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My wife calls this yummy and it’s like Jambalaya, so we call it “Yumbalaya”; you can decide. Lucky for us, in New England, football goes into January and often February so that means football parties! Whether you are hosting or need to bring a dish - you want to watch the game, not spend time prepping food. This “One-Pot” dish can be made entirely ahead of time and kept warm on the stove or put it in your crock pot and hit the road.

It might seem like there are lots of steps with this dish, but they are all simple and can be done at the same time. Start by seasoning 2-3 chicken breasts (or boneless chicken thighs) with your favorite Southwest or Cajun seasoning. Oil about a pound of sausages (use your favorite). The oil keeps the sausages from sticking to the grill. Save some seasoning for the shrimp. Start to grill the chicken and sausage. While the chicken and sausages are cooking, make 2 cups of rice or use 2 boxes of Cajun or Southwest rice. Use a large pot for rice, since you will be adding all the ingredients to the pot. Next, slice 3 peppers and 2 medium sized onions. Use different colored peppers to add color to the dish. The pepper and onion can be sautéed or grilled in a grill basket. Grill the shrimp. The shrimp only take 1-2 mins a side. The shrimp could be added to the pot without grilling since they will cook due to the heat in the pot but are better grilled.

Slice the cooked chicken and sausages and add to the rice. Add two 10oz cans of diced tomatoes. Add the pepper and onions. The shrimp can be added whole or cut in half. Add a cup of water and mix all the ingredients. Simmer for 20-30 mins, stir again, and you’re ready to eat. We serve the dish with scoops. Enjoy!

Bonus: I indirect grill the chicken and sausage on the charcoal grill. It takes longer but I get a smoky flavor and don’t have to worry about anything burning while managing the other steps. If you like it spicy, slice 1-2 grilled jalapenos and add it to the mix or sprinkle over individual servings!


Arthritis InTheNeck


Theproblemwitharthritis is the lossof rangeofmotion in theneck joints. Asbonewearsonbone, the surfaceof thebones actually start to change shape.This thins thebones in the neck in someparts leading to a lossof heightbetween thebones.Due toabnormalwearand tear,newbone forms where it shouldn’t, creeping into the holeswhere the spinal cord passes through. In addition it can rub on the nerves out to your neck, shoulers, arms and even hands. This can lead to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis,whichcanbequitepainful. Whatcanbedone tohelpneckarthritis? Whilepainmedicationscanhlp control pain, they don’t address the root cause of the pain,which is poor strength and lackofnormalmovement.Theneck jointson the sideof the spinenormallyexperiencewearand tearover theyears.However,when this wear and tear is accelerated due to poor posture,weakness or injury, this can lead to limited,painful rangeofmotion. Inaddition,withneckarthritis, thesmallermusclesthatguide themotions of theneckbecomeweaker,eventually leading tomore rubbingandarthritis. Bygentlystretching these tightand restricted jointswithspecifichandson therapyandexercises,rangeofmotioncanbereturned.Whilephysicaltherapy canot restore the cartilage or change the bony structure, it can certainly helpyourneckmovebetter,becomestronger, reducepainandgiveyou the power tostayhealthier longer. imple test. See if you have restricted cervical joints.Standwith yourbackagainst thewall.Canyou touch thebackofyourhead t thewall whilekeepingyourchin level? Ifyoucannot, thenyourneck jointsare limited andyouneedphysical therapy to restore the rangeofmotion. Try this

This is a great appetizer for the holidays. It looks fancy but is quick and easy tomake.Yourguestswill think you are agourmet chef!

Thecheesecanbe smokedonagasgrill if youmakea smokerpack. Iused the charcoalgrill.

Youwillneeda cedarplank, camembert cheeseorabrie (soft creamy cheese), pepper jelly, and1-2 jalapenos.

Place theplankon thegrill for1-2minutesa side.Youwill see somegrillmarksand youwill start to smell the aroma of the cedar plank. (See thegrillmarks in the picture).

Spread the pepper jelly on the cheese. Slice the jalapeno in half, remove the seeds if you like it on themildside,andarrange jalapenosliceson topof thecheese.Slice the jalapenocrosswisewith the seeds if you like it spicy.Place the cheese in the plank. Place the plank on the grill (indirect heat) no flame under the plank. (See picture).Add a fewwood chips to the charcoals.Use smoker pack if using gas grill.Cook about 10minutes until the cheese becomes soft.Some of the cheesewill start to ooze out.

Is your neck pain affecting your balance? Have you ever seen a person with their head protruding forward and their body bent over?This can be subtle or quite noticeable.With neck pain, limited neck posture results in loss of balance. Just pull anyone by thir nose and youwill see theywill falter forward.This isbecause thenormal linesofgravity through thebody changewhen thespineposturechanges. If youorsomeone youknowhas poorbalance, itcouldbeaproblemwith theirposture. Getyourneckmovingand feelingbetter.Callus to learnmoreaboutour programs today!

Servewithgrilled bread or fancy crackers. Enjoy!

Try thismovement forneckpain relief. RelievePain InMinutes:

Patient Success Spotlight


CERVICALROTATION Turn yourhead towards the side, then returnback to looking straightahead.

“Sincemy initialonsetof injury, Ihavebeensufferingmajor tingling inmyarmandneckpain. I'vebeen to2otherphysical therapistsand Dr.Nestorhaseliminatedmysymptoms.Hehasgivenmehope that Icanmakea full recoveryandgetback to theactive life that Ihad!” -MichaelOrsini

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