Microsoft Word - Guidebook for Veterans Incarcerated in Vir…

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9LUJLQLD(PSOR\PHQW&RPPLVVLRQ3URJUDPV The Virginia Employment Commission's purpose is to promote economic growth and stability by delivering and coordinating workforce services that include: policy development, job placement, temporary income support, workforce information as well as transition and training services. They partner with stakeholders, develop and empower staff, improve processes, embrace innovative solutions and technologies as well as continually renew their organization. Your local Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) Workforce Center can help you with your job search through employment assistance, access to job listings and resources. VEC Office locations and contact information can be found in the telephone book under the State Government listings as well as at Be sure to ask to speak with the veterans representative. Virginia Workforce Network provides access to a wide range of employment and training services through the Virginia Workforce Centers. The veterans representatives (Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOPs) and Local Veterans' Employment Representatives (LVERs) are stationed at VEC Workforce Centers. The best way to find employment, whether full or part time, is to visit the Virginia Workforce Connection website at The Virginia Workforce Connection is your doorway to employment and labor market information in Virginia. You will have access to new job search tools, resume building, employment information, wage data, occupational skill requirement, as well as industry and occupational trends. You can also access jobs posted on numerous websites in one location. Virginia also has a Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Look in the phone book under Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services or online at Virginia%RQGLQJ Program The Virginia Bonding Program or the Federal Bonding Program in Virginia provide fidelity bonds to employers for individuals with convictions. Bonds are a business insurance that reimburse employers to cover theft, larceny, forgery and embezzlement. The Federal Bonding Program was first developed in 1966 by the Federal Government and bonds were given free to states. Virginia bonds were administered by the Virginia Employment commission. IN 1998, the federal Government began charging $100 per bond. The Virginia Department of Corrections now administers the bonds in Virginia. Bonds are issued at no cost to the job seeker or employer. Also, there are no applications, forms or paperwork to complete. Bonds are administered for $5,000 to cover a period of six months and there is no deductible amount for the employer to pay.


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