Emery Law Office October 2019

OCT 2019


Well, it happened. My eldest daughter, Katie, and her now husband, David, were wed in a beautiful ceremony. If you were in attendance, you would’ve thought it was a stress-free morning leading up to the ceremony and reception. Aside from a brief delay in the start time, which I think is pretty standard for weddings, everything appeared to go off without a hitch. “Appeared” is the key word here, though. Behind the scenes, it was chaos. David’s boss shared a piece of wisdom with the bride and groom in the weeks leading up to the big day. “There are going to be three things that will go wrong on your wedding day,” he told them. “After that, everything will be perfect.” His words proved true. Basically from the moment the day began, things started to go wrong. As the mother of the bride, I was, of course, tasked with completing a laundry list of assignments on the morning of the wedding. We had planned to leave at 9:15, get to the florist by 10, drive to the venue, meet the cake company, and then be ready for pictures before the ceremony proper. I had it all planned out. I’m one of those early-is-on-time people, so I was ready to go with ample time to spare. My husband, Dave, on the other hand … well, let’s just say he’s not like me. He was behind schedule and dragging his feet. We were late as all get out, and I was fuming. It was not a pretty picture as I urged Dave to get moving. A ‘PERFECT’ WEDDING FROM PANICKED TO PARTYING With the day already off to a great start, we got a call from Katie around the time we were leaving the flower shop. “Mom,” she asked me, “where are my shoes?” Here we go. Turns out, her shoes, for some reason, were in my closet rather than with her dress. She didn’t inform us of this fact, so we had to improvise. Okay, we thought, Dave will drop me off at the venue and then head back to our place to get the shoes. It’ll be tight, but we’ll be fine. As I’m at the venue helping Katie get into her dress, she asks me for her veil. I was a little confused. Her veil should’ve been with her dress. Turns out, nope, the veil was with the shoes in our closet back at home. Panicked, I called Dave, thinking it may have been too late for him to turn around, get the veil, and still make the wedding on time. I also wondered if there’d be a shoeless bride walking down the aisle. That’s the first thing.

That’s the second thing.

Meanwhile, the entire time this madness is happening, I’m getting secondhand information about how my dad is really not feeling well. At first, everyone told me that he’d get over it and would be at the wedding just fine. But when my sister showed up, she told me that he really was in bad shape and wasn’t going to be able to make it. Eventually, they decided to take him to the hospital. Tests revealed that my dad had a kidney stone. It just had to make its presence known on the day of his granddaughter’s wedding. Once we got the proverbial three things out of the way, just as David’s boss predicted, the wedding was beautiful. My dad never made it, but he’s doing just fine. My husband did make it, and Katie had her shoes and veil on when the moment came. By the time the cake was being cut and the dancing got started, I had forgotten just how hectic the morning was. I guess the moral of the story is that a big event can always feel like an impending disaster when you’re in the middle of it, but you just gotta roll with the punches. “What a beautiful wedding,” so many guests told me. “It was perfect.” That’s the third thing.

Little did they know all the stress it took to get to “perfect.”

Congrats, David and Katie.


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