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TAPPI events. This team is working closely with the hotels and Convention Center to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests at SuperCorrExpo. There will be PPE available, signage to assist in social distancing and extra precautions to manage the number of attendees in rooms. This is just the start. We’ll continue to add new safety measures and communicate those changes in the future. MD: I saw firsthand the way box makers and suppliers, already operating at high levels of safety, adapted their procedures and plants to ensure Covid safety. As such, we already have a very good idea of what exhibitors and attendees will expect in terms of health and safety when they come to SuperCorrExpo 2021 and we will be ready. BCN: How can corrugated businesses weather the storm caused by the pandemic? MD: The corrugated business is weathering the storm, starting with the essential need that virtually every oth- er industry has for its products. The industry stepped up mightily when supply chains were disrupted when the country went on lock downs. We see the grit and determi- nation of workers in the box plants and the suppliers that support operations 24/7. We see the intellect and agility of the management of these companies. The corrugated business, by its nature, follows the ups and downs of its end use markets and has always landed on its feet. The things that make the corrugated box the best packaging CONTINUED ON PAGE 30

One of the biggest changes is the new TAPPI/AICC packaging competition. Traditionally SuperCorrExpo has featured TAPPI’s bi-annual CorrPak Competition. The new 2021 date presented a conflict with AICC’s Packaging Design Competition which is traditionally held in the odd years. Since SuperCorrExpo has been such a successful partnership over the years, it just seemed natural that the competition should encompass the same. With that in mind, we are very pleased to announce the debut of the “Box Manufacturing Olympics.” This will be an exciting opportunity for both integrated and independent box makers to showcase their most innovative and cre- ative designs in front of a huge audience. We encourage everyone to enter and to learn more about the contest at . MD : SuperCorrExpo has a great track record of delivering for exhibitors and attendees. Having more time to plan and prepare for an already great event, especially in light of what is going on in the world, certainly is not a bad thing. BCN: Even though August 2021 will be more than a year after the initial outbreak of the global pandemic, what plans are there to ensure the health and safety of exhib- itors and visitors to SuperCorrExpo? LM : We have a dedicated safety committee focused on developing our safety plan for SuperCorrExpo and other

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September 7, 2020

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