Data Collection Brochure 2020

Compatible Sensors from Van Walt Ltd

Electricity Provider New Zealand The Requirement: Large sluice gates between lake and river affect the level of the adjacent river when they are opened. The regulator wishes to establish the effect. Solution: Installation to record data every 5 seconds with an accuracy better than 5mm. Uploads every 30 minutes to our server and daily transfer of data by FTP to the regulator. Nature Conservancy Organisation UK The Requirement: Research to understand the effects of farming and the impacts of surrounding water from river and sea to the reed marshes. Solution: Installation of several stations to monitor the water level so as to be able to build a more definitive picture regarding the wellbeing of the marsh. Rail Infrastructure Operator UK The Requirement: Part of the infrastructure is below the water level and could be subject to flooding. Dewatering pumps on the adjacent properties exacerbates the problem. Solution: A number of vanwalt CONNECT systems monitor the water levels. Alarms have been set so all parties receive an early warning that flooding could occur.

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LevelSCOUTs LevelSCOUT water level loggers for groundwater level monitoring. LevelSCOUT incorporates the latest technology so is the leading-edge instrument for measuring and recording groundwater level and temperature.

vanwalt CONNECT is the versatile interface of our Data Collection systems vanwaltCONNECT is a highly versatile, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based software system which allows data collected by the DataHub and DataSlave to be accessed from your desktop and shared between users to whom permission is given. Our server is housed, backed-up and maintained by world- leading provider Rackspace. Data is uploaded by GPRS or satellite modems at a specified frequency to the dedicated vanwaltCONNECT server. The users who have the necessary permissions are allowed to view and download the data and set alarms. Sensor sampling rates, upload times and control of the data-logger can be done remotely by an Administrator.

HydraProbe – Soil Moisture Sensor The HydraProbe – Soil Moisture Probe from the Stevens Water range. A rugged soil moisture sensor with patented technology. Provides continual and consistent accuracy to measure the three most significant soil parameters simultaneously – soil moisture, salinity and temperature.

Keller Small Diameter Level Sensor Keller PR-36 XS Narrow Diameter Sensor for accurate groundwater monitoring in narrow wells. Due to it’s high accuracy and narrow 16 mm diameter. More importantly the Keller PR-36 XS is compatible with Van Walt telemetry. Accurate & reliable - what you expect from Europe’s leading manufacturer of pressure transducers.

Every HydraProbe Soil Moisture Logger comes with a 5-year guarantee. The HydraProbe is ideal for remote monitoring with our telemetry systems. This soil moisture logger will also be able to connect to any system that is RS485 or SDI-12 compatible. Networks of soil moisture sensors can wirelessly feed into a central point, with data delivered to whoever needs to see it. A system continuously running without the need to go onsite to collect your soil moisture readings. Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde Can be configured to monitor multiple parameters; wet-mateable, interchangeable sensors. Antifouling wiper cleans all sensors for higher quality data in long-term deployments. Compatible with Van Walt’s telemetry options. LCD display gives a snapshot of instruments health and wireless connectivity. Corrosion-resistant housing and abrasion-resistant RDO sensor. Accurate, reliable, high-quality data at competitive price point.

Multiple sensors can be connected at the same time.


• Costs often outweigh benefits • Sensor settings, alarms and upload times can be managed and changed from any web browser or by SMS • Multiple sensors can be attached • Low maintenance • Full operative training • Simple pricing structure • Secure data storage • Data forwarding to your own server • Data presented in .csv table or graph formats • Robust and vandal resistant housing • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

• Accurate, timely data that could protect property, life & deliver substantial cost savings • Research grade data across a range of parameters • A system that works with multiple sensors • Continuously evolving • Accurate & cost effective • Flexible parameter alarms directly from sensors • Connect control relays to switch devices • Link control relays to alarms • Easy to install: Trained

PT2X Pressure & Temperature Sensor Highly accurate water level sensor used for observing flow patterns, testing pumps and monitoring groundwater. Records water level and temperature. Integrated datalogger collects up to 520,000 records. Easy to use software. Most importantly can be connected to other sensors. Thermally compensated for volatile conditions and ideal for wells, tanks, tidal studies and any application where ‘mm’ accuracy is important.

Van Walt staff can help or carry out full installation

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