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Article Title Will Go Here Dr. Meg Shares Her Story of Falling in Love With Dentistry F I have always known that up all the expertise I could from Michael’s dad, Dr. Sumner Ling. I was learning from a highly respected dentist with 30 years of dental experience and knowledge, and Sumner even paid me for my help. This went a long way in paying back the loans I had to take out for schooling. I am forever grateful for Michael’s family. They were so amazing to me, even going so far as to let me stay with them each summer.

I wanted a big family. In fact, when I was asked to write a little blurb about my experience in dental school upon graduation, I wrote, “Thanks to my fiance,

Michael, who I’m going to have six kids with someday.” A few years and five kids later, my friends often tease me that I’m one away from my goal! (Side note: I love a good joke, so sometimes I tell people that we named one of our boys Phil. Some people believe me, and I can’t help but laugh. Can you imagine two dentists having a child named Phil Ling! Say it out loud, and you’ll get it.) I grew up in a super large family in Newfoundland. Even when money was tight, our family was still close. I had a younger sister whose developmental disability caused her to struggle with her dexterity, and because of this, she suffered from oral hygiene and dental health issues. I saw how my parents worked so hard to take care of her, and that ultimately lit a spark in me. I wanted to help families with disabilities, and dental school seemed like the perfect route for me. There’s no dental school in Newfoundland, so I found myself packing up my life and moving to Toronto, far, far away from any family. Luckily, I would soon create my own. I met my husband, Dr. Michael Ling, at dental school, and we would spend our summers in Brantford helping Michael’s father at his dental practice. Michael had grown up in his father’s practice, and his entire life was essentially a mentorship on dental work. So, while he was enjoying adventures with friends each summer, I was soaking

Early on, I always knew that I enjoyed specialty dentistry. I loved working with kids, older adults, and those with disabilities, and I always felt a strong connection to these patients. I understand how hard dental care can be for people with disabilities and how that burden can weigh on caregivers, along with the dozens of other concerns they have to manage. At the end of the day, I’ve learned that whether it’s a happy kid, an 87-year-old grandma, or a 20-something adult with autism, listening to the concerns of the patient, their caregiver, or their parents is one of the biggest pieces to helping our patients find relief and care. I love my job. To this day, I never think of it as “going to work.” In fact, at the time of writing this, I was fortunate enough to go back to work when my youngest child was just a few weeks old. I just love dentistry that much, and I care for my patients as if they were my own family. I affectionately call my younger patients “Dr. Meg’s kids,” and I have so many stories that always make me smile. One that still cracks me up is the 7-year-old who said, “I like you Dr. Meg, but it’s not my jam,” when I asked them if they had considered a career in dentistry. How does a 7-year-old come up with that!? This is just one of the many, many stories dentistry has given me, and I’m forever grateful that I have an opportunity to do something I love every day.

—Dr. Meg Ling



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3 Marvel Movies to Watch Out For

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For the past 10 years, Marvel movies have delighted families and comic book nerds alike with their memorable characters, incredible action scenes, and sprawling, interconnected storylines. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the story of the Avengers so far, told through 23 movies. Even though this year marked the end of a massive arc that Marvel Studios dubbed “The Infinity Saga,” there are still more movies coming out that will feature everyone’s favorite heroes. Here are a few films coming up next in the MCU. A BlackWidow Solo Movie International assassin Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, was the first female member of the Avengers and made her debut appearance in “Iron Man 2.” She never got her own movie, but Marvel announced recently that a Black Widow movie is officially in the works for the next phase of Marvel movies. Besides the fact that they’ve started filming, there’s not much information about it yet. But for many excited fans, this movie has been a long time coming. ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, and the gang are all back in the third installment of this smash-hit franchise. Without getting into too much detail, “Avengers: Endgame” and the post-credits scene of the second “Guardians” movie provided some

clues about the plot and possible main villain. Though details are slim, “Vol. 3” is sure to be another rollicking ride through the cosmos.

‘Black Panther 2’ “Black Panther” was immensely popular (it earned nearly $700 million domestically), and its success removed all doubt that there would be a sequel. Audiences will journey back to Wakanda and see the newest adventures of King T’Challa and crew, although not much is known about the plot or the release date as of now. But you can rest assured that the creative minds behind the sequel are taking their time to make it as good as the first. The future storyline of the MCU is up in the air, but, if the previous movies are any indicator, families, fans, and audiences everywhere have a lot to look forward to.

some major changes. It’s not uncommon for parents to worry about their children growing two rows of teeth, but this means that their child’s adult teeth are starting to poke through their gums faster than their baby teeth. This is very common for children, and the best tactic is to simply wait. Once a baby tooth is wiggly, we can encourage the tooth out safely. Your children will be back to one row of healthy adult teeth in no time. Once teeth do fall out, many parents are concerned when they notice their child’s permanent teeth are yellow. However, you can rest assured knowing this is completely normal! Adult teeth are naturally larger than baby teeth, which means they have larger amounts of yellow-colored dentin, one of the four major components of teeth. Because the tooth enamel is translucent, this increase is more readily noticeable when a child’s adult chompers come in. Our mouths are miraculous, and the transformation your child’s smile undergoes in just a short time is tremendous. Let us help you foster healthy oral hygiene in your child. Learn more by giving us a call!

As children age, it seems like they hit a new milestone every day! This is the exciting, bittersweet part of parenthood, and one of the most fascinating and perplexing parts of a child’s development can be found right inside their mouth. For starters, parents often discourage sweets to prevent cavities from painfully rotting their children’s teeth. While this is a great tactic, cavity culprits can be found anywhere. Seemingly healthy foods like raisins, fruits, and nuts can contain hazardous amounts of sugar and acids. Many parents also point to a family history of cavities as proof of genetically predisposed “soft teeth,” but this is more likely to be family lore than fact. Studies have shown that soft teeth are very, very rare, and the reason why some children may be more prone to cavities has more to do with the bacteria in their mouth. Aided by regular dental appointments, brushing, and flossing, most teeth — even your child’s little baby chompers — are designed to protect themselves from cavities.


As your children start to lose those precious baby teeth, their mouth is going to undergo



My First Dentist Appointment Dr. Meg’s Supermom Tips for Preparing Your Kids for the Dentist Staying on top of everything your kids need can feel like a near-impossible feat, and it’s easy to sweep a few tasks under the rug. But managing their oral hygiene is a must! Our very own Dr. Meg Ling has a few tips for preparing your kiddos for those ever-important youth dental visits. Early Bird Gets the Great Oral Hygiene

Laughing Gas! Q: What’s the dentist’s favorite time?

A: Tooth-hurty!


The later your child begins regularly seeing the dentist, the harder it becomes to prevent onset cavities or infections. When dental professionals are first examining a 1-year-old child’s mouth, the experience is vastly different than when they first examine a 4-year-old child’s mouth, Dr. Meg explains. She recommends bringing children in for their first appointment when they are about 1 year old. The dentist can then establish a good baseline for your child’s smile, and they will be less likely to fear those biannual appointments as they get older. SURPRISE! The element of surprise is a tool many parents use to convince their children to do a daunting task. However, this tactic isn’t the best option for the dentist. Your child is going to be naturally curious as they age, so answer their questions, quench those anxieties, and avoid future dental distress by explaining that the dentist wants to take pictures of their teeth (X-rays), count their teeth (regular checkups), and keep their chompers clean (brushing and polishing).

Corn is plentiful during the summer months, and this easy-to-make salsa is sure to be a hit at your next get-together.


DIRECTIONS • 2 medium ears of corn, shucked • 1 jalapeño or Fresno chile, seeded and thinly sliced • 1/2 red onion, diced • 1 large tomato, cored, seeded, and finely chopped • 1/4 bunch cilantro leaves, sliced • Juice of 1 lime • Kosher salt, to taste Char corn, turning occasionally for 10–14 minutes until kernels begin to blacken in spots. 2. Using a sharp knife, remove corn kernels from cobs and transfer to a large mixing bowl. 3. With a wooden spoon or potato masher, gently crush corn to release starch and juices. 4. Add jalapeño, onion, tomato, and cilantro. Mix to combine. 5. Top with lime juice and season with salt. 6. Serve alongside your favorite tortilla chips. 1. Heat a cast-iron skillet to high.

Sweet, Sweet Victory When it comes to parenting, the ultimate win is when your child is capable of doing daily tasks on their own. If they can put on their pajamas, put their toys away, and pack their backpacks for school, you’re a parenting champion! But when it comes to oral hygiene, don’t be so quick to kick them out of the nest. Dr. Meg recommends brushing your child’s teeth and monitoring oral hygiene habits until they are in junior high school. You cannot expect children under the age of 10 to thoroughly clean their teeth enough to avoid tooth decay. (Check out how messy their bedroom is if you want proof!) Don’t fret about taking your kids to the dentist! Dr. Meg and our dental professionals can help you and your family get the smiles you all deserve.



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For the Love of Dentistry 1

3 WAYS TO PREPARE YOUR GARDEN FOR THE CHANGING SEASON A Summer Send-Off for Your Garden The Next Phase of Marvel Movies Impress Your Friends With These Pediatric Dental Facts 2 Get Your Kids Ready for the Dentist! Roasted Corn Salsa 3 A Summer Send-Off for Your Garden 4

way into the soil. Remember to use gloves, wear long pants and socks, and use caution around thorns or plants that can cause irritation. For daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and any other bulbs that sprang up in the spring, you can now pull them up (if you haven’t already) and divide any bulblets you find into separate plants. This will help cut down on crowding even more come spring. Take Cover Cover crops are plants that improve soil health, reduce erosion, and keep your garden healthy, and now is a great time to plant them! Hardy legumes, field peas, certain types of clovers, and warm-season grasses can all work as cover crops, so talk to your landscaper or local nursery to pick out the best choices for your region. While you may not see the fruits of your labors until spring, you can still enjoy preparing your garden for a successful upcoming year and cherish the time you spend with your family outside.

Late summer is the perfect time to clean up your garden and prepare it for the coming winter. In the next couple of months, the temperature will start to drop, but by putting in work now, you can ensure your garden is healthy and ready to flourish next spring. You can even turn garden cleanup into a fun activity for the whole family. Here are three ways to get your garden ready for the next season, while sharing some valuable outdoor time with your loved ones. More Mulch, Please While most gardeners know the benefits of summer mulching, winter mulching can help lessen water loss, keep weeds out, and regulate soil temperatures during the colder months. It offers an added layer of protection for your plants’ roots, which can be sensitive to continuous freezing and thawing, by keeping the soil temperature more consistent. Out With the Old If any of your plants didn’t fare so well, take some time to remove them and clear space for future plants. This removal should include any invasive plants or weeds that found their



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