Board Converting News, September 7, 2020

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Expo. Exhibitors can participate by sending in abstracts describing their new innovation/product/development. If accepted, they will be asked to submit their virtual pre- sentation that will be featured in the What’s New series during the week of September 14, 2020. All webinars will be recorded and made available on the SuperCorrExpo website from September 2020 through the completion of the show in August 2021. MD : AICC is working with our supplier members on any number of ways for them to be in front of their customers. The virtual What’s New webinar sessions planned for Sep- tember 14-17, which are the original SuperCorrExpo show dates, are an important way to “stay in touch” and to share what is new, now. BCN: What changes will the new date mean for Super- CorrExpo 2021? Does the additional time provide an op- portunity to add new speakers, programs, or formats? LM : More time certainly provides an opportunity for more planning. Not only for speakers and topics, but new prod- ucts or services to investigate what might not have been commercially available a year earlier. The program com- mittees already had a strong program planned including four dynamic keynote speakers, but they plan to expand the program to include any new trending topics as well as information that can help companies adjust to business after the pandemic. CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

It is time for many to consider a working vacation. Super- CorrExpo is the answer! Special arrangements have been made to include one of the most popular parks at Univer- sal as part of the events for attendees and we feel that this will be an exciting addition to the week. BCN: Exhibitors traditionally introduce new develop- ments and products at SuperCorrExpo. Some compa- nies do not want to wait almost a year to present what they had ready to showcase at the 2020 show. Is AICC and TAPPI planning alternative opportunities to present product launches, such as virtual presentation formats? LM: SuperCorrExpo is the place where technology is un- veiled, and people come to this particular show to find solutions and products. Business is still going strong for our industry, so we are providing new opportunities like our online Tech Talks: What’s New. These are 7-minute videos and presentations that provide a sneak peek into new technology and new products. You’ll be able to see new products, ask questions and even interact with oth- er professionals in chat rooms at these virtual events. For people who want to start researching products, our What’s New series will be a convenient way to find those new products and technology services. Start the conversation online, and then see it up close and personal at SuperCorr

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September 7, 2020

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