Board Converting News, September 7, 2020

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to talk about how this pandemic has changed our industry (for the better) in August. MD : TAPPI and AICC have a great and enduring partner- ship in SuperCorrExpo. After TAPPI and its Committee did the legwork to respond to exhibitors’ concerns given the uncertainty, TAPPI shared the new date with AICC. AICC’s Executive Committee agreed quickly to support the new date for this great event. It was a pretty seamless process. BCN: How has the global corrugated industry respond- ed to the new date? MD : AICC Associate Member exhibitors have been very

positive with the responsive- ness of AICC and TAPPI to their concerns, and the new date in 2021. People may not realize the number of deci- sions that exhibitors have to make well in advance of the actual event. Many ex- hibitors, facing decisions at the height of the pandem- ic, such as booth structure, what equipment to display,

Mike D’Angelo

and shipping dates to name a few, were relieved that the new date brings more time and therefore more certainty to their plans. LM : Exhibitors and potential attendees have expressed gratitude that the decision was made early, and that we were able to keep it in Orlando with the same hotels and convention center. BCN : August is traditionally a vacation month for many countries. What incentives will be provided to entice vis- itors to attend? LM : We’re very lucky to have so much support from the industry. Since SuperCorrExpo only happens every four years, and it’s the place to see the latest and greatest in equipment and technology, our attendees and exhibi- tors show up for us. We think they’ll be ready to connect and learn from this pandemic next year. We had many dis- cussions about August. We have given our members, potential attendees, exhibi- tors and sponsors well over a year’s notice and urged them to consider having their fam- ily vacations there. Location, location, location. The best medicine for Cabin Fever ever invented! MD : Florida is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. People have been working from home for months. Larry Montague



September 7, 2020

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