Board Converting News, September 7, 2020

AICC: Exceed Customer Expectations With Key Performance Indicators AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has re- leased a new free online course for members, Key Per- formance Indicators (KPI), which are dashboard level mea- surements that allow users to monitor their performance. This course shows the process of creating meaningful KPIs that drive better performance. Because the measures are developed to meet or ex- ceed customer expectations, they help create a positive impression with customers as promises are kept. KPIs also help break down the negative perceptions that often exist within a company’s various departments by encouraging them to think of one another as a string of suppliers and customers. This 90-minute course includes assignments to define customer wants and the KPIs that will help participants ex- ceed customer expectations, how to gather the required information, and what to do with it. As with all AICC Pack- aging School Courses, Key Performance Indicators in- cludes a quiz to ensure participant comprehension. More information can be found at packagingschoo l. Questions can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development, or Chelsea May, Education & Training Manager, or (703) 836-2422.

Boring? If we didn't paint it this way, it wouldn't get noticed.

When it comes to a baler that takes care of business, boring reliability is the holy grail. But right-sized automation that makes the baler an operator-friendly and low-maintenance part of your operation is no less important. The Balemaster brand of balers delivers both. (Paint job is extra.)

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September 7, 2020

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