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Two Christmases Celebrate the Holidays With the Nelson Family

Every Christmas was a white Christmas when I was a kid. No, we weren’t unexpectedly getting snow at my house here in Texas. My dad’s parents lived in Missouri, and my mom’s parents lived in Iowa. Every year, we’d drive up north to visit them. I didn’t spend a Christmas at home until my grandmother passed away in 2000. I really enjoyed going up to visit my grandparents for the holidays. Like I said, it always snowed, so that was fun. Going up north for Christmas also meant we’d celebrate it at home early. My siblings and I would be at school talking about what we got for Christmas and our friends would be so confused. “Christmas isn’t for another two weeks!” they’d protest. As a kid, there was nothing cooler than getting to celebrate Christmas twice. That’s one tradition I’m still celebrating today. Both my parents and my in-laws all live in the same town, which makes it easy to spend the holidays with the whole family. We’ll spend Christmas Eve with Tiffany’s family and enjoy a nice dinner together. Then, come Christmas Day, we’ll celebrate with my family. Both gatherings are tons of fun, and each family has their own traditions. Tiffany’s family does a big white elephant gift swap. Everyone agrees on a dollar amount then brings a wrapped present to exchange. That game is always a lot of fun. Meanwhile, my family has gotten so big that we’ve taken to doing Secret Santa. We all draw a name, and that’s the person we get a gift for. It takes a lot of pressure off, and I enjoy trying to find the perfect gift that’s really going to wow whoever I got. Of course, the grandkids don’t count for either of these games. They get tons of presents stacked under the tree from all the relatives.

Holidays change a lot as you get older, but the best difference is definitely getting to celebrate with my kids. Each year, Christmas gets more fun. My girls are getting older, so they

know Christmas is coming and get excited. It’s really fun to see them so enchanted by the magic of the season. And of course, they’re still young enough to look forward to Santa Claus coming to visit. Our old trampoline broke earlier this year, so I think old Saint Nick will bring us a new one. Thankfully, the girls haven’t yet asked me how Santa is going to fit a whole trampoline on his sleigh. As the holidays gear up and the year draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting on how blessed I am. This has been such a great year, and for that, I have our clients to thank. Your support makes it possible for me and my team to come to work and do what we love, then go home and spend the holidays with our families. Thank you so much for a great 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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