King's Business - 1938-07

Going to College...

Is Serious Business “PRAY FOR MY SON. He is in Blank University.” That is what a mother said to a minister recently. “What right had you to put your son in that type of institution and then ask people to pray that he will not be affected by his environment?” the minister inquired. A scholarly young man who was graduated from the Bob Jones College said, after attending three graduate schools, “If it had not been for the four years’ training I had at the Bob Jones College, I could not have resisted the subtle influence of my graduate professors.” The spiritual morale of young people just ou t o f high s ch o o l is bound to go down under the constant bombardment of the instructors in many colleges and universities. You parents owe it to your children to direct them to an o rth od ox , Christian college, especially fo r th e first years o f th eir training. Remember, a degree from the greatest university in the world is a poor substitute for the loss of Christian faith. Parents can put their sons and daughters in the Bob Jones College and go to sleep at night in peace, knowing that their children are s a fe spiritually and knowing at the same time that they have as g o o d edu cational advan tages as can b e fou n d in any o th er institution. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED , either as a parent or prospective student, in a college with high educational standards, an institution which stands without apology for the “old-time religion” and for the absolute authority of the Bible, and an institution which puts first things first, write for literature to DR. BOB JONES, JR., Acting President, BOB JONES COLLEGE, Cleveland, Tenn. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ Piano, Speech, Violin, Voice, and Pipe Organ given without additional cost. Business college and fully accredited high school in connection.

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