Board Converting News, September 7, 2020

Barry-Wehmiller Promotes Chapman To President, Monarchi Is New CFO St. Louis, Missouri based Barry-Wehmiller Companies Inc. announced the promotion of Kyle Chapman to President,

years of private equity and operating experience, with both Bank of America and BW Forsyth Partners, to stew- ard the lives of our 12,000 team members and shape Bar- ry-Wehmiller’s next two decades,” said Robert Chapman. “The blend of our experience and skills creates a powerful partnership, as we continue to validate that you can create economic and human value when you embrace the princi- ples of our Truly Human Leadership culture.” After working at Bank of America, Kyle’s tenure with Barry-Wehmiller began in 2009 when he co-founded BW Forsyth Partners, Barry-Wehmiller’s thriving $600 mil- lion-plus hybrid equity firm that unifies the best of Bar- ry-Wehmiller’s business strategies and long-term orien- tation, with the best private-equity investment strategies. “In this new role as President, my focus will be to con- tinue to build upon our foundation as a vibrant company known for our culture of care, our commitment to validat- ing the trust our customers place in us and continuing

joining his father, CEO and Board Chairman Robert Chapman, in leadership of the 135-year-old, $3 billion-plus global manufac- turing and engineering solutions firm. As Kyle steps into his new role after serving as Barry-Weh- miller’s Interim CFO for much of 2020, the organization wel-

Kyle Chapman

comed Michael Monarchi as Chief Financial Officer. “This is a unique two-generation opportunity to lever- age my 51 years of experience and Kyle’s skills and 20

to invest in market-driven innovation—while reinforcing our belief that the only way to lead is with people and performance in har- mony,” said Kyle. Chief Financial Officer Michael Monarchi joins Barry-Wehmiller from Eaton, where, as Vice President of Finance of the $2.5 billion hydraulics division, he helped drive finan- cial and operational performance im-

provements, while guiding the busi- ness through a cul- tural transformation. Prior to Eaton, Monarchi worked for General Electric

Michael Monarchi

for more than 20 years, where he participat- ed in the company’s financial management and corporate audit staff programs, and held numerous leadership positions in the power and aviation divisions. He was drawn to Barry-Wehmiller’s growth trajectory, as well as its people-centric culture. “Mike is a very forward-looking, opera- tional finance executive, who has an incred- ible track record and history of success at both GE and Eaton,” said Kyle. “He will help visibly connect key strategic goals directly to our financial targets and accelerate many of our longer-term aspirations, while bring- ing a very human element to his role.” “From my first interaction with Barry-Weh- miller, I’ve been really impressed with the fo- cus on people, which is very unique in the business world,” said Monarchi. “The busi- ness is extremely well-positioned to contin- ue on its upward trajectory, and I feel very fortunate to be part of this journey.”

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September 7, 2020

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