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Construction on Cameron

Thefts of heavy machinery and fuel

Owners are advised to be particularly vigilant when leaving their equipment at construction sites or on private properties. Extra precau- tionary measures should be considered such as locking fuel caps and the cabin, securing equipment and tools and, of course, leaving machinery in well-lit areas, preferably visible to motorists and neighbours.!e use of hunting cameras installed in proximity could assist police in a theft investigation. Any information about any criminal matters can be relayed to Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 222-8477 or the Hawkesbury OPP at 613-632- 2729 or 1-888-310-1122. Persons giving tips to Crime Stoppers that lead to an arrest may be eligible for a cash reward. Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to Call Display. Calls will stay anonymous and presence is not required in court. Tips can also be sent via text message and e-mail. More information can be found at the National Capital Crime Stoppers’ website at


Construction sites and businesses have been targeted in a series of thefts of heavy machi- nery and fuel. !e Hawkesbury Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is investigating a series of thefts of heavy machinery, fuel, trailers and tools reported within the past few weeks. !ese incidents have occurred at construc- tion sites and construction businesses in our area. Heavy machinery such as an excavator, bulldozer, truck and trailer, have been targeted. !e investigation revealed that some of the places victimized were at risk.!e Hawkesbury OPP wishes to remind residents and businesses that everyone has a role in crime prevention and in reducing the potential of criminal acts. !e way to discourage a thief fromvictimi- zing property is to take away the opportunities.

Construction on Cameron Street continues tomake commuting di!cult for Hawkesbury drivers. "e road is being widened for better access.

Counties budget draft report !led

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Finance director Louise Lepage-Garneau holds up the hardcopy version of the 2016 draft budget report.


!e 2016 budget draft report indicates the UCPR needs about $96million to handle all of its operations and capital expense needs. !e municipal levy portion of the budget raised from property taxes amounts to about $38.9 million. If there are no major changes to the pro- posed budget before its "nal approval, the projected property tax "gure for homeowners will be $422 for every $100,000 assessed value of their house and land.!e 2015 residential tax "gure was $414 for every $100,000 of assessed value. !is works out to about an eight-dollar increase in the residential tax "gure for 2016. Commercial, industrial and other types of properties will have di#erent tax "gures. Whe- ther or not individual property owners see any actual increase or decrease on the counties portion of their tax bills next year will depend on whether or not the provincial assessment of their property went up or down or stayed the same. Counties council and sta# will go over pos- sible revisions to the budget at the end of the month. !e goal is to approve the "nal 2016 budget by the end of November.


!ree times was the charm for zero per cent but next year it looks like there will have to be an actual property tax rate increase for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell. Finance director Louise Lepage-Gareau "led the 2016 budget draft report for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) during the counties council’s Oct. 14 committee of the whole session. Chief administrator Stéphane Parisien handled the verbal presentation, tel- ling council that this time there will have to be an increase in the counties property tax rate. “!e tax rate (increase) forecast is two per cent,” Parisien said. “We’re not at four, we’re not at zero, we’re at two per cent.” During the past few years, counties sta# have managed to avoid the need for a tax rate increase with their budget planning but not this time. Along with the usual operating expenses and capital works plans, the counties must hire about a half dozenmore sta# for next year with most of the new personnel working at!e Resi- dence seniors’ retirement apartment building.



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Flu season clinics The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) launched its annual schedule of free flu vaccination clinics. Schedule brochures are in the mail to all households giving dates and locations for each clinic. The pamphlet is available online at as well. EOHU offices will also offer clinics by appointment for children, seniors and people with special needs or physical disabilities. Local phar- macies also offer flu vaccinations. All residents are urged to get their flu shots. – Gregg Chamberlain

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