Data Collection Brochure 2020

Data is another word for information. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Data is incredibly important for many organisations because it is truthful; data can help improve things and possibly predict future events; the sharing of data breeds innovation and often brings competitive advantage, prevents damage and protects assets. We have been collecting and analysing data for time immemorial. What’s changed - the manner in which that data can now be collected. Technology has opened up a data stream that was unthinkable if the same results were collected by an individual. What we also know is that people tend to cost a lot more than a machine, particularly in our sector. Sending someone to site adds costs and variability to the data collected. Whatever your need for data, it seems we need more and better data. We are in the era of Big Data: extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations. But the interpretation of that data in order to make decisions is only as effective as the quality of the data collected. Van Walt Ltd has developed a versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web- based data collection system. The elements of this system allow data collected by the vanwaltDataHub or vanwaltDataSlave onsite, to be accessed from your desktop via our vanwaltCONNECT service. It is no surprise that more of our customers are choosing to trust us with their data collection requirements. We can provide solutions from one sensor down-well, to a network of sensors all linked by telemetry and reporting back to a range of users – even in different countries. The future is data ...

Van Walt’s solution We have developed versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based groundwater; water level; water quality and soil moisture telemetry systems, which allow data collected onsite, to be accessed from your desktop, anywhere in the world. A provider of telemetry solution for many years we were finding there was nothing available that could offer everything our customers wanted and needed – so we developed our own. So now, accessing your data couldn’t be easier. We have an option for every configuration from single monitoring points to fully integrated telemetered solutions for multi- point installations. Developed in-house to our own exacting specifications and manufactured in England, throughout the process we have been mindful of price, adaptability, location, reliability, consistency and accuracy. We have created a system that works with multiple inputs / outputs, has different power options, with no limit to the number of sensors and different protocols for the sensors attached and with redundancy built-in. At the heart of our systems is the vanwaltDataHub. A self-powered, flexible system of electronics conveniently packaged in an IP rated, heavy duty aluminum enclosure which performs as a hub to collect data from sensors. The DataHub organises the data for distribution or sharing through on-board memory, radio frequency, GPRS or satellite portals. The interface from which you can configure your sensors, visualise your data, analyse measurements, manage alarms and set up data routing is our vanwaltCONNECT system. A versatile, flexible, sophisticated, accurate cloud-based system which allows data collected to be accessed and shared only with users to whom you have given permission. From legacy systems to brand-new installations the Van Walt telemetry options provide solutions for every monitoring situation.


Environmental Research

Flood Risk Monitoring

Agricultural Runoff Studies

Single or Multi Well Tracer Testing

Industrial Plant Waste Water

Saltwater Intrusion Monitoring

Property Care & Protection

Identifying Pollutants in Water


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Wetland Monitoring & Surveys

Brackish Water Tracking

River, Stream, Reservoir Gauging

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