Navy Life Hampton Roads VA Resource Guide

each phase of deployment – before, during and reunion/homecoming – to ensure that they can handle the challenges that may arise. Ombudsman Support An Ombudsman is an official representative of the commanding officer and plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining communication between the command and its family members. Contact your Navy sponsor’s command if you would like to become a Command Ombudsman. FFSCs provide initial and on-going training and support for these vital members of the command leadership team. Family Readiness Group Support (FRG) A strong Family Readiness Group (FRG) can be the difference between a successful or a stressful deployment for a family. The FRG is the social outlet for the families of service members. FFSCs provide training, information and resources for both the volunteer leadership and members of these groups. Relocation Assistance Services Frequent relocations play a major role in military life. You need accurate, timely information to prepare for a successful transfer to

Navy Gold Star Program The Navy Gold Star Program is committed to providing long-term support to help Survivors foster resiliency after the loss of their active duty loved one. Navy Gold Star coordinators work closely with Survivors to identify their individual needs and connect them with appropriate services. Services may include: chaplain services, financial counseling, education benefits assistance, VA benefits assistance, employment assistance, clinical counseling, health care, child care, housing and grief counseling. WORK AND FAMILY LIFE PROGRAMS Deployment Readiness Support Deployments are inevitable in the military and can be effectively managed with the right preparation. FFSC staff assists command leadership to prepare military members and their families for


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