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3 EASY WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT THAT WON’T BREAK YOUR BUDGET Caught between increased urban development, rising power prices, and ever-stricter environmental regulations, it’s easy for wastewater treatment plants to feel the squeeze. Like so many industries, these vital pillars of our infrastructure are constantly being asked to do more with less. But make no mistake, these problems aren’t insurmountable. Optimizing your plant can drop your energy consumption while increasing your processing capacity. THE EFFICIENT SOLUTION Energy efficiency is the key to overcoming many of the issues treatment plants face. Energy use is the largest single expense for most plants and a significant contributor to their carbon footprint. Thankfully, there’s a lot that can be done on this front. The Water Research Foundation found that plants that optimize their process can cut energy consumption by up to 30%. Our dedicated team of wastewater specialists can help get you there. THE WRONG PUMP FOR THE JOB Going from plant to plant, our experts have noticed a few recurring problems that cause energy use to skyrocket. Most often, it’s simply a matter of the positive displacement (PD) technology not matching the process it’s being used for. If you have an old pump or a makeshift PD system that was installed because “something is better than nothing,” it’s probably costing your plant money. SO MUCH WASTE On a similar note, it’s possible that increased demand means the capacity of your PD pump is now too low to generate the required flow for the job. While it may still “work,” continuing to use a pump like this will lead to your line continuing to run below specification, and pumps will either clog or push up their performance curve. Not replacing lower capacity units leads to higher energy consumption, reduced performance, and more maintenance. If any of these scenarios sound familiar or if you’re facing a unique challenge, Pye-Barker can help. Getting the lowest possible energy consumption with the highest output takes a team that knows how every component in the process fits together. As a supplier of pumps, blowers, and compressors, we’re equipped to handle any system at any stage of your plant, from headworks to discharge.

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