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START A SERIES OF FAMILY MOVIE NIGHTS Do you have a favorite movie series you watched growing up? It could be Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Ghostbusters. Chances are you haven’t revisited your favorite sagas in years. Why not spend these chilly evenings sharing your old cinematic favorites with your kids for the first time? While your little tykes get lost in the stories and let their imaginations run wild, you’ll get some much- needed relaxation and popcorn time. Choose the movies to fit the age of your young’uns and mood of the day.

PUT ON A TALENT SHOW Chances are your kid wants to be something other than a kid someday. Whether it’s a zookeeper, a magician, or an accountant, fuel those ambitions and turn them loose on a homemade stage. You can set up all you need with just a few cardboard boxes and blankets, though you may want to give out prizes or accolades for each performance. Give them some time to practice and old clothes from the attic and let them show their stuff to a panel of their peers. To enhance the theatrical experience, play some audience reactions

fromYouTube and encourage them to give acceptance speeches for their awards after the big gig. When spring finally arrives, your kids will be the talk of the class with tales of their newfound pop culture knowledge and delicately crafted baked snacks. But, more importantly, you’ll be happy to know you made the choice to feed your children’s creativity and cultivate their love for learning while growing closer to them.

One for the Ages How Super Bowl XXXIV Made an Icon Out of a Grocery Store Clerk

Going into the 1999 NFL season, no one expected anything from the St. Louis Rams. When starting quarterback Trent Green went down with a gruesome knee injury in the preseason, ESPN The Magazine slated the Rams to be the worst team in the NFL that year. With few options, coach Vermeil named a virtually unknown player as his new starting quarterback, humbly stating in a press conference, “We will rally around Kurt Warner, and we’ll play good football.”

touchdown runs, and a field goal brought the Titans level at 16–16, with just over two minutes of play remaining. In response, Warner dropped back and found receiver Isaac Bruce for a 73-yard touchdown, bringing the score to 23–16 with 1:54 left on the clock. But the Titans weren’t done fighting. Quickly moving the ball down the field, Titans quarterback Steve McNair found himself with a third and 5 inside the Rams 30-yard line with 22 seconds left. Scrambling around and fighting off two players trying to pull him down, McNair threw the ball to Kevin Dyson at the 10-yard line. A quick timeout left six seconds on the clock, and the Titans were one play away from tying the game. What proceeded was a play that will be forever known as “the tackle.”McNair found Dyson on a quick slant, and when he caught the ball at the 4-yard line, it appeared a touchdown was imminent. Suddenly, linebacker Mike Jones wrapped the receiver up at the hips. As he fell to the ground with the ball in his hand, Dyson extended his arm, but when he hit the AstroTurf, he was 1 yard short of the goal line. The Rams had pulled off the impossible, earning their first Super Bowl title ever.

Five years before his start, 22-year-old Kurt Warner was stocking shelves at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for $5.50 an hour. However, he had amassed a whopping 16 snaps in the NFL prior to taking the reins for the 1999 season, and what proceeded to transpire on the field was utter pandemonium, giving the Rams the nickname “The Greatest Show on Turf.”This improbable season and the resulting MVP award for Warner set the stage for one of the most dramatic games in Super Bowl history. After going up 16–0 against the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, Warner and the Rams looked poised to coast on their way to the Lombardi Trophy, but the late Steve McNair and the Titans had different plans. The Georgia Dome was rocking after two Eddie George

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