Learn | Issue 4 Summer 2021

Out of everything you have worked on, do you have a favorite project? What is your most memorable project? Why are these your favorite/most memorable? My favourite might well be a recent piece, a titanium fishing reel that was part of a traditional split-cane fly rod set.

I politely suggested he wait until the watch was complete, and if he then wanted to send me a ‘little something’ that was slightly more freight friendly, I would be delighted to accept. Throughout the next few months, we conversed and found quite a few common interests, one being motorsports, and particularly, Formula One! Eventually the work was complete, he was delighted with the finished work and dialogue immediately resumed regarding the topic of a ‘thank you’ gift. He dropped a bombshell, and with his wife, invited myself and my partner to Texas — for a VIP trip to the Austin Formula One race in October! Three fabulous days of F1 followed, then a further six days site-seeing and gorging on as many edible delights as possible.

I spend much of my time engraving small pieces like watches. By contrast, the ‘real estate’ (pun intended) of the 72 mm reel plate was an absolute dream. It allowed for bold yet elegant embellishment, and was hugely enjoyable. Part of this enjoyment was working with the client. A really great guy who trusts me, and steps back to allow me to produce a design that I know will work . . . ‘The perfect client.’ I guess the most memorable has to be working on a gold Rolex Daytona. Not necessarily because of the job itself, albeit that was another fun piece where I was again allowed free rein, but more due to the client, who was so pleasant to work with. Before I had even started working on his piece, the client was already talking about sending me a thank you present! His suggestions ranged from a handmade, bespoke ranch hat, to a taxidermy shoulder-mount of a Texas long horn cow — measuring 7 ft across! Did I mention he was a Texan!?

Just an incredible trip . . . a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, and so very much appreciated.




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