Board Converting News, September 7, 2020

Beyond The Virus: Webinar To Share Growth Opportunities For Packaging Industry The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many B2B organizations to focus on navigating this new normal. But it’s just as critical that companies discov- er new growth opportunities to ensure success after the crisis. With this in mind, Delia Associates, an award-winning branding and marketing agency in Whitehouse, New Jersey, will present Beyond the Virus, an in- teractive webinar. Hosted by the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club (NJPEC), the event takes place September 10, 2020, from 11:00a.m.-12:15 p.m. EST.

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Ed Delia, President of Delia Associates, will be joined by several of the organization’s B2B branding experts to provide insights tailored to the packaging industry. “Building a strong branding foundation is more critical than ever,” notes Delia. “My team will share how reexamining, redefining and repositioning brands now can lead to post-pandemic success later.” Topics to be explored include how to strengthen brand messaging, create effective brand designs, and build better brand en- gagement with audiences. Successful branding is of particular importance to the New Jersey packaging industry, which employs thousands of workers across hun- dreds of organizations. Segments include health and beauty, pharma- ceutical, food and beverage and industrial applications. NJPEC Presi- dent Gene Kistler explains, “Our members want to understand the implications of the pandemic on their businesses right now, as well as what they can do in this competitive landscape to ensure growth once the pandemic is behind us.” Exclusive to this webinar is an easy-to-use, interactive technology that fosters engagement with the speakers and amongst attendees. Fol- lowing the main presentation, which includes a live Q&A, attendees will virtually “move” into smaller breakout sessions, emulating a traditional, in-person networking event. The breakout sessions will consist of topi- cal questions and discussions, and additional insights from the experts, who will join the conversations. “Essentially, we are hosting a physical event, but in a virtual space,” says Kistler. “Just like a traditional in-person NJPEC event, attendees will be able to meet and connect to colleagues in a personal and meaningful way.” For more information or to register for the event, go to: https://live.



September 7, 2020

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