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Put Down the Scissors and Step Away From the Newspaper We Do the Math on Coupon Clipping

If it wasn’t for coupons, you wouldn’t be able to afford everything you need, right? Well, there are two ways to look at it. Coupons can

— like rice, beans, oats, and salt — that you’ll use eventually and won’t go bad. If you’ve wanted something for a long time and it goes on sale, it makes sense to buy. But don’t let the coupon section dictate your desires! The second question is, “How much is my time worth, and how much time do I spend hunting down the best deals and clipping coupons?” If you’re saving $25 a week on stuff you actually need, but it takes 4 hours a week to get those savings, you’re losing money — even if you make minimum wage. That’s time you could be spending with family, picking up a half-shift at work, or finding innovative ways to make money. We won’t deny that there are great deals that are now more available than ever thanks to apps like Groupon. But remember: Coupons come from businesses trying to trick your brain into buying more stuff. Use them wisely, but don’t let them rule you.

be a way to put food on the table that you otherwise

couldn’t afford. But they can also trick money-

conscious consumers into buying stuff they normally wouldn’t. To find out which option describes your situation, answer two questions. The first question is, “Do I need — and will I use — everything that I buy with coupons?” Coupons affect you psychologically; the same part of your brain that governs basic instincts (like hunger and pleasure) also loves a screaming good deal. That means you may spend money on things that you normally wouldn’t, because you have a coupon for them. Instead, stick to the staples

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“Such a big help! Getting in an accident leaves you feeling lost in a maze of paperwork and bills. They have made every step so easy. I appreciate every member of their staff. I was so unsure of what to expect or what I should be doing. They take all those fears from you and handle just about everything, even some things I hadn’t thought of. If you need help, call them and they will help.”

this process so easy for me that all I needed to worry about was getting back to my old self. I couldn’t have done this without them, and I will recommend them to anyone I can!”

–Madison P.

“My husband and I were involved in a major, life-changing car accident. Fortunately, we knew Cayson and called him from the hospital. We worked with Dave Tullis and his staff through a long and complicated process. Dave was willing to answer my constant questions and concerns, and we relied on his expertise and years of experience in choosing caregivers, managing medical bills, wisely navigating the insurance, and just supporting us emotionally through the pain and trauma. Our case was not easy at all, but he handled the details for us so we could concentrate on our healing. Thanks!”

–Staci B.

“Great firm and professional staff — what more could I expect? I was impressed with Mark Stewart, who was attentive to our needs and quick to respond to any question my brother-in-law had. If you need an Advocate, I would highly recommend him!”

–Josh S.

“Awesome customer service! Every employee I talked to knew about my case and showed genuine concern for my well-being. They made

–Stephanni M.

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