Choice PT: Neck Pain

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You know what that means, right? Snow! At least in the month of March we got our fair share. Although most of us aren’t too keen on the powdery white stuff this time of year, our son Dominic was pumped. “Dad! Now, we can build Snow-poleones!” That’s right, not just a snowman…a snow family. In this month’s edition of Move to Live we’re focusing on the space between your head and your shoulders. Whether you’re building a family of snow people, shoveling, or getting ready for spring clean up and gardening your neck is involved a great deal. Constantly feeling knots or tightness in your neck/shoulder muscles? Trouble fully turning your head to one side or the other while driving? Always feeling like you need to stretch or crack your neck after reading or working on the computer/iPad? All of these things could be a result of your own personal neck compensations. One of the easiest things you can do to relieve stress from your neck is improve your posture. Imagine your head is a bowling ball (I know, bear with me). If you allow your posture to round forward, the weight of your bowling ball head will put much more stress on your neck joints and muscles than if it is aligned directly over the rest of your spine. Moral of the story, your mom was right…no slouching. Have a great month and if you have any questions regarding neck pain, posture, my undying love of analogies, or Snow- poleone building techniques give me a call or shoot me an email!

Hope you enjoy! Joe

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