MRN_909503_Series 40 Sunroof Data Sheet

Marine Sunroofs | Series 40 Electric Marine Sliding Sunroof

Product Features: n Standard roof with attractive design and safety glass n Watertight sealing n Fast and simple installation n Robust and quality-tested design n Optional fixed glass panel for panoramic views n Electrical operation

Series 40 Webasto’s Series 40 is a premium Marine Sunroof featuring an ultra reliable, intelligent E-Drive system that self calibrates. This new roof platform offers a sleek, low profile design to be able to fit in smaller boat roofs. It has opened a new door for the marine market, outside of what currently exists without sacrificing reliability or strength. Like all Webasto Marine Sunroofs, the new Series 40 is extremely quiet, has a watertight mechanism and is delivered fully assembled, tested and ready to be installed.

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