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When the Work Is Its Own Reward My Move From Insurance Defense to Personal Injury

A few years back, my family and I were standing atop the Eiffel Tower, mesmerized by the Parisian cityscape stretched out below us, when my phone went off. I begrudgingly got the thing out of my pocket and took a look at the screen. It was work. This was weird — obviously, my colleagues knew that I was on vacation in France. I knew they wouldn’t ring me up unless it was absolutely crucial, so, to my wife’s slight dismay, I answered. “Sorry, Steve,” the voice on the other end of the line said, “but we’ve got one of your clients calling in, totally panicked about her case. Do you think you could talk to her?”

when you’re making a difference in real people’s lives and helping the injured regain their footing, it’s easy to put the client’s needs above your own. It’s just a great example of The Advocates’ philosophy and the very real connections we form with our clients — and the degree to which we truly care about their well-being. It’s infinitely more fulfilling working as a personal injury attorney from this side of the fence. Fourteen years ago, I was working in insurance defense, going through the motions

of the work long after it had soured for me. I understand the insurance company’s perspective — they’re just trying to save money — but it was still frustrating to see many of the practices they had in place. They’d nickel and dime their attorneys, bill for hours every tenth of an hour, and pay us half time while traveling. It may seem arbitrary, but these little grievances pile up, especially when coupled with the uncomfortable feeling you

Since I joined The Advocates 13 years ago, I haven’t looked back. Though it’s certainly true that a personal injury attorney’s job is more difficult than that of their defense counterparts, I welcome the challenge. Helping people who can’t do it themselves is much more satisfying. A client’s gratitude — when you turn a case where they’re on the hook for $100,000 into a $50,000 surplus in their bank account — is difficult to put into words. I feel privileged to help each and every one of our clients — to help them rise above their impossible situations and get their lives back. That sense of purpose is what has kept me coming into work with The Advocates for over 13 years. – Steve Linton

“A client’s gratitude —when you turn a case where they’re on the hook for $100,000 into a $50,000 surplus in their bank account — is difficult to put into words. ”

So there I was, at the peak of one of the most beloved and recognizable towers in the world, carefully assuring my client that everything was going to be okay. By the time I hung up the phone, my client was calm again. I returned the phone to my pocket and looked over the Champs de Mars.

get when pitting yourself against the regular folks who are simply trying to hold a company accountable for the service they provide.

It occurred to me that at my old job with a large insurance defense firm I never would have gone to such lengths for my clients. But the fact is, • 1

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