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of the art – providing the best image quality. It also needed to be versatile – allowing for it be used for a wide range of applications. Lastly, it was important that the printer had the capability to increase productivity and the vendor offer a cost-efficient solution. Fujifilm met all of the key criteria for Newman Print. “Meeting demand and improving our customer experi- ence, is due, in part, to equipping our facility with the right technology. Compared to our previous printer, the Acuity Ultra has allowed us to increase production and capacity by 40-45 percent. The increased speed in printing allows us to easily accommodate priority and rush jobs,” said Na- than Rathjen, General Manager, Newman Print. “With the help of the Acuity Ultra printer, we are well positioned to handle high volume requests from current and new cus- tomers which have led our business to grow.”

OHIO BLOW PIPE/ADVANCED AIRSYSTEMS For 85 years the Ohio Blow Pipe company and its whol- ly owned subsidiary, Advanced Airsystems, have provided the corrugated and folding carton industries with systems and products to process scrap. We engineer, fabricate, in- stall, service, provide system audits, and offer a wide range of scrap systems, dust collection systems and products to include cyclones, under roof AIR-SCREEN™ systems, pit belt systems, CLEANAIR dust collectors, Mist-Clone™ dust control systems for vacuum feeds, material handling fans, ductwork, switch valves, airveyors, balers, shredders and OM Partners makes paper makers and packaging compa- nies more profitable and more efficient by optimizing their operations. By utilizing mathematical solvers and advanced technology, corrugated producers remark that their corru- gators and converting equipment run faster with less waste and higher on time delivery achievement within weeks after implementation. The OMP System consists of a comprehen- sive and fully integrated set of modules for order promising, forecasting, capacity planning, stock management, corru- gator optimization, production scheduling, transport plan- ning and automatic data collection. dust briquetters. OM PARTNERS


Available in 3.2 meter and 5 meter models, the Acu- ity Ultra printer is ideal for the high-end indoor display market, especially for luxury brands where close viewing requires exceptional quality. With its massive format size, multi-roll potential and impressive speed, Acuity Ultra pro- vides users with the ability to profitably create customer interior design elements, soft signage, exhibition graphics, point-of-purchase displays, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, and more. Successful printing on multiple substrates is a crucial need for today’s print service providers. “One of the things that really performs well on the Acuity Ultra is the 3 oz. polyethylene,” added Rathjen. “We assumed we’d have a ton of issues because it’s so thin, slippery, and prone to static, but we’ve had no issues with it, and that’s been a pleasant surprise. Substrates that we thought would be an issue haven’t been. The ink seems to cure perfectly, doesn’t crack, and doesn’t scratch.” “For Newman Print, choosing the right printer was vital. Our customers expect a high quality product with a quick turnaround time. The team looked at a number of options and it was clear that Fujifilm would meet our needs,” said Rathjen. “Fujifilm is a trusted provider. You can count on them to provide an exceptional printing solution – such as the 5 meter Acuity Ultra printer – and steadfast support that goes well beyond the initial sale.” Visit for more information.

We custom design, install and service air conveyed scrap and dust collection systems. Our unique APS® is smaller, lighter, and more reliable than current cyclones. Contact us to learn how the APS® System can enhance your operation.


GF PUHL designs, manufactures and installs air conveyed scrap & dust collection systems for the packaging and cor- rugated industries. With 37 years of experience, USA and International. We offer below or above roof systems featur- ing cyclones OR screen separators with real time pressure balancing for optimal dust control. High efficiency cyclones for sheet transfer exhaust systems eliminate water con- sumption and deliver dust directly to compactor or briquet- ter for low maintenance, long term sustainability and reli- ability. System audits, dust explosivity tests and dust hazard analysis (DHA’s) available. Re-manufactured balers, filters, blowers and shredders available at significant savings.


September 7, 2020

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