3.99 16.9-Oz.Bottles 24Pack AquafinaWater


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2 /$ 3 15.25 To 19-Oz., Selected Campbell’s Chunky Soup

1.38 Twin Pack Whole BostonButt

1.98 75%Lean Family Pack GroundBeef Or Small Pack $2.28 Lb.


2 /$ 1 15-Oz., Selected Luck’s Peas Or Beans 6.98 24.2 To 30.5-Oz., Selected Folgers Coffee 1.98 48-Oz. Better Valu VegetableOil 3 /$ 5 8-Oz. Selected Chunk Or Borden ShreddedCheese 2 /$ 5 48-Oz. Selected TurkeyHill IceCream FREE 9.5 To 10-Oz. Selected Doritos Chips B uy O ne G et O ne 4 /$ 10 16.9-Oz. Bottles 6Pack Pepsi Products FREE 16-Oz. Kraft American Cheese Singles B uy O ne G et O ne


1.78 3-Piece Fresh Pork SpareRibs


2.58 USDA Select Beef Whole Boneless BottomRound


1.28 Jumbo Pack FreshSplit ChickenBreast


2.98 USDA Select Beef Boneless Bottom RoundRoast


4.98 12-Oz , 51/60-Ct., Frozen ChickenOf The Sea Tail OnCookedShrimp

5.98 USDA Select Beef BonelessNewYork StripSteaks Lb.

.98 Lb. EasternGrownMcIntosh; Fuji,Gala,GrannySmith, RedOrGoldenDelicious WashingtonState Assorted Apples

3.98 3-Lb.Bag EZPeel Clementines


4.98 12-Giant Rolls, Soft Or Strong Charmin Essentials Bath Tissue

4.98 6-Big Rolls, Select-A-Size Or White Bounty Essentials Paper Towels

9.98 9-MegaOr18-DoubleRolls,UltraSoftOrStrong Charmin Bath Tissue

9.98 6-Double Or 8-Giant Rolls, Selected Bounty Paper Towels

2 /$ 5 200-Ct. Bounty Napkins

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