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Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Keller CTD Sensor Keller PR-36 XiW CTD Sensor for groundwater monitoring. A Swiss made, latest-generation, multi-parameter sensor, The Keller CTD is corrosion proof so delivers extreme accuracy in saline environments to monitor level, temperature and conductivity. The sensor is compatible with Van Walt’s telemetry and is supplied with 30m of Kevlar Cable. Through the sensor’s Modbus interface you can connect a network of sensors. Ultra-high stability for long-term monitoring.

CT2X Water Quality & Temperature Sensor CT2X Water Quality & Temperature Sensor is research grade technology. A Seametrics Smart water quality & temperature sensor. Measures conductivity, total dissolved solids and temperature. Built-in datalogging collects up to 349,000 records so measures as low as 10 μS /cm and as high as 300,000 μS /cm (300 mS/cm).

Turbo Sensor

The Turbo Sensor provides high accuracy water qualitymeasurements. These include awide range of NTUs somakes it a versatile, high accuracy water quality logger. From the Seametrics Smart Sensor range. More importantly it is capable of deployment at many different sites. Sowith a built in data-logger and software, the Turbomeasures up to 3,000 NTUs. Available for Modbus® and SDI-12 systems

Keller Surface Level Sensor Keller PR-46 X Surface Level Sensor for accurate measurement of surface water. This Swiss made sensor combines high precision and reliability. Accuracy as a result of a ceramic measuring cell for low pressure ranges and µP-electronics for level monitoring. 10 m of Kevlar Cable is supplied with every sensor. High accuracy for surface water level monitoring and preferred choice for monitoring surface water. High precision and reliability from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

PT12 Pressure & Temperature Sensor The PT12 can transform your analog sensors into a digital sensor system. Easy to connect with SDI-12 recorders - convenient for an existing SDI-12 system plus a Modbus® RTU communication interface for further flexibility. Delivers great noise immunity, thermal performance, and transient protection.

Stevens GroPoint Profile Stevens GroPoint Profile is a multi-segment Soil Moisture Profiling Probe. Used for the cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths. Because it uses a single probe it simplifies soil moisture measurement at different depths. It also eliminates the cumbersome excavation required for multiple soil moisture sensors placed at different depths. The GroPoint Profile is based on the field-proven Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method for reliably measuring changes in soil moisture and temperature. Variety of different profile lengths are available to easily suit your project requirements. The GroPoint Profile with telemetry is ideal for remote monitoring. The Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method of reliably measuring soil moisture ensures sensors do not need to be calibrated to each type of soil they are measuring, they deliver excellent accuracy and stability. across soil types.

Keller Level & Temperature Sensor Keller PR-36 XiW Sensor for groundwater level monitoring. Accurate level and temperature measurements. Latest- generation Swiss-made sensor, so is extremely precise. Offered with 30m of Kevlar Cable. Accuracy and reliability from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

TempHion Sensor The TempHion Sensor is a submersible, high accuracy water quality sensor. With an integrated data logger to measure pH, ORP and temperature. A Smart Sensor from the Seametrics range. Patented technology most importantly provides long-term stability. So ideal for continuous or intermittent monitoring.

Plus many other SD12; Modbus; Analog; Pulse; Relays; GPIO Sensors ...

VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

VAN WALT monitoringyour needs

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