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The Challenge Of Compensation BY TERESA HUNDT, OBERG ASSOCIATES Compensation is often a huge factor in deciding what jobs we take. I’m a good example of this. After years in edu-


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cation, I became a recruiter to provide my daughter a better life than I could as an educator. We all have bills to pay. Mort- gages or rent, car payments, electricity, and pesky things like food all cost money. So, most of us work jobs to afford the things we want and need. In addition,

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Teresa Hundt

many people connect the money they make to their iden- tity and self-worth. It shows they have worked their way up the ladder or demonstrated some serious expertise in an area. For the most part, people just want to be paid fairly for their skills, knowledge, and the hard work they put in. Compensation As A Hiring Challenge Compensation is another stumbling block to finding the right person on a tough opening. The goal of the compensation conversation should be to find a number that is fair and reasonable for both sides. You want everyone to feel validated when it’s time to start a new professional relationship. But this isn’t always the way people look at it. A common problem we see when taking searches from clients is that they can’t, or won’t, pay fair market value for the opening they’re trying to fill. They’re looking for an A+ candidate with 20 years of industry-specific experience, a BSEE, an MBA, the person has to be left-handed, with great leadership skills, and experience with unions. But when they tell me their compensation range, it’s what a mid-C range candidate makes. You’re just not going to find success this way. Whether the problem is that you can’t pay fair market value, or maybe that you just don’t want to, there are three possible solutions: • Find the money to pay fair market value anyway. • Filling the gap with other job perks. • Lower your expectations. Finding The Money To Pay Fair Market Value The argument for finding this money comes down to this - how much is it going to cost your company to have the role empty, or to have the wrong person in the role? Will a bad hire make good employees leave? How much machine downtime might occur because the person you hired just didn’t have the juice to do the job? What is the opportunity cost if things stay the same, when the right person could have taken you to the next level? If the role remains unfilled, will you burn people on your team out as they do multiple jobs, but only get paid for one? How will the bad morale that stems from this affect

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September 7, 2020

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