Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

Learn: DEDICATED TO THE BENCH ARTIST Summertime, and the Learnin’ is easy! In this issue, you will find a Q&A with John Sorich IV, an in-depth conversation with Joanne Ryall, a volcano setting tutuorial by Mitchell Lurth that you have to see, plus inspiration, tips, and more! Welcome back to

CONTRIBUTORS Learn magazine wouldn’t be possible without our awesome contributors! If you have an idea for an article, tips or techniques you’d like to share, or just want to send us some photos of your latest work, please email GRS at creative@glendo.com. Joanne RYALL A CONVERSATION, PAGE 04

Joanne originally trained and worked as a sign writer, developing a successful business in this field. One day, she found a classic book on the art of engraving steel and precious metals. Devouring it from cover to cover, she was totally enthralled by the possibilities of this medium and her future was set.

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Today, after years honing her skills, she is recognised as one of the world’s premier hand-engravers, specialising in the embellishment of fine watches, knives and firearms. Mitchell LURTH VOLCANO SET TUTORIAL, PAGE 12


John’s family has independently owned Diamonds Direct in Minneapolis since 1981. He was exposed to jewelry and diamonds at a young age. John studied goldsmithing in Vicenza, Italy, at the government-run Scuola D’Arte E Mestieri. During the next few years, he honed his skills by studying hand engraving under Michele Griggio and attending the three-month optical diamond setting course at Alexandre School. In 2015, John began working for two Italian jewelers and taking commissioned orders online. In 2017, he moved back to the United States and attended the graduate gemologist course at the Gemological Institute of America. Nowadays, John works at his family’s business, creating custom pieces for customers that come to the store or contact him via Instagram.

Mitchell Lurth has been an engraver for more than 10 years and a stone setter for more than 5 years. Currently, he works as a professional jeweler and hand engraver for Philip’s Diamond Shop in Marion, Iowa. Mitchell graduated from Emporia State University with an Engraving Arts Degree (BFA) and attended numerous GRSTC courses during training. He completed the GRS Grand Masters Program in 2012 under Alain Lovenberg. He was also an intern for GRS during college to assist in product development. His extensive training, innovative design work, and stunning technical abilities make him a great fit for teaching at the GRS Training Center.




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