MD_910040_Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans Brochure

High Capacity Independent Systems Kiev HVAC and Moscow VAC

For applications that require maximum cooling, independent systems include Kiev HVAC or Moscow VAC, engine driven compressor and roof mounted or under body condenser.

Application – Passenger vans with windows, limousine, perishables transport – hotter climates

Kiev HVAC Unit 45,500 BTU Cooling 39,000 BTU Heating

Optional plenums and covers available

High-performance, twin-fan, Valencia Condenser is lightweight with low noise operation and less than 6 in. height

Optional ModulAir ducting See page 7

System Controller

Moscow VAC Unit 45,500 BTU Cooling

Auxiliary Compressor

System Features: n Maximum performance

45,500 BTU/h cooling n 39,000 BTU/h heating (Kiev only) n Variable temperature control (Kiev only) n 3 speed fan up to 589 CFM airflow n Compact, low profile heating and cooling units < 7 in. height n Quiet , efficient operation

Optional under body HTC condenser

Vehicle Integration - Cooling The Kiev HVAC or Moscow VAC operate independent of factory front HVAC and integrated with a dedicated compressor and condenser. Vehicle Integration - Heating Heating is achieved by plumbing the Kiev’s heater core with the engine’s coolant loop. Engine coolant flow is controlled by coolant valve and auxiliary pump.


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