teachers offer individual lessons,andstudents canwork towardsSpeechNZandTrinityCollegeLondon qualifications.Lessons are scheduledbetween 8am–8pmandcareful timetabling ensuresboysdo notmiss the sameacademic lessoneachweek.

Teacher in Charge Gill Kilpatrick

Debating Debating is a fun way to develop reasoning, research and confidence in public speaking. At College, students have a number of opportunities to hone their debating skills, with both junior and senior interhouse competitions, and interschool competitions and exchanges.

Teacher in Charge TBC

Director of Drama Hannah Clarkson


Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award The aimof the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is to challenge young people to be the best they can be, to help themdiscover and build on their strengths and interests through service, skills, physical recreation and an adventurous journey. There are three award levels:Bronze, Silver and Gold. All Year 10 boys are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and they are expected to gain the Bronze Award. By making the Bronze Award compulsory,we hopemany boys will choose to complete themore advanced levels as well.

Model United Nations

By getting involved in Model United Nations (MUN) activities, students learn to look outwards and discover the art of diplomacy and importance of international relations. Students in Years 11–13 have the opportunity to participate in both regional and national MUN conferences, and may also apply to be part of the New Zealand delegation to the annual international MUN conference. A number of College students have participated at the highest level, and hugely enjoyed and greatly benefitted from the experience. MUN is for anyone interested in politics, current affairs, public speaking and contemporary global issues, particularly relating to human rights, the environment, security and trade.

Teacher in Charge Graeme Christey

Exchange Programmes Exchanges open up theworld and give students the opportunity to experience life in another country and culture.They are an important contributor to our Round Square Ideal of Internationalism.College has existing exchange programmes in placewith schools in the USA, England,Germany,France,Japan,Singapore, Argentina and Australia.Exchanges currently operate inYears 9, 10 and 12. Opportunities to be involved in our Exchange Programmeswill be advertised through Student Notices on Schoolbox

Teacher in Charge TBC

Round Square Round Square is a worldwide network of innovative schools in 50 countries across six continents. The Round Square IDEALS – Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service – complement our College virtues and, by becoming a member of Round Square, we can promote our interest in embracing a global perspective, experiential learning and character education.

Teacher in Charge Neil Porter

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Our commitment to Round Square is largely student-driven, with our International Committee leading Round Square initiatives at College.

Teacher in Charge Rob Donaldson


The ski club organises regular trips to Mount Hutt on Sundays during the season. Interschool ski competitions are held in Term3.

Teacher in Charge Eloise Nevin


Music and Choir

College has a rich and vibrant music programme and the Christ’s College Music School aims to offer all boys the opportunity to excel and achieve excellence in music. Students are taught to appreciate a wide range of musical styles and experiences – through music lessons, sessions with visiting artists, concerts and live performances – as part of their wider aesthetic development. Music lessons are available for a wide range of instruments, including voice. Our itinerant music tutors are all professional musicians and excellent role models for our students. Music lessons are scheduled between 8am–9pm, depending on the availability of the tutor and to accommodate each boy’s academic programme. Lessons take place in the Music School on Rolleston Avenue and instruments are available for hire from local music suppliers. Students who wish to focus on singing can audition for a place in the Chapel Choir and our specialist choir Schola Cantorum, which concentrates on a cappella and more demanding part work. College choirs have extensive repertoires of traditional choral and contemporary pieces, and sing in Chapel as well as at other College events, and in performances both in New Zealand and overseas. College offers many performance opportunities – including Big Band, Small Band, Brass Ensemble, Chapel Choir, Congregational Singing, Contemporary Music,

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Chamber Music, Jazz Combo, Saxophone Ensemble, Schola Cantorum and Orchestra (with students from St Margaret’s College) – and interested students are welcome to join our thriving community of passionate musicians.

For more information about co-curricular activities at College, go to the Our Programmes pages in the College Life section of our website.

Director of Music Robert Aburn


Monday Thursday

6.30–8pm 12.50–1.40pm

Big Band

Chamber Music Groups

Times by arrangement

Chapel Choir (Full Choir)

Wednesday & Friday Friday

5.45–6.45pm 4–5pm

(Schola Cantorum)

Jazz Combo



Music School & practice facilities

Open daily





Contemporary Music

Tuesday & Thursday

Rotating through the day

Saxophone Ensemble



Chamber Orchestra




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The Uniform Shop is the sole supplier of all Christ’s College uniforms, including sport uniforms, and also stocks a range of stationery and other supplies. It also sells some second hand uniform items, if clean, in good condition, and in current fabric and style.

The Uniform Shop offers appointments for uniform fittings for new entrants and for boys who need made-to-measure clothing. A sewing and alterations service is also available through the Uniform Shop, with a seamstress on site on a weekly basis.

Shop hours (term time) Monday–Friday 10am–5pm School holiday hours Monday–Friday 10am–5pm

Manager Ann Shaw 03 364 8613 Location 10 Gloucester Street, Christchurch

For more information and to download a copy of the Uniform Shop booklet, go to the Uniform Shop page in the College Life section of our website.



College has carefully considered school rules, based on our core virtues, that reflect our expectations of good conduct and collegiality. These rules apply in the House, in the classroom, on campus and in any situation where you represent College – for example, at sport, cultural or co-curricular events.

Purpose The purpose of this discipline policy is to: • enable the Executive Principal and staff to maintain the order and good discipline of College • outline expected standards of behaviour • encourage our students to meet the expected standards of behaviour • provide a clear, but flexible process for dealing with issues of behaviour Foundations This discipline policy has at its foundation the agreed virtues of Christ’s College. These virtues underpin the expectations of all engagements between members of this community. These virtues are Honesty, Learning, Respect, Spirituality, Justice, Compassion, Stewardship. Principles The application of this discipline policy will be informed by the following principles: • restorative practice – encouraging self- awareness • natural justice – a fair and transparent process

• lack of bias – where those involved in decision-making processes may be biased they should be substituted • fairness – a proportionate response to the situation • informed response – all responses should be done with knowledge of the context • flexibility of response – responses must acknowledge the context • timeliness of response based on the context Restorative practice has the aim of decreasing antisocial behaviour, repairing harm and restoring relationships but enabling the wrongdoer to better understand and reflect on their actions and impact. College works authoritatively with the student to get them to understand the impact of their actions on others, in an attempt to ensure that they make amends and do not repeat the offence. It does not preclude a punitive response. The Deputy Principal supervises disciplinary policy and practice. The Executive Principal has the final word on serious matters of discipline, but may choose to consult with others – such as members of the College Executive, Housemasters and teachers – before making his decision.

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