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The Healthcare for Re-entry Veterans (HCRV) Specialist provides direct outreach, assessment and short-term case management for justice-involved Veterans in state and federal prisons. +HDOWKFDUHIRU+RPHOHVV9HWHUDQV+8'9$6+9RFDWLRQDO'HYHORSPHQW 3URJUDP The Vocational Development Program is developed to assist veterans in exploring and pursuing meaningful career options. This is accomplished by providing integrative, purposeful opportunities for individualized development of the whole person. The program works to develop the career decision-making process and vocational discernment of the veteran. 9HWHUDQV$IIDLUV9HWHUDQV-XVWLFH3URJUDP 9-3 Health Care for Re-Entry Veterans along with Veterans Justice Outreach comprises the two entities of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Justice Program (VJP). While Veterans Justice Outreach Specialists (VJOs) focus on the local and regional jails, Health Care for Re-Entry Veterans (HCRV) Specialists focus on incarcerated veterans within the state and federal prisons. Specific information on both programs is listed below. +HDOWK&DUHIRU5H(QWU\9HWHUDQV +&59 3URJUDP'HWDLOV HCRV program is designed to help incarcerated veterans Vuccessfully re-integrate back into the community after their release. The primary goal is to begin working with the veteran during their incarceration by providing information and resources and once released to prevent homelessness. The HCRV Specialist provides: 1) Outreach: identification of veterans within the state and federal prisons to participate in treatment matching assessment and follow up services. Outreach services are conducted via the state and federal prison Re-Entry counselors, unit managers, probation/parole officers,or self-referred. 2) Treatment-Matching Assessment: This is the initial step for the HCRV Specialist as it will determine the needs of the veterans. The Specialist develops the initial plan and based on the plan and information resources will be provided to the veteran for follow up upon release.In some cases, WKHHCRV Specialist will make appropriate referrals to the local VA Medical Centerfor medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse programs. 3) Education: Veteran educational information on VA resources in areas of medicalpsychiatric, substance abuse disorders, benefits, employment along with community servicesandbenefits. In addition to providing education to incarcerated veterans, HCRV Specialistseducate criminal justice systems about their roles and ability to aid JIVs. 4) Case Management: Short term case management follows upon the JIV's release. The primary goal of case management is to continue working with the veteran to help support their successful transition into the community. This is done by linking the Veteran to local, state and federal resources including social services, employment, VA health care services and benefits, Social Security and other available resources. 

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