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ClearLife also makes hearing aid house calls to Dallas/Fort Worth

Hello from the front page of ClearLife Hearing Care’s first newsletter! I’m excited to share stories and valuable information with our patients with this new communication channel. There is so much I am looking forward to bringing you all in these pages! Best of all, this newsletter comes just in time to celebrate the opening of another new addition to our services. This October, our new Allen, Texas, ClearLife location, in partnership with FYZICAL™ Therapy & Balance Centers, finally opened its doors. ClearLife has always been committed to finding every opportunity to help our patients improve their lives. When I started out in audiology graduate school, I quickly recognized the disconnect between people who needed help improving their hearing and hearing care providers in the community. I found that many patients were confused by hearing aid options, and in many cases, they avoided treating their hearing loss. Almost four years ago, I opened my own practice and dedicated myself to improving the audiology experience for all of my patients. We chose to work with the best technology available, delivered our services in the most convenient way possible by making house calls, brought in top audiologists in the field, and continued to search for ways we could address our patients’ biggest concerns. For many patients over the age of 65, falling is a serious risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that falls are the leading cause of serious injury and death in people 65 and older. Hospitalization due to broken or fractured bones and head injuries are a common result of even a mild fall. What’s worse, by falling once, it more than doubles a person’s chances of falling again. Falls are often the result of poor balance, and what many people don’t realize is that the balance organs in our bodies are located in the inner ear. As audiologists, we are trained to diagnose conditions that may impair the balance system as well as the sense of hearing, but it will take more than a hearing aid to prevent a bad fall. Earlier in 2017, I decided to partner with the dizziness and balance experts at FYZICAL™ Therapy & Balance Centers to open a world-class facility to serve you! New Things Are on the Horizon What’s Up, Doc?

Your new state-of-the-art FYZICAL™ Therapy & Balance Center is equipped with everything you need to get back on your feet, literally. We focus on vestibular and brain health, vision, strength, endurance, motion, and coordination, all with equipment designed for a safe recovery. In addition to audiologists, we have highly trained FYZICAL therapists to help guide you in the right direction. If you are at risk of falling, your doctor may prescribe medicine or suggest you use a walker. While sometimes an important component of treatment and safety, these solutions often treat the symptoms without actually correcting the condition. FYZICAL™ aims to help you achieve long-term, lasting improvement, confidence, and safety. In starting ClearLife Hearing Care, and now with the opening of our new FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center, I have a mission to help increase my patients’ “health span” — or in other words, how many healthy and active years they are able to enjoy. I’m excited to share this journey with you and hope that our team is able to have a positive impact on your life by helping you stay active, engaged, and healthy.

Love Your Life!

–Dr. Brad Stewart

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