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A perfect fit Carestream’s innovative portfolio of products is valued by healthcare providers worldwide. They recognise that its devices and systems solve workflow, budget and space problems, while also reducing procedure times. As Carestream’s exclusive UK distributor, we at Medray are responsible for sales, installation, training and follow-on support – vital cogs when it comes to success in the market place and happy customers. Our friendly in-house team provides all the expertise required, technical as well as practical, to get

your imaging room operational in the shortest time possible. And it doesn’t end with the hand-over because we take a “cradle-to-grave” approach, providing after-sales support for the lifespan of your equipment. It’s the Medray way and we know you’ll appreciate it as much as Carestream does.

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Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor

CARESTREAM DRX-EVOLUTION PLUS A new look and new features


High performance. High quality. Exceptional value.

The DRX-Evolution Plus offers: • New LED lighting for enhanced functionality and aesthetics • Greater flexibility with an extended tube column • High performance Carestream generator • Optional table to accommodate patients up to 3 20 kg • Forward-looking design to accommodate advanced imaging applications in the future

The DRX-Ascend has just the right option to meet your most pressing needs in the present, with a clear upgrade path for the future. All at a remarkably economical price. Whatever your starting point, your Ascend solution will deliver superb performance and a system that will grow along with you.

• Analog ue or digital • Floor-mount or ceiling-mount tube • Range of table options • An optional portable, wireless DRX detector • Tech Vision technology • Optional auto tracking feature available



Exceptional value, high quality performance for high patient volumes.

Proven Image Quality • The wireless, cassette-sized DRX Plus Detector and EVP Plus image-processing software deliver superb image quality • Optional EVP Plus Software provides increased latitude and high-contrast image detail • Software options accommodate specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, and trauma

Scalability • Customize a DR solution to fits your workflow and budget

Broad Versatility • The System can be configured as analog or digital with a floor or ceiling mounted tube stand, table, wall stand and accessories to match your budget and workflow needs • Elevating Float-Top Table has a weight capacity of up to 275 kg and accommodates patient types ranging from pediatrics to adults and wheelchair patients • Image with the wall stand, table or tabletop for single or dual detector scenarios

• Simplify weight-bearing, cross-table and off-table studies with generous range of motion • Control tube stand positioning with fingertip switches on the operator hand control • Release all tube stand locks for multi-directional adjustments with a single switch • Assure complete radiographic coverage with expansive longitudinal and transverse travel, column rotation, tube angulation and trunnion rotation Technologist Productivity • Vertical wall stand includes ergonomically designed EZ-Glide hand control to allow operator image receptor adjustment from comfortable standing position

• Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows

• Designed for advanced future applications


• Choose a one-, two- or three-detector option to perform many types of imaging exams, including tabletop and long-length imaging • Motorized wall stand. Ergonomically designed, this wall stand is easy to use, simplifies patient positioning and optimizes workflow. • The automated overhead tube is designed for positioning convenience and efficiency

Increased Productivity

• Share DRX Plus wireless detectors with other DRX systems

• Images are ready for immediate viewing on the tube head and for manipulation on the console within seconds • One space-saving console controls all medical imaging functions

Freedom of Movement • Autotracking allows floor and ceiling tube stand to track with the table or wall stand in the Z axis, increasing work- flow and enabling radiographers to stay by the patients side

• Auto-positioning for fast and accurate setup

• Rotating detector tray means less manual handling required

• Detectors are fixed or wireless



Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor


CARESTREAM DRX-REVOLUTION Mobility redefined. Again

Fluoroscopy technology has been optimized specifically for large and mid-size hospitals and medical centers with the Carestream DRX-Excel Plus System. It combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact

The new, redesigned DRX Plus Revolution takes its industry-leading performance to an even higher level with new features like improved tube head design, enhanced displays and quieter operation. With the first release of the DRX Revolution, its low-profile design eliminated blind navigation in hallways and elevators... while it’s superb maneuverability allowed easy navigation of tight spaces in the ICU, ER, patient rooms and OR. Now, based on customer feedback, we’ve updated the system with exciting new design features.

unit. It also delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images and a wide range of exams. • A conventional configuration, utilizing film or CR cassettes or our wireless DRX-Detector for radiology and an image intensifier for the fluoroscopy exam, or • A dRF configuration, with a single flat-panel digital detector for both RAD and fluoroscopy


Tube Head Redesign The tube head and collimator are smaller, lighter and better balanced, for easier use and faster positioning. This helps support quicker and more efficient exams, speeds workflow and enhances technologist productivity. Plus, the Revolution is powered by X-Factor Thinking, so you can share its DRX Plus Detector across your facility – in other mobile units or rooms – wherever it’s needed most. Improved Display Screens Display screens are more responsive, with enhanced functionality to boost speed and efficiency. The screens are also redesigned with flush mounting to better protect the system against fluid ingress – supporting maximum uptime and helping decrease maintenance and service calls and costs.

Quieter Operation Customer feedback told us that mobile X-ray Systems can be noisy during transport, sometimes disturbing patients and contributing to the overall noise level in imaging facilities. In response, we’ve redesigned the Revolution’s brakes and drive motors to be significantly quieter – so your patients can rest easier. Redesigned Bin The Revolution’s storage bin has been enhanced and now holds to detectors as large as 43x43 and as small as our small-format 2530C detector for pediatric imaging. Of course, this “X-ray room on wheels” still provides at-your-fingertips storage for gloves, sanitizer, paperwork, markers – everything your technologists need to maximum exam efficiency.


• Extensive SID capability exceeds competitors, acquiring images at any distance between 110 to 180cm • Table features a 265kg weight capacity with NO limitations on movements

• Offered with either an Image Intensifier with high resolution CCD camera that maximizes image quality during fluoroscopy or a Flat Panel Detector that offers high image quality for either fluoroscopy or general radiology images • Auto positioning, as a function of extensive anatomical programs, facilitates faster exam set-up times • Patient overage of 201cm allows full exploration of even very tall individuals without repositioning • Relaxing ambient lighting and selectable music maximize patient comfort • DAP measurements allow tracking of the exact radiation dose received by each patient • Optional DRX Plus detector offers the power of the X-Factor and allows easy positioning for cross-table and weight-bearing exams

• +/- 90 degree tilting to enable all exam types

• Table lowers to 48cm (19inches) making it easily accessible for wheelchair patients • Full system access from every side for easier patient transfer and exam versatility • Fully motorized, easy-to-use compression for abdominal and other exams

• Control system operation remotely, or at patient’s side

• Motorized movement of tube and column maximizes speed and convenience



Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor

CARESTREAM DRX-REVOLUTION NANO Revolutionary performance on a smaller scale

CARESTREAM MOTION MOBILE X-RAY SYSTEM Digital ready. Uniquely designed

Carestream Motion Mobile X-ray System is a highly affordable mobile unit that is small, lightweight, and easy to use. Motion Mobile is a highly economical bridge between analog ue , CR and DR imaging. Its unique upgrad e ability allows you to customize the system to meet your needs today while planning for your future. SYSTEM FEATURES ANALOG • Choice of manual or Anatomical Programmed Radiography (APR) mode for quick selection of exam technique

Carestream’s DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System* changed the way the industry thinks about mobile imaging. Expanding the Carestream portfolio, we have now developed a fully integrated, digital, budget-friendly mobile system. Called the DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System, it is designed to deliver both value and performance.


The Revolution Nano utilizes Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Technology, which differs significantly from traditional thermionic tubes. The CNT emitter used in an X-ray tube consists of a large number of carbon nano tubes arranged vertically on a conductive substrate thus replacing the traditional filament.

• 8-inch touch screen monitor – easy to use to set protocols

• Technologist’s choice of push button or hand switch exposure control


• Manual light beam collimator

CNT technology allows the Revolution Nano to be smaller and more nimble than the DRX-Revolution, making it ideal to maneuver through small patient rooms, crowded hallways or tight spaces in the ICU or NICU. The DRX-Revolution Nano is ideal for portable chest, ICU, orthopaedic and pediatric imaging. It delivers all of these key advantages:

• Tilt-step to lift wheels over small obstacles and for easier elevator access

• 30kW capacitor discharge generator

• Optional DAP allows for relevant information needed for monitoring patient X-ray dose

• Unique Carbon Nano Tube provides an ultra-light weight design for easy maneuverability and arm positioning • Integrated DR technology delivers fast workflow and higher image quality than CR systems, at a lower capital cost • “Feather Touch” drive and small footprint make maneuvering and navigating simple and easy.

• Sleek design offers line-of-sight visibility over the column and around the entire system • X-factor design allows detector sharing between rooms or mobile systems • Advanced software applications such as Tube and Line Visualization, Pneumothorax Visualization, Bone Suppression, SmartGrid and Pediatric Applications



Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor

CARESTREAM DR DETECTORS Setting new standards in efficiency and reliability


Carestream’s DR Detector portfolio offers a quick, easy and an affordable way to transition to digital radiography of the highest order. DR allows clinicians to view images in seconds, helping physicians to immediately assess a patient’s condition and begin appropriate treatment. Carestream provides a number of DR detector options, including a variety of sizes, with either Gadolinium or Cesium Scintillators. This allows you to select just the right one for your facility and your budget. Explore our complete family of detectors below.

Carestream’s retrofit solutions use a single wireless detector to convert your existing imaging equipment – both rooms and mobiles – to full digital operation, quickly and cost effectively. Leverage your current investment and upgrade to DR productivity to gain workflow efficiencies and enhance patient care. • DR Room or Mobile System Retrofit

• DR Room Retrofit Systems • DR Mobile Retrofit Systems



Wireless Detectors that go and grow with you At the heart of the DRX Family is the DRX Plus – a wireless, sharable, cassette-sized detector. The imaging solutions in the DRX Family are all designed around the remarkable X-Factor platform. The DRX Plus simply slides into your existing x-ray equipment and can be used with DRX imaging systems throughout your facility. The detector is also the heart of the DRX Family–a complete line of innovative DR systems including full radiology rooms and mobile x-ray systems.

DRX-Transportable System/Light Paired with our advanced DRX Detectors, this system makes upgrading amazingly easy. And, its wireless tablet operation gives you unprecedented freedom. There’s no bulky electronics box required, and no need to work from a fixed console. The lightweight wireless tablet gives you complete control of the system and immediately displays your images once acquired.

• Virtual Access Point in the detector makes this a flexible solution that enhances workflow

The DRX Plus Detectors feature: • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection

• Quickly and cost effectively convert any existing analog rooms or mobile systems to DR

• Self-powered and rechargeable, its beam-sensing technology further simplifies upgrade

• Instant access to images to speed decisions on patient care

• This upgrade lets you move easily around the Radiology Department, from room to room or from room to mobile system

• Ability to share detectors between any DRX room or any DRX mobile system

• A separate battery charger that allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged

Key Components: • Tablet PC

• Robust and durable with an IPX rating of IP57

Choose the DRX Plus Detector that best fits your imaging needs: • DRX Plus 3543 and 4343 for general radiology

• Dual Hot-Swappable battery

• DRX plus Detectors (sold separately)

• i7 Processor / 12.1in touchscreen / 1.6 kg (3.6lbs)

• DRX Plus 2530C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications



Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor

CARESTREAM DRX-EVOLUTION PLUS On target. On budget. On time.

CARESTREAM X-FACTOR X-Factor. Changing the way you think about DR.

The OnSight System has arrived. It's designed to provide pristine 3D images at the point of care – with an easy-open bore and patient access to allow weight-bearing studies not possible with traditional CT. Plus, site and install requirements are low to enable a fast, affordable, convenient imaging process for timely diagnosis and commencement of treatment • Winner of the 2016 AuntMinnie Minnies Award for Best New Radiology Device

EXPERIENCE THE X-FACTOR OF CARESTREAM’S APPROACH TO DR SYSTEMS Carestream is changing the DR game and putting you in control of the move to digital. The world’s first cassette-sized wireless detector platform gives you the X-Factor and makes the most of your capital investment. It meets today’s needs and positions you for growth. X-Factor is a better way to care for patients.


Compatible • A single detector platform works across a broad portfolio of DRX equipment

• Ability to perform upper and lower extremity 3D exams, including weight bearing

• Wide door opening for easy, step-in patient access for weight-bearing exams

• Convert an existing x-ray room or mobile system to digital radiography in a day

• Provides high-resolution 3D images that can help to reveal subtle or occult fractures

Scalable • Take a modular approach to your capital investment

• Reduced dose compared to conventional CT systems

• Small footprint and simplified design to cut the time and cost of system installation, compared to conventional CT systems • May be installed at the preferred location for patient treatment in your orthopaedic practice for convenient imaging, diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit

• Customize a DR solution that fits your workflow and budget

• Add DR systems as your facility expands and grows

Flexible • Get the most out of your DRX investment 24 hours a day, seven days a week • Share the detector with a mobile imaging unit for morning rounds, a radiology room DR suite in the afternoon and the emergency department at night

• Use a common software platform to speed your exam process



Exclusive CarestreamUK Distributor


From our humble beginnings nearly four decades ago Medray has grown into a leading supplier of diagnostic imaging products across the UK and Ireland. During that time we have accumulated a wealth of experience that is second to none and assembled a wonderful team of personnel, from engineers to customer care experts, whose award-winning dedication to service is focused on providing customers with the best possible solutions to their equipment and supply needs. It is because of this industry knowledge and work ethic that Carestream, a world leader in medical imagining devices, chose us as they exclusive UK distributor.

HEMEL HEMPSTED Spaces The Maylands Building Maylands Avenue Hemel Hempstead HP2 7TG United Kingdom T : 0044 ( 0 ) 870 600 0245

DUBLIN B5 Clonlara Avenue Baldonnell Business Park Dublin 22 D22 FK73 Ireland T : +00353 ( 0 ) 1 466 3773

BELFAST Forsyth House Cromac Square Belfast BT2 8LA Northern Ireland T : +44 ( 0 ) 28 9051 1236



Medray’s founder and group CEO, Aidan O’Reilly, oversees the running of the Medray Group which now extends across three countries: Ireland, UK and Romania. As CEO, he controls the brand image and marketing activities while delegating responsibility for sales, operations and services to members of the management team

Siobhan Crowley is Medray’s Sales Director, with overall responsibility for the sales activity within the group. This includes managing our comprehensive range of radiology, healthcare, veterinary and dental products as well as our Equashield portfolio.



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