Niket Karajagi

Executive Director - Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited; Atyaasaa Consulting Foundation & Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP.

ICF Accredited Coach, Certified MBTI, FIRO-B, Saville, DISC, MGSCC Global Leader of Future

Contact: niketk@atyaasaa.com

ABSTRACT 20 th century corporate learning methodologies are outdated owing to advent of digital technologies and revision of VUCA based professional competencies. 20 th century learning Systems have been found wanting in the area of transfer of learning. It is imperative to evolve new 21 st century methodologies and models which is the specific area of concern. This case study addresses the specified area of concern. It is backed by 20 years of experience of real- time coaching delivery by self in corporate environment over a sample of 2,00,000 global executives. Education and learning systems are fundamental to professional and organizational development practices and wisdom-based leadership is critical to the VUCA business world. Continual learning is the key to success in the 21 st century world as knowledge is power and continual learning is the new norm across all diverse ages and professions. The pedagogy of delivery as always plays a vital role in the absorption, retention and transfer of learning. The “Pygmalion Effect” or the Rosenthal Effect (Rosenthal, 1978) states, “expectations of the target person affect the target person’s performance.” The study in a controlled environment of the classroom brought out a result that the expectation in the teacher’s mind defined the learning outcomes in the pupils even though they were chosen factually at random. It is also true that if the expectation is low in the mind of the teacher, the class/learner tends to underperform. The attempt of this case paper is to develop a fundamental model and to be evolved over time that transcends the expectation of the teacher and traditional learning processes with a methodology that suits the Personality Type (MBTI) defined by Carl Jung in his work of exploring human personalities and mental processes. The very fact that technology is playing an augmented role in academic endowments, a model of learning based on Personality- Technology-Traditional Learning Blend would lead to redefining the expectation in the mind of the teacher by the learner influencing it through retention and application of personalized learning, driven through a sense of purpose. With the advent and development of technology, learning systems are at the cusp of superior evolution, which will not only make learning exciting but highly experiential in the digitally simulated world of virtual reality. The learner shall enter the realm of corporate challenges and experiment on choices to see the real-time impact of skills and behaviours and thus augmenting transfer of learning. In the digital world today; like music is in the realm of personalized space, so is learning evolving in the individualized space.

 Niket Karajagi; Atyaasaa, Pune India 411007

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