Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

Where do you s ee the future of j ewelry and hand engraving? I see the majority of jewelry customers wanting something unique. That ’s exactly what hand engraving is, it ’s one of a kind. It ’s up to us as artists to communicate inspiration or a design to our client; rings and pendants are blank canvases to me. If you could pass one bit of advic e on to other artists, what would it b e? The best advice I got from my goldsmith and stone setting masters in Europe was to specialize in something and become an expert in that , not to be the jack of all trades. Be an expert at what you do and you’ll be sought out. That ’s why the majority of my daily work is stone setting and hand engraving. Is there anything els e that you would like to share? Another great piece of advice I got from Alexandre Sidorov was, “Pick one project , at least once a year, that challenges your skills. That way you’ll continue to progress your work.” Master Hand Engraver Roger Sampson also gave similar advice, “If it isn’t hard to make or doesn’t take a lot of time, it isn’t fun.”




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