Navy Life Hampton Roads VA Resource Guide

COUNSELING AND ADVOCACY Clinical Counseling CLINICAL COUNSELING At some point, just about everyone needs help coping with stress caused by life’s challenges. Stress can be caused by family hardships, marital conflicts, parent/child issues, money concerns, frequent moves, workplace challenges, health and environmental factors and other difficulties. FFSCs provide free, confidential, short-term individual, marital, couples and child counseling, group counseling, and workshops to military members and their spouses.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over a spouse, intimate partner, or child through fear and intimidation. It often includes threats of use of violence. The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) provides clinical assessment, treatment and services for service members and their families involved in allegations of domestic abuse and child abuse. FAP encourages people to examine their behavior and take steps to learn and practice healthier behaviors. FAP provides a variety of interventions and treatment services to meet the needs of individuals and families to include counseling, clinical case management, treatment groups, and refers families to military and civilian resources as appropriate.

To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-372-5463, Option 1.


New challenges occur all the time…things like new jobs, new babies, relationship problems, or stress at work. Counseling can help! It gives you a chance to develop new problem solving skills to help reduce your stress level and focus on solutions — and FFSC is staffed with fully qualified, licensed counselors who know how to help. Call FFSC to learn more about these beneficial services:  Child Counseling  Individual and Couples Counseling  Therapeutic Group Counseling  Education Programs


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