Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

You have worked on so many nice watches, collector firearms, family keepsakes, and other projects that are very meaningful to the client. What is the most stressful part of a project like that? Strangely, the only truly stressful part of any project is when the piece leaves me and is then committed to the care of a courier company! Personally, I have been lucky in this department, but ‘losses’ in shipping seem to increase, especially around the Christmas holidays to the point where I will not ship a piece during December. A silver locket I engraved for my mother was certainly the most meaningful to me. She loved it and like all Mums, she proudly shows it to everyone . . . usually more than once! You have worked on so many amazing projects, is there a project that you have in mind that you have not been able to do yet? A piece for myself . . .specifically a watch. Every time I can see a little space in my diary, where I can start a piece, more work arrives. One day though . . . oh yes! Of all the styles of engraving you do what is your favorite? (sculpting, inlay, lettering, bulino, etc.) From a design point of view, Victorian ornament is definitely my favourite. I find it hugely enjoyable and very relaxing. Sculpting is certainly a style that I would like to use more frequently in the future.

Where do you see the future of hand engraving?

Despite other forms of faster and cheaper ‘machine’ engraving, I feel there will always be connoisseurs of fine quality, hand-crafted items. In the same way that Rolls Royce and Bentleys are still desired by those who appreciate true quality, as opposed to yet another mass- produced but functional vehicle.




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