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November 2019





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Some families spend all their holidays at the beach or camping out in the woods, but our go-to destination has always been Disney World. My wife Marjorie and I are big Disney fans, and our kids love the happiest place on earth just as much as we do. Marjorie has always been able to do Disney on a budget, so we stretch our Disney Dollars to the max. With that in mind, when I remembered that Nov. 18 is Mickey Mouse Day, I knew right away I wanted to dedicate this month’s newsletter to all things Disney. Flipping back through our family photos, it seems like just about every shot of my kids was taken at Disney. One of my all-time favorite photos shows my little girl dressed up in her Cinderella costume, having breakfast with the characters — now that she’s off at college, memories like those seem even more precious. That particular photo always reminds me of something almost nobody knows about me: Once upon a time, I was actually a Disney employee, and I worked at Cinderella’s Castle. Since I was 12 years old, I’d always wanted to work at Disney World, but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-40s that I got the opportunity. Once my family was secure and my firm was doing well, I finally fulfilled my dream and applied for a seasonal job there. I wasn’t exactly their usual candidate: The application offered multiple pages of space for people to list all the jobs they’d held in the last ten years, and I only had one to write down. When I showed up for the interview, the interviewer read my

application, took one look at me and asked, “Why are you here?” I told her about my lifelong dream of working at Disney and explained how now that my firm was up and running smoothly, I finally could set aside the time to work a little here and there for $7.50 per hour. “I just want to be in the parks,” I said. “I want to be helping people. Just put me in whatever job you want.” Long story short, after a bit of training, I landed the job of footman at Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom, and I couldn’t have been happier. My main duty was parking strollers and assisting little princesses, so I got to see dozens of little girls all dressed up on their way to see the real princesses. I’d ask them, “Are you ready to see Cinderella?” and they’d always answer, “Yeah!” with stars in their eyes, practically bouncing up and down in excitement. They reminded me so much of Alyssa at that age, and it was heartwarming to relive that happy memory every five seconds for the whole day. Technically, I only worked at Disney for a single shift (that’s another couple of great stories), but that was enough to check the job off of my bucket list, and it was a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life. To continue the tribute to Mickey Mouse, throughout the rest of this newsletter you’ll find notes from our staff on their favorite Disney movies and why they love them. Personally, one of my favorites is “Meet the Robinsons” (you

can read more about that on Pg. 2). I like to joke that every day is Mickey Mouse Day here at Dellutri Law Group because my staff loves Disney just as much as I do. Every few weeks, it seems like someone in our office is taking their family to the parks. Almost everyone has something Disney at their desk or in their office. If you’d like to get in on the Mickey Mouse Day fun, try entering our contest! All you have to do is guess my favorite Disney park — check out the choices on Pg. 3 — and email your guess to cbyrus@ You just might win a prize.

–Carmen Dellutri

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