Navy Life Hampton Roads VA Resource Guide

Programs include: • Building Healthy Relationships

• Parenting Classes • Couples Workshop

• Personal Communications • Building Effective Anger Management Skills • Stress Management Courses

Life Skills Life Skills programs are designed to provide the information needed to assess, and enhance the knowledge and skills required to effectively meet military life challenges through self-discovery, exploration of new ways of thinking, interaction and through problem-solving skills. These programs also focus on using personal or professional challenges as a means to affect positive change, support communication to strengthen relationships through mutual respect and understanding, and employing mindful thought management with problem solving strategies.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

The primary mission of TAP is to better prepare eligible service members and their families to transition out of military service. TAP is designed to assist all transitioning service members with meeting their career readiness standards (CRS). CRS capitalize upon the skills and experiences gained during military service and are defined as a set of common and specific standards based on service member-defined objectives they must achieve in order to meet their post-military



} Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships & Internships, (JTEST-AI) } Offered at little to no cost to the service member. } Participation is voluntary, service member initiated and command approved.

} Training may occur up to 180 days prior to separation. } Approved programs and additional eligibility requirements are located on the DoD Skillbridge website.


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