Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

A conversation with Joanne Ryall

Are you an Engraver, Jeweler/Stone Setter, or both? I am an Engraver.

How long have you been at the bench? I started cutting in 2009, so a little over a decade as a full-time engraver . . . wow, how time flies! Howdid you first become interested in Engraving/Jewelry/StoneSetting? A good friend introduced me to a maker of black-powder pistols, who lived locally. He also dabbled in a little engraving. On entering his workshop, he showed a couple of his engraved pieces and an Optivisor. He must have seen the way my eyes lit up with very keen interest, as he kindly loaned me his copy of James Meek’s book, The Art of Engraving (I only returned the book to him a few years ago! Ooops). Something just clicked, and I was totally enthralled with the idea of engraving. Returning home that evening, I grabbed my laptop and found Sam Alfano’s ‘Engravers Cafe’ forum, brimming full of information, which I willingly and completely absorbed! I feel extremely fortunate that the information contained in that site is even available. I am very aware that years ago, it wasn’t, and new engravers truly did have a huge struggle on their hands. Modern engravers have a much easier time of it these days.




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