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The Most Underrated Thanksgiving Foods

When you think of Thanksgiving food, the first dishes that pop into your mind are probably turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. They’re a part of nearly every Thanksgiving meal. And while these delicious foods are something you don’t want to skip, there are dishes your table is sorely missing — dishes that don’t get the respect they truly deserve. This Thanksgiving, why not take a look at a few other options? Soup This is one dish that rarely hits the Thanksgiving table. But try a butternut squash or broccoli cheddar soup and you’ll be surprised just how “at home” it feels among the rest of your spread. It’s perfect to serve ahead of the main course, as the final touches are put on the turkey, or when the green bean casserole needs a few more minutes in the oven.

but with the right accompaniment, they can make for an extremely tasty and nutritious dish. For example, try roasting halved Brussels sprouts with dried cranberries and bacon, drizzled with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. Sausage Put a creative spin on your traditional Thanksgiving dishes and try using sausage in the stuffing. An Italian sausage, for instance, adds a kick of flavor to any stuffing, homemade or from the box. You can also experiment with other kinds of sausage to find the flavors that best complement your stuffing. Use a sweet sausage when you need something to pair with a stuffing that incorporates apples. Cranberry sauce This Thanksgiving staple rarely gets the attention it deserves. While it’s easy to buy a can of cranberry sauce, you do your guests a culinary disservice by going

this route. Instead, make your own cranberry sauce. There are many recipes online, and all you need are some fresh or frozen cranberries, orange juice, and sugar to make the best cranberry sauce of your life.

Brussels sprouts These tiny greens often get overlooked during Thanksgiving,

4 Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information

In these days of data breaches, identity theft, and all sorts of malicious hacking, everyone should invest in their data security, be it through time, knowledge, or money. The same thing goes for protecting your financial information. For most individuals, this is the information at the highest risk of being stolen or compromised. There is no need to go to extreme measures, but these steps for protecting your information will help a lot. They are also easy to implement. 1. Change and Improve Your Passwords So many people talk about how passwords are not safe unless they are 30 characters long and contain a bunch of peculiarities. It’s true that the longer the password, the safer it becomes, but it doesn’t have to be too long. Complexity is the key. A password that contains a few special symbols and nonsense words can be just as secure as a simpler, longer password. 2. BeWary of Phishing Scams These are becoming more common, and they are getting even more sophisticated. You have to be careful of phishing scams. Yes, I’m sure you never click any suspicious links, but some scams are more complicated than that. They come from reputable companies — or at least they look like they do. It’s sometimes hard to guess if the link or email is coming from a company you know.

Be careful with each message, especially those that look like they’re coming from your bank. If you’re not sure it’s from them, call the bank and check. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to educate yourself on phishing. 3. Shop Safe and Smart Don’t buy things online from sites you don’t know or sites that are not secure enough. One of the easiest ways to check a website’s security is to look at the link. If it starts with https instead of a simple http, all the information on the site is private and secure because it is encrypted. 4. Deal With Your Taxes The United States has an overly complicated tax system that can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you know how all of it works, you’ll have an easy time, but most people don’t because of how complicated it is. Educate yourself on the tax laws that apply to you, and reach out to us for help.

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