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December, 2019

DeSoto City Lights

A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department

The City of DeSoto received some great news recently. The presƟgious Texas RecreaƟon and Park Society (TRAPS,) presented their coveted “PromoƟonal Award” to the CAPRA Accredited DeSoto Parks & RecreaƟon Department for their digital markeƟng campaign promoƟng the City’s joint 4th of July CelebraƟon with the City of Lancaster that leveraged more than 11,000 in aƩendance. Mayor CurƟstene S. McCowan applauded the news. “We are thrilled to see that our efforts to get out the good word about our spectacular 4th of July event with Lancaster has been recognized by TRAPS, one of the most respected parks organizaƟons in the naƟon, as being the best of all promoƟonal efforts. That, combined with our CAPRA accreditaƟon which has only been bestowed on 176 park systems in the country, should reassure everyone that DeSoto’s parks, recreaƟonal faciliƟes, and events are the best around and that we are working hard every day to ensure that they remain the best!” The Texas RecreaƟon and Park Society (TRAPS) is a nonprofit educaƟonal and professional organizaƟon founded 77 years ago to advance the profession of parks, recreaƟon, and leisure services in Texas. DESOTO PARKS & RECREATION RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS REGIONAL AWARD FOR 4TH OF JULY PROMOTION

The DeSoto’s Parks and RecreaƟon Department secured their first‐ever CAPRA accreditaƟon in 2016 under the leadership of Parks Managing Director M. Renee Johnson who is currently serving as the City of DeSoto’s Interim City Manager. CAPRA is the only naƟonal accreditaƟon of park and recreaƟon agencies and is considered confirmaƟon of the agency’s overall high level of operaƟon, management, and service to the community.


The Annual Tree  LighƟng  at DeSoto Town Center 

Tuesday,   December 3, 2019  6:30pm

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