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Data Collection Equipment from Van Walt Ltd

Data is another word for information. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Data is incredibly important for many organisations because it is truthful; data can help improve things and possibly predict future events; the sharing of data breeds innovation and often brings competitive advantage, prevents damage and protects assets. We have been collecting and analysing data for time immemorial. What’s changed - the manner in which that data can now be collected. Technology has opened up a data stream that was unthinkable if the same results were collected by an individual. What we also know is that people tend to cost a lot more than a machine, particularly in our sector. Sending someone to site adds costs and variability to the data collected. Whatever your need for data, it seems we need more and better data. We are in the era of Big Data: extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. But the interpretation of that data in order to make decisions is only as effective as the quality of the data collected. Van Walt Ltd has developed a versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web- based data collection system. The elements of this system allow data collected by the vanwaltDataHub or vanwaltDataSlave onsite, to be accessed from your desktop via our vanwaltCONNECT service. It is no surprise that more of our customers are choosing to trust us with their data collection requirements. We can provide solutions from one sensor down-well, to a network of sensors all linked by telemetry and reporting back to a range of users – even in different countries. The future is data ...

Van Walt’s solution We have developed versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based groundwater; water level; water quality and soil moisture telemetry systems, which allow data collected onsite, to be accessed from your desktop, anywhere in the world. A provider of telemetry solution for many years we were finding there was nothing available that could offer everything our customers wanted and needed – so we developed our own. So now, accessing your data couldn’t be easier. We have an option for every configuration from single monitoring points to fully integrated telemetered solutions for multi- point installations. Developed in-house to our own exacting specifications and manufactured in England, throughout the process we have been mindful of price, adaptability, location, reliability, consistency and accuracy. We have created a system that works with multiple inputs / outputs, has different power options, with no limit to the number of sensors and different protocols for the sensors attached and with redundancy built-in. At the heart of our systems is the vanwaltDataHub. A self-powered, flexible system of electronics conveniently packaged in an IP rated, heavy duty aluminum enclosure which performs as a hub to collect data from sensors. The DataHub organises the data for distribution or sharing through on-board memory, radio frequency, GPRS or satellite portals. The interface from which you can configure your sensors, visualise your data, analyse measurements, manage alarms and set up data routing is our vanwaltCONNECT system. A versatile, flexible, sophisticated, accurate cloud-based system which allows data collected to be accessed and shared only with users to whom you have given permission. From legacy systems to brand-new installations the Van Walt telemetry options provide solutions for every monitoring situation.


Environmental Research

Flood Risk Monitoring

Agricultural Runoff Studies

Single or Multi Well Tracer Testing

Industrial Plant Waste Water

Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring

Property Care & Protection

Identifying Pollutants in Water


VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

Wetland Monitoring & Surveys

Brackish Water Tracking

River, Stream, Reservoir Gauging


vanwalt DataHub

Non Volatile Internal Memory Internal micro-SD card for data redundancy


vanwalt DataHub: the heart of our Data Collection System vanwalt DataHub is a self-powered, flexible system of electronics, conveniently packaged in an IP rated, heavy duty aluminum enclosure which performs as a hub to collect data from environmental and other sensors. It organises the data for distribution or sharing through on-board memory, radio frequency, GPRS or satellite portals. Modbus, SDI-12, Analog and digital Inputs / Outputs are provided to connect sensors singly or in daisy-chain. vanwaltDataHub instructs, powers, interrogates and collects data from the sensors. Data is stored on non-volatile memory and backed up for redundancy and for convenience by an industrial grade SD card. Data can be downloaded by cable, by radio frequency transceiver, by GPRS, by satellite transmission or simply by the removal of the SD card. vanwalt DataHub is supplied as standard with on-board non-volatile logging memory, industrial SD Card memory, 2G or 3G/4G connectivity and batteries. Optionally it can be supplied with a Radio Frequency or Satellite Transceiver (Iridium) and solar panel. vanwalt DataHub can perform as a powerful and flexible standalone, power-independent datalogger but it can also interface seamlessly with our proven and highly flexible vanwaltCONNECT data acquisition and data Features • FTP Data Forwarding

Iridium Satellite Quad-band GSM / GPRS (2G, 3G, 4G) / EDGE (850 MHZ, 900 MHZ, 1800 MHZ, 1900 MHZ) Radio Frequency communication, 869.4 - 869.65 MHZ frequency at 100mW RF output power. Also available at 915 MHZ


USB connection for configuration & diagnostics Ruggedised connection to external memory key for data extraction


Linux Board based on 800 MHZ ARM® Cortex® - MO+ processor at max. 48 MHZ


SDI12 Modbus Switchable power supply outputs (12V and 5V) General Purpose Outputs (max. 3.3V) General Purpose Inputs (0-12V) General Purpose Inputs (0-5V) Analogue Inputs RS232 for Iridium Modem Pulse Counting Relays Removeable SD Card Battery Monitoring Solar Panel Input & Battery Charging Internal Temperature Sensor SMS Alarm Remote Configuration


• Data Grouping • Interactive Reporting • Calculated Fields

• Device Status • Device Control • Email Alarms • Data Downloading

• Map Position • Visual Graph Applications


VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

Internal 2 x Lead Acid 12V 4Ah Low Power Design



ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONS 125 x 125 x 80 mm + Antenna







Sealed to IP68 (BS EN 60529:1992) Diecast Aluminium, Nylon Coated



The vanwalt DataSlave is unique The vanwalt DataSlave accepts an input from a sensor which measures single or multiple parameters. The vanwalt DataSlave turns any sensor into a wireless unit. It sits at location and transfers sensor measurements The unit is provisioned with a radio “tile” which enables it to communicate with a PC or a vanwaltDatahub wirelessly over a considerable distance, up to 10km line of sight. If the connected sensor has memory then the vanwaltDataSlave transmits the data from the sensor’s internal memory. If the sensor does not have memory then the DataSlave collects the data from the sensor and stores it inside its own onboard memory. The vanwaltDataSlave was designed by and manufactured in the UK under license from Van Walt Ltd. Who is it for? The vanwaltDataSlave is perfectly suited for situations when data needs to be collected from sensors deployed in locations which are difficult to access, for example restricted areas. The vanwaltDataSlave can be daisy chained, up to a quantity of 50, with an automatic connection to telemetry hubs such as the vanwaltDatahub.

-30 1



0 C








-60 0 C to 240 0 C





3 mm















1 O perating temperature range will be determined by the battery . A lkaline AA batteries will limit the unit to -20 o C +54 o F


Switched +12V DC



Modbus D-







Modbus D+















SENSITIVITY AT 100,000 bps







U nder good line of sight conditions , it should achieve a range of 10 km at its lowest data range . R ange is most affected by the terrain and antenna height

SENSOR EXTERNAL POWER CONNECTOR BL5.08/2 PIN Signal 1 9-15V DC 2 oV T he supply to the sensor will be switched on and off as required to save power F or external 12 V B attery when using higher power sensors




Min Typ Max Unit

mA µA bps

20 8 00,000 ±0.5 ±5

- - 2400

- - 200

Receive Current Sleep Current Over Air Data Rate Frequency Accuracy RTC Accuracy


ppm ppm

- -

- -


RF Output Transmit Current RF Output Transmit Current RF Output Transmit Current

- 56 - 94 - 56

- 62

25 67

mW mA mW mA

FREQUENCY 869.1 - 869.4 MHZ

- 102

100 110

FREQUENCY 869.4 - 869.65 MHZ

Pulse Count Input

2 3


FREQUENCY 869.65 - 870 MHZ mW mA The vanwalt DataSlave covers the 434, 869 and 915 MHz license exempt frequency bands for worldwide use - 62 25 67


T his is an optional connector for future expansion . I t can count on positive or negative edges and detects a closure to ground .

Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Electricity Provider New Zealand The Requirement: Large sluice gates between lake and river affect the level of the adjacent river when they are opened. The regulator wishes to establish the effect. Solution: Installation to record data every 5 seconds with an accuracy better than 5mm. Uploads every 30 minutes to our server and daily transfer of data by FTP to the regulator. Nature Conservancy Organisation UK The Requirement: Research to understand the effects of farming and the impacts of surrounding water from river and sea to the reed marshes. Solution: Installation of several stations to monitor the water level so as to be able to build a more definitive picture regarding the wellbeing of the marsh. Rail Infrastructure Operator UK The Requirement: Part of the infrastructure is below the water level and could be subject to flooding. Dewatering pumps on the adjacent properties exacerbates the problem. Solution: A number of vanwalt CONNECT systems monitor the water levels. Alarms have been set so all parties receive an early warning that flooding could occur.

vanwalt CONNECT www.vanwal t . com

LevelSCOUTs LevelSCOUT water level loggers for groundwater level monitoring. LevelSCOUT incorporates the latest technology so is the leading-edge instrument for measuring and recording groundwater level and temperature.

vanwalt CONNECT is the versatile interface of our Data Collection systems vanwaltCONNECT is a highly versatile, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based software system which allows data collected by the DataHub and DataSlave to be accessed from your desktop and shared between users to whom permission is given. Our server is housed, backed-up and maintained by world- leading provider Rackspace. Data is uploaded by GPRS or satellite modems at a specified frequency to the dedicated vanwaltCONNECT server. The users who have the necessary permissions are allowed to view and download the data and set alarms. Sensor sampling rates, upload times and control of the data-logger can be done remotely by an Administrator.

HydraProbe – Soil Moisture Sensor The HydraProbe – Soil Moisture Probe from the Stevens Water range. A rugged soil moisture sensor with patented technology. Provides continual and consistent accuracy to measure the three most significant soil parameters simultaneously – soil moisture, salinity and temperature.

Keller Small Diameter Level Sensor Keller PR-36 XS Narrow Diameter Sensor for accurate groundwater monitoring in narrow wells. Due to it’s high accuracy and narrow 16 mm diameter. More importantly the Keller PR-36 XS is compatible with Van Walt telemetry. Accurate & reliable - what you expect from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

Every HydraProbe Soil Moisture Logger comes with a 5-year guarantee. The HydraProbe is ideal for remote monitoring with our telemetry systems. This soil moisture logger will also be able to connect to any system that is RS485 or SDI-12 compatible. Networks of soil moisture sensors can wirelessly feed into a central point, with data delivered to whoever needs to see it. A system continuously running without the need to go onsite to collect your soil moisture readings. Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde Can be configured to monitor multiple parameters; wet-mateable, interchangeable sensors. Antifouling wiper cleans all sensors for higher quality data in long-term deployments. Compatible with Van Walt’s telemetry options. LCD display gives a snapshot of instruments health and wireless connectivity. Corrosion-resistant housing and abrasion-resistant RDO sensor. Accurate, reliable, high-quality data at competitive price point.

Multiple sensors can be connected at the same time.


• Costs often outweigh benefits • Sensor settings, alarms and upload times can be managed and changed from any web browser or by SMS • Multiple sensors can be attached • Low maintenance • Full operative training • Simple pricing structure • Secure data storage • Data forwarding to your own server • Data presented in .csv table or graph formats • Robust and vandal resistant housing • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Accurate, timely data that could protect property, life & deliver substantial cost savings • Research grade data across a range of parameters • A system that works with multiple sensors • Continuously evolving • Accurate & cost effective • Flexible parameter alarms directly from sensors • Connect control relays to switch devices • Link control relays to alarms • Easy to install: Trained

PT2X Pressure & Temperature Sensor Highly accurate water level sensor used for observing flow patterns, testing pumps and monitoring groundwater. Records water level and temperature. Integrated datalogger collects up to 520,000 records. Easy to use software. Most importantly can be connected to other sensors. Thermally compensated for volatile conditions and ideal for wells, tanks, tidal studies and any application where ‘mm’ accuracy is important.

Van Walt staff can help or carry out full installation

Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Keller CTD Sensor Keller PR-36 XiW CTD Sensor for groundwater monitoring. A Swiss made, latest-generation, multi-parameter sensor, The Keller CTD is corrosion proof so delivers extreme accuracy in saline environments to monitor level, temperature and conductivity. The sensor is compatible with Van Walt’s telemetry and is supplied with 30m of Kevlar Cable. Through the sensor’s Modbus interface you can connect a network of sensors. Ultra-high stability for long-term monitoring.

CT2X Water Quality & Temperature Sensor CT2X Water Quality & Temperature Sensor is research grade technology. A Seametrics Smart water quality & temperature sensor. Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature. Built-in datalogging collects up to 349,000 records so measures as low as 10 μS /cm and as high as 300,000 μS /cm (300 mS/cm).

Turbo Sensor

The Turbo Sensor provides high accuracy water qualitymeasurements. These include awide range of NTUs somakes it a versatile, high accuracy water quality logger. From the Seametrics Smart Sensor range. More importantly it is capable of deployment at many different sites. Sowith a built in data-logger and software, the Turbomeasures up to 3,000 NTUs. Available for Modbus® and SDI-12 systems

Keller Surface Level Sensor Keller PR-46 X Surface Level Sensor for accurate measurement of surface water. This Swiss made sensor combines high precision and reliability. Accuracy as a result of a ceramic measuring cell for low pressure ranges and µP-electronics for level monitoring. 10 m of Kevlar Cable is supplied with every sensor. High accuracy for surface water level monitoring and preferred choice for monitoring surface water. High precision and reliability from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

PT12 Pressure & Temperature Sensor The PT12 can transform your analog sensors into a digital sensor system. Easy to connect with SDI-12 recorders - convenient for an existing SDI-12 system plus a Modbus® RTU communication interface for further flexibility. Delivers great noise immunity, thermal performance, and transient protection.

Stevens GroPoint Profile Stevens GroPoint Profile is a multi-segment Soil Moisture Profiling Probe. Used for the cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths. Because it uses a single probe it simplifies soil moisture measurement at different depths. It also eliminates the cumbersome excavation required for multiple soil moisture sensors placed at different depths. The GroPoint Profile is based on the field-proven Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method for reliably measuring changes in soil moisture and temperature. Variety of different profile lengths are available to easily suit your project requirements. The GroPoint Profile with telemetry is ideal for remote monitoring. The Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method of reliably measuring soil moisture ensures sensors do not need to be calibrated to each type of soil they are measuring, they deliver excellent accuracy and stability. across soil types.

Keller Level & Temperature Sensor Keller PR-36 XiW Sensor for groundwater level monitoring. Accurate level and temperature measurements. Latest- generation Swiss-made sensor, so is extremely precise. Offered with 30m of Kevlar Cable. Accuracy and reliability from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

TempHion Sensor The TempHion Sensor is a submersible, high accuracy water quality sensor. With an integrated data logger to measure pH, ORP and temperature. A Smart Sensor from the Seametrics range. Patented technology most importantly provides long-term stability. So ideal for continuous or intermittent monitoring.

Plus many other SD12; Modbus; Analog; Pulse; Relays; GPIO Sensors ...

VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

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Data Collection Equipment from Van Walt Ltd Innovative: ‘Yes’; Unique: ‘Certainly’; Flexible: ‘Absolutely’

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