Columns Monthly – October 2022

U.S. Delivers Precision Dial-Yield Nukes To Europe – Biden Prepares For WWIII RUSSIA STATES IT WANTS TO NEGOTIATE, 2 CONDITIONS TREASURIES LIQUIDITY SPOOKS WALL ST. (& WDC) – (What Underlies?- Ed.) …U.S. Treasury Urged To Intervene U.S. Upgrading European Nukes …Including Precision & Tactical Nukes The Single County That Could Determine The Senate Where More Missiles For Ukraine Are Being Sourced 2:50 Russia: Massive Drone Attack On Black Sea Fleet (2) Columns™ Monthly October 2022 “Be a giver, show up with other givers.” - G. Wheeler Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple view, “long term important” news. The Columns™ Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for- profit organization

Source: Tony Bell Tech Boom & Crazy P/E Era Ends – It’s Value Investing Now – VIC608™ & AOF

Source: Keystone, USACE LakeTX™ Uses Floodwaters – TX OK CA CO Water Plan Feasibility

LakeTX™ & CAqua™ Water Basics

Source: Texaslandscape

The Last Texas Water Plan

Source: Texaslandscape

LakeTX™ Secondary Source Routes

Source: USACE Recharging The Ogallala Aquifer – Plan B

Source: MarketWatch Pubs Have 2 In 3 Odds Of Winning Senate




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

Barron’s: Don’t Expect Home Prices To Crash (b$)

“Nobody Chooses Dependency Or Addiction” – 3P™

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

Pentagon: We Don’t Rule Out Using Nukes First (2)

Impact Of The Artificial Intelligence On The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Accounting Deep Learning For Early Alzheimer’s Detection – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

UP: Successful Test Of All- Variant Coronavirus Vaccine

Source: AP Lula Beats Bolsonaro To Become Brazil’s President

US DOD New National Defense, Missile, Nuclear Strategies (2) Markets Not Government Will Best Solve Climate Change (op) (nyt$)

Mexico To Ban Roundup Ag Products, U.S. Corn First

Artificial Intelligence In Financial Decision Making – BUSINESS

Source: GM GM Delays Plan To Build 400,000 EVs

…More On Treasury Tremors

Never Before Has The Fed Lost Money

Artificial Intelligence In Sustainable Finance – BUSINESS – Finance

Columns™ Monthly – September 2022 Flipbook

AI And Nanotechnology For Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Columns™ Monthly – August 2022 Flipbook

Self-Driving AGI & AVs Are REAL Hard – Ford & VW’s Argo AI Shutting Down (dup) – ENGINEERING – AVs

Source: PLOS ONE High Covid Transmission In Households

Source: DailyO Twitter To Charge $20 Per Month

Columns™ Monthly – July 2022 Flipbook

For Verification Badge (Brilliant) – SnApp™

(2) (3) (4)

Columns™ odds 1 in 20 Putin will use nukes

New York Times Front Page

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Why Putin’s Time Is Up 8:48

IBM’s Important AI Chip, 32 Cores 5nm – ENGINEERING – EE & CS AI (2) (3) 9:04

Ford Posts $837M 3Q22 Loss

Texans Know Permits Not Needed For Guns (nyt-free)

Source: Nungning20/ Shutterstock Fermented Foods And Fiber May Lower Stress Levels

Ford Can’t Afford Self-Driving Bet, Perhaps EV Retooling Also

Inflation & Prices Drive Voters Republican

Wall St: Meta & Zuck A Train Wreck, $700B Loss

Mississippi River Low Flow & Saltwater Threat

Chips Enter Ice Age

(2) (3)

…More Why Era Of High P/Es Is Over (2)

Source: Tesla Tesla’s New AV AI Chip –

ENGINEERING – AVs (2) (free)

Eric & Wendy Schmidt Funded AI Pact: UCSD Joins Oxford, Nanyang, Singapore, Cornell, Chicago, Michigan, Universities & Imperial College London Shutterstock & OpenAI Partner To Sell AI Artwork – ARTS & HUMANITIES – Fine Art

Source: Reuters Russia Defaults On Grain Export Deal- Another Putin Lie

Source: Henk Meijer/Alamy 20% Of Great Britain May Be Temperate Rainforest, 1% Now

Russia: British Navy Blew Up Nord Stream Gas Pipelines

Source: Honda Honda Begins Sales Of Battery Swap Station – Sprite™, SpeedO™

RockNRoller Jerry Lee Lewis Dies At 87

Japan’s New Joint Command To Manage Armed Forces

Google Makes Billions Off Of Fake News


Pelosi’s Husband Violently Assaulted With Hammer In Home Invasion Russia’s Kherson Effort Worsens, Complete Evacuation (2)

Future Of Accounting With Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – Accounting Business Boosting Through Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – AI Explaining AI Detected Accounting Anomalies In Financial Statement Audits – BUSINESS – Accounting

…More – Early Fears Affect Future Anxiety & Depression – 3P™ Flu + RSV + Covid Worries Your Doctor (2)

Putin: We Don’t Need To Use Nukes In Ukraine

Source: CNBC Columns™ Warned For Years: Meta Down 61%, Now Another 22% (2)

Exxon Reports Greatest Profit Ever, Oil & Gas Way Up

Trustworthy AI In Dentistry – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dentistry AI

Machine Learning For Blood Pressure Management – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Source: NASA NASA Detecting World Methane Super-Emitters (2)

Smart Agriculture Using AI – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Source: U.S. Army Air-To-Air NASAMS That Defend White House In Ukraine

AI For Investigative Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Prime & Spike Nasal Vaccine Strategy Helps Combat Covid Worldwide

Agriculture With AI Sensors – Agrobot – BUSINESS – Agriculture

15 Austin Zipcodes With More Renters Than Owners

Russia’s Share In Indian Oil Imports Climbs To 23%

Self-Diving & AVs Are REAL Hard – Ford & VW’s Argo AI Shutting Down

China Outnumbers U.S. In AI Education And Top World Universities (2)

Source: VisualCapitalist 100 Most Valuable Brands In 2022

New AI Tool Colorizes B&W Photos Instantly - ALL! (2)

Source: Sollers Ford Ford To Exit Russia After JV Stake Sale

The AI Market 2022-2030

Source: Miguel A Garriga/CRG Diabetes-Causing Gene Can Be Regulated Like A Rheostat

Neuroscience Suggests Brain Uses Quantum Computing

Goods Trade Deficit Widens

AI Model Can Diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea – AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – BJYHealth™

Causation In AI & Law – BUSINESS – Law

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In Business – BUSINESS – AI

Source: Eduardo Ropelle How Physical Exercise Burns Muscle Fat Rare Blood-Clotting Condition After Different Covid Vaccination Types

Did You Miss The Wealth Boom? It Will Occur Again

Source: REUTERS Ash Carter Dies Of Cardiac Event (2)

Medical Domain Knowledge In Domain-Agnostic Generative AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH Artificial Intelligence Based Decision-Making In Accounting – BUSINESS – Accounting

Early Fears Affect Future Anxiety & Depression – 3P™

Health Inequities With AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Brain Distinct Patterns Based On Patients’ Alzheimer’s Phenotype

Source: Peter Valdes $27,200 Chevy Bolt EUV Selling Very Well U.S. Treasury I-Bond Website Crashes, No Extension (2)

Agriculture Using Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Source: Sandboxx Russia Prepares To Fight For Kherson

Multimodal Biomedical AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

I-Bond 9.2% Yield – Oct 28 Deadline Is Upon You!

Elon’s Self-Driving Language Has Changed – AVs


AI Disrupts Journalistic Institutions – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism Artificial Intelligence In Digital Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

It’s Teachers And Curriculum – A Dire Warning For U.S. – 5:17

Source: Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo A Good Choice If You Don’t Want AirPods

Mapping Values In AI Governance – BUSINESS – Law

How To Make Sense Of Columns™ Scientific Articles & Papers

Source: Ellard Hunting Honeybees Swarms – Same Electrical Charge As Storm Cloud

The Top 5 And 30 AI Universities (See 11, 2, 3, 5, 8,10, 15)

Elon Now Owns Twitter


Warren Right Again – AAPL Winner Of FAANMGs (b$) (2)

Pubs May Have Power To End Ukraine Aid

Apple Are Eliminating UNs & PWs – Ed.)


AI Reshapes The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Accounting

NY Pubs Surge, Crime, Economy & Inflation Trump Abortion

Smart 20 Somethings Join AARP

NIH: Inflammation After Covid Causes Brain, Lung & Kidney Damage

Did Elon Solve The Great Pyramid’s Construction, Or Has Science? 8:55

Adobe’s New Consumer AI Video Editor – BUSINESS (2) Generally Intelligent Funds For Serial AGI Systems – MEDICAL Cognitive Neuroscience & ENGINEERING CS

NIH: Multivitamins May Improve Cognition In Seniors

More Pubs: Trump Won’t Be Nominated

Mayo: Turmeric & Curcumin Effect On Inflammation & Arthritis

West Calls Putin’s Nuke Bluff, He Can’t Contain Himself (2)

Source: Apple Apple’s New iCloud Web Access Is Easy & Useful (2)


Covid NOT Over

Dimon: The World & U.S. Risk Is Nuclear, Not Climate; Saudi –

UTSA Masters In AI

Austin Radar: Monday Night & Tuesday Severe Storms

U.S. Rift Will Resolve, Apprenticeships Good 1:56

AI Diagnosis By Voice Sounds – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx

…More On the Mississippi Drying Up

Reality Of War Coming Home To Russians – Russians Who Protest War, Or Not, Are Sent To The Front To Die – 11:19 (2)

Expected AI Breakthroughs – MEDICAL, ENGINEERING, BUSINESS (e$)

Diesel Shortage Spreads Across U.S.

Artificial Intelligence & Accountants Auditing – BUSINESS – Accounting

Alzheimer’s Research: Neuronal Structure And Function May Protect

Astros Will Steamroll The Phillies (op)

Source: Toyota 2023 Corolla $21,550 MSRP, 40 MPG – 2022 Corolla Hatchback 6- Speed $21,165

AI-Informed Mental Health Care – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Putin Crippling Pain Rumors, IV Tracks

Artificial Intelligence, Law, And Vulnerabilities – BUSINESS – Law AI Uses Pathology Images To Find Similar Cases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx Cyber Defense And Artificial Intelligence – GOVERNMENT – Autonomy & Defense

Source: NIAID Mechanisms Necessary For Covid Infection Of Macrophages

Source: KEYE Early Voting Starts In Texas

Decoder Uses fMRI Brain Scans To Reconstruct Human Thoughts

Source: WSJ

Austin Home Market From Builder’s Perspective

Could Be Worse If Putin Replaced

Energy Efficiency Through AI – BUSINESS – Energy

August Home Prices Fall Most In 11 Years

Newspaper Endorsements Fade Away

Try Your Own AI Created Images

New AI Detects Sepsis, Blood Poisoning – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

Plastic Packaging Isn’t Really ‘Recyclable’ In U.S.

AI Rejuvenates Public Trust In Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Source: McGowan ClearGulf™ Prevailing Current & Sediment Basics

AI & Vertical Farming – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Rule Of Law In The Era Of AI – BUSINESS – Law

Source: CODOT Estes Park CO Town One-Way Loop Budget $15.7M, Low Bid $27M

This Is Google Individual Workspace (2)

Source: UCSD UCSD Develops Pneumonia Microbots

Amazon’s Kuiper Satellite Manufacturing Begins

Genomic Data Improves Pandemic Modeling

Source: CBS /Twitter Astros Roll Over NY Yankees, It’s Astros vs. Phillies World Series Oct 28

Source: UT Leads In 10 Advanced Innovation Degrees – 3AI™

… More – Meta’s Revenue Decline Accelerates

Google Cloud Announces Blockchain Node Engine^

How Intelligence Forms A Few Neurons Up

Real Estate Sales Going TikTok & Instagram,- Hide And Watch Realtors – Snapp™ BRS™

The Neurology Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself

AI Assessment Of Hip Dysplasia Ultrasound – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Tesla Price Reduction: Y – $39k or less, 3 – $36k, and Coming To U.S. – 11:46

Source: Pharmaceutics Sand – A Possible Cure For Obesity

Source: Reuters Ukraine: Russia Blocking Grain Deal

Human Resource Management In The Era Of AI – BUSINESS – AI

Google’s YouTube Bows To China’s CCP 12:01

U.S Food Insufficiency Spiked By 25%

Stanford’s $40B Investment Return YE June 30 Was -4.2%


Challenges Practitioners Face Documenting AI – BUSINESS – AI

A Texas Ranch – Where To Park Your Money^ – LakeTX™

How PTSD Patients React To Stress

Impact Of AI On Jobs At The Organization Level – BUSINESS – AI Organizational Capabilities For AI Implementation – BUSINESS – AI

Austin Winter Swims: UT Swim Center*, Neighbors*, GHCC*, Deep Eddy*, Barton Springs, Circle C, El Salido, Pure*, National YMCAs, KMYT (*Rides)

…More On The Mississippi River Water Shortage 4:24

Parkinson’s Disease Imaging

Primary Care With AI & ML – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Passwords Are History

How To Recognize Fake Greek Squad & Other “Renewals”

What’s Next For Google’s Cloud AI Users

Source: Simon Walker Rishi Sunak Next U.K. Leader & OM

50 Features & Functions In New macOS 13 Ventura

AI For Clinical And Remote Health Applications – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

U.S. & NATO Should Send Ukraine Drone Inceptors & Arms That Reach Launchers (op)

Decline Accelerates For Meta, Facebook, Zuckerberg

Ageing Of Brain Images With Diffeomorphic Registration – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: Leticia Almeida & Keyla Sá/USP Drug’s Potential For Covid Inflammation

Russia’s “Dirty” Nuke False Flag

Meta Shareholders Unhappy

AI System For Fetal Ultrasound In Low-Resource – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI Creates Efficient Math Algorithms (2) - ENGINEERING CS AI Deep Learning AI Algorithm Streamline Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Founder: Zuck & Meta Executing Poorly

Russia’s Taking Out Ukraine’s Power Grid

Canada Bans Sale, Purchase, Transfer Of Handguns

Xi & New CCP Leaders May More Value U.S. Relations

Source; Leiden University New Environment Boosts Your Memory

U.S. 101st Airborne At Ukraine’s SW Border, NATO In Nuke Exercises At Ukraine’s West Border 2:31

Source: Scitech Laser & Chip Transmit Entire Internet In One Second

AI Business Models – BUSINESS – AI & Entrepreneurship

Italy’s New PM Giorgia Meloni Promises Pro-West Path

Twitter Losing Its Most Active Users

AI Creates Efficient Math Algorithms (2) - ENGINEERING CS AI

Xi In For 5 More

Division Is America’s Greatest Risk (op – Ed.)

…And Why India May Care

Source: CNN Weather

Elon Going Political, Or It’s Simply Elon

Rishi Sunak More Wealthy Than U.K. Royals

Winter Home Heating Costs

Deep Learning AI Algorithm Streamlines Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Genetic Causes Of High Cholesterol^

How To Use iPad’s New Multitasking

AI Business Models – BUSINESS – AI & Entrepreneurship

Banana Protein Works Against Covid

Elon Stays In Touch With Foreign Leaders – Go Elon!

Series Of DNA Variants & Dyslexia

$40,000 Business EV Credit Easy To Get^

Spot Any Spoof Or Fake Email (Somewhat Technical) 30:31

Microvest Gets $200M Fed GRANT For Battery Plant

Source: Dylan Buell Joe Burrow’s Best Pass Ever

Right Wing Social Apps Gaining Ground, For A Reason – SnApp™ (politically agnostic)

Pubs Gain Senate Momentum

Social Media Sites Are The New Newspapers For Rich^ – SnApp™

Source: BAIR ML & Reinforcement Learning In Controlling Real World Systems – ENGINEERING CS ML Artificial Open World For Evaluating AGI – ENGINEERING CS AGI

College Enrollment Falls For Third Straight Year

10 Value Stocks To Evaluate

Source: YouTube China Successfully Tests Maglev Train

Starlink Dishes Smuggled Into Iran

Source: Andrew Howe You Knew It: Birdsong & Chirps Help Anxiety & Paranoia (with audio)

Understanding Quantum Computing In A Few Minutes 5:19

China’s Richest Lose $9 BN In Selloff After Xi’s Reshuffle

Apple’s Industrial Design Chief Leaving Apple

Here’s A New AI Use – ENGINEERING – AI Robotics (Video)

Koreas Exchange Warning Shots Along Sea Border

Manhattan Covid 20% And Rising

Cuba Accepts U.S. Hurricane Ian Aid

Used Car Prices Keep Falling, Bad Loans Up

AI & Learning When To Advise Human Decision Makers – ENGINEERING CS AI

8% Human DNA From Ancient Viral Infections

The U.S. & Texas Bonanza – LNG Exports (2)

Political Economy Of Superhuman AI – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Source: Electrify America Electrify America Adds First Megawatt Storage & Charge System

Frailty, Dementia Mortality In Older Americans

Artificial Intelligence In Material Engineering – ENGINEERING – AI


Google’s New Video-From-Text AI – ENGINEERING CS – AI

Treasury: Illicit Risks Of Digital Assets

MIT: Why Legal Docs Are Hard For Humans And AI To Understand – LAW + MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

Social Media Sites Are The New Newspapers For Rich^ – SnApp™

Source: AP Protests In Iran Continue Over Amini Death – Civil Unrest, Bloody Crackdowns

Source: PNAS Evidence For Possible Animal Origin Of The Covid Omicron Variant

DoD Autonomy & AVs Today & Tomorrow

Production For U.S. And SpeedO™ Bikes Shift To Vietnam, Taiwan, Texas, U.S

Pence Warns: . . .

Self-Driving Cars Are Stalled

SUNz™ – Bidirectional EV Charging, Federal Funds^ (2)

FCC Denies Broadband Coverage Confidentiality

300,000 Neurons Is The Limit Of Today’s Neuroscience – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience MIT: DeepMind’s AlphaZero Discovers Faster Matrix Algos – ENGINEERING CS – AI (2)

Snap Full 3Q22 Report – SnApp™

Russia Lost 25 Million In WWII, U.S. 450,000 – 1 Million Now Is Not Unthinkable

Jury: Kevin Spacey Didn’t Molest

Source: PLOS ONE Obesity & Stress Influence Appetite – Study Shows It’s All In Your Head

A Bad Sign For Dems

AmEx CEO: No Changes In Consumer Spending

Source: GMC The 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali

Austin 911 Is Collapsing 3:31

U.S. Military – Prepare For Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan (Putin – Xi Deal – Ed.)

Putin Declares Martial Law, In Fact Including Russia

Source: University Of Missouri Anatomical Research Using AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH AI

Russia’s Not Notified Us About Nuke Drills

AVs To Adapt To Challenging Weather Conditions – ENGINEERING CS AV

7 Things Mentally Strong Always Say

Source: DNYUZ Luxury Bus – Houston DFW Austin San Antonio Corpus?

Human-Like Perception In Self- Driving Vehicles – ENGINEERING CS AV

Brain Structure Altered By Depression Treatments

Treasury: Crypto, Consumers, Investors & Business – CASHw™

Biden’s AI Bill Of Rights

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Pathology – MEDICAL &

Bezos: Rough Economic Time Ahead


Amazon Ring Used To Surveil Its Deliverers

Ethics Of AI In Autonomous Transport – ENGINEERING CS AV

JPMorgan New Funding Platform Connects Startups – SPF609™

Physical Training Is The Next Hurdle For AI – ENGINEERING CS AI

TikTok, Insta, YouTube Go Social Shopping – SnApp™ (bi$1)

New Explanation For Consciousness – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience Columbia University Proposes Unbounded Depth Neural Network -ENGINEERING CS AI Prediction Of Depression Treatment Outcomes With Wearables – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: Financial Fortress Mortgage Rates Rise To 7%

Source: Reuters Alef Aeronautics Develops Flying Car, Say They

Source: La Tunita (ab, betas) 7 Tasty Grilled Cheese That Go With Tomato Soup Lunch

AI Could Help Patients With Chronic Pain Avoid Opioids – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

New Protein Linked To Alzheimer’s


Unreliable Neurons Improve Brain & AI Functions – ENGINEERING CS AI

Claim: Boston Univ. Doing SARS- CoV-2 Gain-Of-Function, 80% Death Rate (What Does China Know? – Ed.)

(2) (3)

Multiple Modes For Continual Learning – ENGINEERING CS AI

Source: DUTCH MOD NATO’s First Killer Robot Deployed

Intelligence Of Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING CS AV

Berkshire Hathaway And Alleghany Complete Merger

Source: Wells Fargo /Fortune Wells Fargo: Housing Won’t Turn Up Until 2024

Source: NIAID NIH …More On Boston U’s 80% Lethal New SARS Variant


Boston U Refutes

Source: Gallup

Is Russia Preparing To Use WMD? 11:00

Americans Don’t Trust Traditional Media

New Covid Variants BQ.1 & BQ.1.1 Now 10% Of U.S. Cases


College Enrollment Decline Continues, And Why (2)

Detectable Gut Proteins Precede Motor Neuron Disease & ALS

Elon Warns: Give Up Crimea Or It’s Nuclear WWIII

The 400 Most Wealthy Americans 2022 - 3AI (2))


Elon’s OpenAI DALL-E Image Generator – No Waitlist

The View I-Bond & Other High Yields May Fall Sooner Than Later (And Housing Matters) 12:52

Chatbots & Natural Language Processing – BUSINESS & ENGINEERING CS AI NLP

Source: Kodiak Robotics Ikea Begins Self-Driving Trucks In Texas

Source: AP USDA Announces $1 Billion Debt Relief For Farmers

Operationalizing Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML

Russia’s Flying Drones Into Norway

Saving Luckenbach, Texas – BJYFederal™

SegNeXt : Convolutional Neural Network Architecture For Semantic Segmentation – ENGINEERING CS AI – DLA

Mid-Terms Tip Towards Pubs

Link Between Depression And Unhealthy Diets^

Microsoft: Work From Home 50% From The Data

U.K.’s Financial System Collapse Happen Here

Covid Effects On Cognition

Treasury: The Future Of Money & Payments, Exec. Order 14067 – CASHw™

How Former Employees Turn Loyal Alumni

Tesla 3Q22 $3.3B Earnings, $21.45B Revenue

Parkinson’s Disease Differs In Men And Women

MD Burnout Is Real, How AI Can Help - MEDICAL & (2) HEALTH - AI & NLP (3)

How To Buy Gold Direct From U.S. Treasury

Bill & Melinda Gates Give $1.2 Billion To Polio Re-Eradication (2)

Prepare To Bet On “Younger Warren” (2)

Stanford Acquires 759-Unit Post-Doc Apartment – 3AI™

How Close Is Adolf Putin To Going Nuclear, And Why

How To Buy Gold & Gold Investments

The Hollywood Drug To Lose Weight

Source: Arc Boat Austin’s ARC eBoat Launches

How Warren Makes 54% Yield On Dividends (2)

Why Texas Wagyu Steak Is The Real Deal

CDC: Flu Looks Severe This Season

…More, 100% Odds Of “2023” Recession

Source: Unsplash

6 Signs Of A Sociopath

Source: Oil Price

FTC Pursues Visa, MC On Debit Card Routing – CASHw™

(Russian) Drones Spotted Over Norwegian Oil Infrastructure

UT’s New Research Why Education Delays Alzheimer’s – 3AI™

Evaluation Of AI For Medical Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Google’s New Large Increase Of iPhone & Samsung Trade-In Values

How UT And Jason McLelland Helped Defeat Covid – 3AI™

AI Assistance Accuracy In Breast Cancer Screening – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx Artificial Intelligence & Alzheimer’s Disease Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

America’s 3 Most Unsafe Cities

Google Bets Big On Its Pixel Hardware, Bad For Samsung

New Omicron Subvariant Largely Evades Antibodies

More On Zuckerberg’s Failures

Pancreatic Images Help Advance Diabetes Research Worldwide

13 Open Source AI Projects – ENGINEERING – CS

Zuck & Meta Forced To Sell Giphy

Source: Valery Hache How Ferrari Is Going Electric

Neural Networks To Recognize Arthritis In MRI Scans – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI Model Better At Diagnosing Pediatric Ear Infections - MEDICAL & HEALTH - AI Dx, Pediatrics (2)

Funding For San Diego And UCSD Startups Stalls

Rise And Fall Of 5 Covid Billionaires (2)

This Is Signal – SnApp™

Russia Begins Its Evacuation From Kherson

This Is Parler – SnApp™

…More, Kayne West (Ye) Buys Parler – SnApp™

The Simple Answer – Putin Can’t

MRI Brain Images Accurately Determines Biological Age – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

U.S. – Saudi Ties Not Fragile

New Home Confidence In Free Fall

NVIDIA Introduces IGX Platform For AI Medical Edge Cases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: Unsplash Treating And Preventing Osteoarthritis

Dem House Claims Trump Interfered With CDC Covid News

Pfizer’s Omicron Booster Highly Effective^

U.K. Banks Prep For U.K. Taking Profits – A U.S. Event?

Belarus Defaults On Sovereign Debt

U.S. Record Drop In September Home Sales

Source: Unsplash Artificial Intelligence In Skin Diseases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: SpaceX SpaceX Announces Starlink Aviation

Artificial Intelligence In Primary Health Care – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

AI Breakthrough In Melanoma Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnosis

MIT: AI (Wayve) vs Map Based AVs

Source: UT NSF $3.6M UT Prof. Sentis’ Study Of Delivery Bots Over 5 Years O&M – 3AI™

1/3 of AI Researchers Opine AGI Uncontrollable

Source: Reuters EU Ministers Warn Iran Of More Ukraine War Sanctions

An Example Of AI’s Lethality

Source: SUN mRNA Melanoma Cancer Vax Coming

Google’s Home Run 3D Starline Video Chat

Neural Graph Databases – ENGINEERING CS ML

Bandage For Diabetic Foot Ulcers Could Revolutionize

Brain Principles Programming – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Dementia Signs As Early As Nine Years Ahead Of Diagnosis

Managing Lossless Data For Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML A Constant-Sized Learning Algorithm For Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnostic Support

Gene With Better Immune Response & Protection After Covid Vax (2)

Source: Steven Gunter. World’s Largest Big Bertha II Debuts At UT vs Iowa, 24-21

Source: Mercedes Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV

UT Austin #7 In Software Engineering Of All Universities – 3AI™

MRI AI For Cardiac Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Artificial Intelligence In Concrete Materials – ENGINEERING – Civil Eng.

Elon Goes Geopolitics

Runtime Reconfiguring Networks – FlexNet™ DMP^

MIT: Dark Side Of AI – Made Images – ENGINEERING CS

Source: SUN Putin Deploys Nuke Bombers 20 Miles From NATO & Norway

ORCL Gets Cloud Traction, A Buy? – BJY Swift™ (b$)

Source: RealClear Poll Says Republican Sweep

CNN vs Vision Transformers – ENGINEERING CS ML

First Full-EV Jeep – 333™ (2)

Putin Says He’s Ending Russian Draft, Which Failed 2:49

Neuroevolution Of Low-Level Artificial General Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Bolt EUV – 2022 Car Of The Year?

NYT: Republicans Pull Ahead (free)

A New Take On Artificial General Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

You’ll Like This Otter Video 1:46

King Xi

Tech Talk On Why Consciousness Evolved 34:55 – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience Machine Learning – Generated Sensory Map Called ‘Principal Odor Map’-MEDICAL & HEALTH – Biology “ESMFold’” An Artificial Intelligence-Based Model That Predicts Protein Structure – Medical & Health – Biology Nvidia Bionemo For Training & Deploying Large Biomolecular Language Models - ENGINEERING CS ML (2)

M142 HIMARS Launcher & Guided Rocket costs – BJYFederal

Recession “Forecast” 100% (We’ve Been In It)

Source: MUHAMMED YAYLALI Why Nukes Confer Little Battlefield Advantage

How $750M Raised By UT Advance Innovation – MED & HEALTH – 3AI™

Maybe India Can Do Space On The Cheap

Nations Stockpiling Iodine Tablets

Burry: Zuck & Facebook Troubles Worsen

Obama Blasts Cancel Culture & Woke Dems

Kremlin: “Guaranteed Escalation To Catastrophic WWIII”

Zuck: No Core Business

Russia Evacuates Kherson Residents

Zuckerberg’s Troubles

FDA: Adderall Shortage, Seek Alternate MD Therapies Now

USC: LGBTQ Teaching Is Highly Political

UCSD & UT’s Rachel Ward Data Science Research Award – 3AI™

Worth Your Time: It’s DRUGS Not “Homeless” 1:00:35

Congress May Move Against Saudi

U.S. vs Saudi Arabia

Learning With ML Differentiable Algorithms – MATHEMATICS – ML

Color Variation & Deep Neural Networks – ENGINEERING CS ML

Source: Samsung Samsung Develops MicroLed For AR /VR Headsets

7 Machine Learning Projects You Can Understand, With Diagrams – MEDICAL & HEALTH, ENGINEERING CS, BUSINESS FINANCE – Stock Forecasting, ENGINEERING AVs Self-Driving, ENGINEERING CS NLP Why It Will Be Impossible To Control AGI Super-Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

8.7% 2023 Social Security Increase

Source: Texas County Reporter Flipping Airstreams

6.47% I-Bonds After 6 Mo. Likely, But 9.62% Available Thru Oct 31 (wsj$1)

Utah May Determine Senate

Goldman Sachs Major Reorganization

Zuck Says He Flubbed News Feed – Columns™

Source: Journal Of Clinical Investigation Novel Monoclonal Antibody Therapy For Covid

China GDP Data Delayed “Without Reason” (It’s Crashing)

Peter Thiel Gets Malta Citizenship

Newspapers & Media Go Partisan & Niche To Remain Relevant^

World’s Top Chip Maker TSMC Braces For Hard Times

Microbial Origins Of Type 1 Diabetes (2)

Expert: Zuck’s Metaverse Is A Pitiful Effort, And A Fail

Putin Bombs Women & Children In 40 Towns

Washington Wants Maduro Again, Does Houston?

7 Key Senate Races

Source: MIT MIT: How The Brain Does Rhythmics Like Walking – MEDICINE & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

Source: Microsoft Microsoft’s HoloLens Goggles Left U.S. Soldiers With Nausea – Visor™

Source: Stanford University Exoskeleton Boot Allows People To Walk 9% Faster

Merck And Moderna’s Cancer Vaccine

Lincoln Dealers Face High Costs To Sell EVs

Source: Nature Communications Deep Learning AI Finds Baggage Explosives – ENGINEERING CS – Image Classification How Artificial Intelligence Can Explain Its Decisions – ENGINEERING CS AI

New Light On Long Covid Conditions

SpaceX Asks Pentagon To Take Over Starlink Funding In Ukraine

Source: Mario Tama GOP Kari Lake Could Be AZ Governor

Is Lukashenko Committing The Belarus Army To Putin?

Source: Nature Medicine Counting Steps Can Reduce Disease Risk!

Rapid Escalation Of Ukraine War Has Begun

Source: Scientific Reports ENGINEERING CS ML Neural Networks Make Sense Of Complex Electron Interactions – PHYSICS & MATHEMATICS

Source: NG HAN GUAN /AP China’s Goal: Ready & Depth For U.S. War

Putin’s New Course – Target Women And Children (2)

Source: Statista AR & VR Adoption

Flordia Strips K-3 Licenses For Gay, Sex Teaching

UT Austin Hub Leads National Science Foundation Innovation

Orchards Where Anyone Can Pick For Free – A Really Good Idea For Cities

AI Helps Detect Pancreatic Cancer – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI DS Machine Learning & Prompts For Neural Networks - ENGINEERING CS ML(2)

Why Teen Mental Health Help Is Really, Really Broken (op)

Notes On Russian Nuke Radiation

ML, AGI & Heterogeneous Datasets – ENGINEERING CS ML

40% Lied About Covid, A Sad American Commentary (2)

Source: Elena Scott /WSJ Meta’s New VR Headset For “Professionals”

Source: Reuters Fuel Shortages In France

Rapid Ketamine Tolerance

Zuck’s Metaverse Is Desperate (2) (bi$1)

…More On Colonoscopies & Cancer Deaths (3)

Ask Apple For Developers^

Effectiveness Of WaterPiks And Flossing (2)

Teen iPhone Ownership Is 87%

5 Hours A Week, $200k A Year (2) (bi$1)

Source: lex Tai/SOPA Google Focuses On AI-Only, Shuts Half Other R&D Projects (2 of 2) ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence- Google AI Introduces A Multi- Axis Approach For Vision Transformer

Genetic Sequencing Could Be Key To Containing Future Covid

Source: WSJ Mississippi River Runs Out Of Water, Lowest On Record, Stops Barges

Google Pixel 7 Pro 30X Telephoto Zoom

Zuck’s Metaverse Team Has The Worst Type Of Problem

Source: BMJ Medical History Helps Predict Autism In Young Children

Source: Stefan Rousseau U.K. PM Truss Fires Finance Minister

Hormone Protects Against Development Of Fatty Liver (2)

Source: GMC GMC Hummer EV Taillights Cost $6100 To Replace – Does It Work For You?

Source: Arxiv ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence- Google & Boston University

U.S. Water Pipes Contain A Wealth Of Untapped Electricity

– BJYFederal™

Proposes Text-To-Image ‘DreamBooth’

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Medical Imaging – Domain-Aware Model Calibration In Medical Image Segmentation MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Medical Imaging – Residual Autocorrelation In Multiband Task fMRI ENGINEERING – Computer Science – ML – Machine Learning – Machine Learning Students Overfit To Overfitting BUSINESS – NLP – Natural Language Processing & Online Services -Multiplicative Size Scaling On Natural Language Tasks

Source: DailyMail U.S. Rents Rose 7.8% In September

Source: Larasati et a Zinc Could Treat A Rare Genetic Disorder

Source: Jens Lasthein Smells In VR Environment Possible

American’s WWIII Fear Highest Since Cold War

Dimon: Real Recession In 6-9 Months

Ford And GM Downgrade On Slowing Demand, Debt 5:33

Dimon: S&P May Fall Another (Painfull) 20%, If You Need Money Go Raise It – 1:23

Khrushchev’s Granddaughter: Biden & Putin Signaling; 20% For Putin, 30% Against, 50 % Don’t Ask Me, 100% “Frozen” 6:00 Supporting Russia & Invasion Will Not Turn Out Well For India

Austin & EV Stats (2)

Ford F-150 Lightning Poor At Towing

Source: JPAD Alzheimer’s Drug Trial Shows Evidence Of Sustained Improvement

Putin’s Threats – We’ve Been Here Before

Dysregulation Of Metabolism In Type 2 Diabetes

NATO Delivering Advanced Missiles To Ukraine

Risks Of Sharing Health Care Data – Low Or Not

Source: Derek Leinweber How The Universe Really Makes Something From Nothing BUSINESS – INVESTING – PWC, MCKINSEY, ACCENTURE, BAIN: AI IS THE #1 OPPORTUNITY

“GEN Armageddon” – Now Putin’s General In Charge

Zelenskyy: Russia Is Preparing Society For Nuke Use

NATO To Demo “Deterrence” In Next Few Days

Source: Sotheby’s International Realty Carmel-By-The-Sea, $2M (nyt$1)

How U.S. Troops Use Personal Phones Securely, Russia Can’t

Alex Jones Finances Will Surprise You, $810,000 A Day

Merch Sales

Source: Kohei Yuyama Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease In The Blood

LT GEN (ret) Ben Hodges: Crimea Back In Ukraine By Summer 2023 11:41 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Poland All Warned About Putin, Russia And Invasion – Nobody Believed

Bad News – Colonoscopy Screening Fails To Prevent Cancer Deaths

San Diego & Imperial Beaches Water Contact Warning

Source: ECEP BUSINESS – INVESTING Funds UT Computer Science – 3AI™, BJY Ylabs™ BUSINESS – Natural Language Processing & Marketing – Results Of The NLP Community Meta Survey ENGINEERING – MILITARY – AI Aligned Procurement – DoD Online Marketplace For AI – BJYFederal™, 3AI™ ENGINEERING – MILITARY – AI Aligned Procurement – Beijing To Regulate Bots Like Digital Assistants, Influencers, And Avatars ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Cellular Automata Creates AGI On A Blockchain ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Functional Brain Model To Solve AGI ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Quantum Computing For Achieving AGI

Source: Reuters Flying Car Takes First Public Flights In Dubai

Many Russian Businessmen’s “Mystery” Deaths

Sewage Closes Beaches Coronado To La Jolla, Again

Tiktok Wants To Open Warehouses

Kroger Agrees To Buy Albertsons For $24.6B

How Much Turmeric For Inflammation 3:14

Home Prices Falling Most In Austin, Phoenix, … Spokane

U.S. FCC Banning All Huawei &:ZTE Equipment

Genetics Influences Our Body Weight Beyond Genes

Systemic Risk: Bank Of England Stops Buying Bonds Friday

Plastics Supplier For GM, Ford Files For Bankruptcy In MI

Microplastics Found In Human Breast Milk

U.K. Fire Sale A Systemic Risk

Putin Pushed By Inner Circle To Go Nuclear, Not De-Escalate 8:09

Zuck & Metaverse Spiraling Down (2) (3)

Biden: Armageddon Nuke Risk Highest Since 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis

StoreDot Achieves Extreme Fast Charging EV Battery

Putin: Will You Risk New York For A Free Odessa? (op)

Biden Pardons Thousands For Federal Weed Possession

Source: Joby Delta Air Invests $60 M In Joby Aviation

Source: Gabbard Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Dems

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Machine Learning – Efficient,

Recurrent Model-Free Reinforcement Learning (RL)

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Law – Artificial Intelligence Meets Arbitration ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Moral Cognition ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Elon: We Need More Oil & Gas – 3AI™ ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Robot Learns By Imagining Itself (2) ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI Frameworks – Spiking Neural Network Based Brain- Inspired Cognitive Intelligence Engine

Source: Land Rover All 30 U.S. Plug-In Hybrids

– Girl, Run For Your Life – (wp-free)

Eat In Only A 10 Hour Window, Have An Early Dinner

Source: AP Missiles Target Women & Children From Russia’s Black Sea Navy

Nurses, PAs, NPs, MDs – Global Short Supply

Why Flu Could Be Far Worse This Season (2)


Source: NASA NASA Invents “Incredible” Battery For Electric Planes

The Chemistry Of Life’s Origin?

IBS and A Common Stomach Bug

Elon Says Liberal Neo-Marxist University Faculty A Great Risk To U.S. – He’s Right (2 - ft$1)

Tuberculosis Vax Appears Covid Effective (dup)

BBV154 Nasal Spray Is Effective Covid Booster & Vax

Source: Bloomberg World’s Best And Worst Pensions In 2022

Source: Verge ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI – Autonomous Vehicles – Driverless Cars May Be Impossible Without Drivers

Source: Meta Zuck’s Metaverse So Poor Employees Won’t Use It (2)


ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI – Autonomous Vehicles –

95% Of Stanford Undergrads Have Downloaded Fizz – Snapp™

Source: Manheim

Is This WWIII? 26:08

$1.4T Of Shaky Auto Debt, Prices Falling Fast

Aerial Vehicle Navigation Using Reinforcement Learning – Swift™

U.S. Stockpiles Anti-Radiation Drugs, $290M Of Nplate Just Ordered

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI Deep Learning Architectures & NLP – Building Better Language Models

U.S. Treasuries Becoming Volatile And Illiquid

Source: Mobileye Mobileye SEC IPO Filing – Will Camera Only Self-Driving Win?

Small Estes Park Studio – $875 /Mo.

Source: WSJ Nashville Tim McGraw – Faith Hill Property, $16.5M

PLUGINS: Rav4 (60 mi) vs. Maverick vs New Toyota 8:37

Source: Reem Akkad /WP What We Know About Putin’s Nuke Arsenal (wp$1)

The Source Of Puerto Rico’s Difficulties

Every State With EV Or Plugin Tax Credit

Source: Nature Medicine MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Compliance Support – Health Care Researchers – Be Wary Of Misusing AI MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Compliance Support – BUSINESS – AI For Healthcare Systems Of Developing World

Biden’s 48 Page Security Strategy vs China & Russia, Democracy At Home

Mercedes Or Tesla First To Sell L3 AVs In Texas & U.S. (2)

Putin Ropes In UAE – With Saudi, Venezuela World Energy Control Shifts – “Green” Poorly Planned So Drill, Drill, Drill Putin’s Speechwriter: Putin’s Losing Control, Wants To Stop War, Days Are Numbered 13.29

2023 L3 AVs – Tesla, Mercedes, Volvo-Polestar, BMW – Regulators Can’t Keep up With AVs – BJYFederal™

Elon’s X App May Be A Non- Starter In U.S. (2)

Source: University Of Basel New Function Of The Cerebellum

Putin Gambles West Will Abandon Ukraine

GM To Develop Ultium EV Battery For U.S. Military

Source: Wiley MEDICINE & HEALTH – Brain Structures & Computational Mechanisms – Complex Oxides For Brain-Inspired Computing

Mouthwashes May Suppress Covid

United Methodists Are A Slow Motion Train Wreck – Just Look Who’s Who

U.S. Cuts Off Chips To China, It’s Long Term

Schizophrenia May Increase Dementia

Older Florida Residents Face Uncertain Future

GOOG Approaching Value Trigger Price (2)

The Press And Top Officials Are Not Discussing WWIII Clear And Present Danger 9:08

37 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Probability Of WWIII

Nuclear War Is Closer Than We Think

Mental Health Help For Our Young – 85% Of Success Is Showing Up –™

Source: Radiological Society of North America MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – Best Practices For Handling Bias In Radiology AI MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – AI Helps Epilepsy Patients Become Seizure-Free MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – AI Could Help Patients With Chronic Pain Avoid Opioids MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – Successful Labor Outcomes In Expectant Mothers Using AI

Biden: “I Don’t Think” Putin Will Use Nukes

These U.S. Covid Hotspots Still A Thing

Biden Approves Air Defenses, NATO: They’re Top Priority

Why New York Is Testing 50 MPH Limit For 50 Fleets

Source: Kickstarter Kickstarter Does $2 Million Bot Dog – SPF609™ (2)

Honda To Build $3.5B Battery Plant In Ohio

Source: Europrapress …More On Putin’s Nuke Deployment

Fed Gig Worker Proposal Tanks Uber, Lyft & Doordash

(2) (3)

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – Machine

Florida’s Hurricane Ian Most Deadly Since 1935

Learning To Identify Undiagnosable Cancers

Soirce: Jeff Greenberg 100% Solar Community Survived Hurricane Ian – SUNz™ (2)

More EU Pain – Bird Flu Culls 45 Million Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks

DeepMind Used A Baby’s Mind As A Guide – Neural-convergence

Bird Flu Spreads To S. California


AI Method For Synthesizing Realistic Photos From Scene Sketches




Restaurants Moving To AI Voice Bots


More Waiting Until 40s & 50s To Marry

GM’s Cruise Recalls AI Software In 80 Self-Driving Cars

Source: VisualCapitalist World’s Most Surveilled Cities

9 Ways To Debunk Family & Friends False Claims – RE DA^

Brain Development & Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Biden Punishing OPEC Myopic, Sophomoric Politics

Strong Ti & Light Carbon Bikes – SpeedO™

U.S. Extends Devastating Huawei-Type Sanctions To All China Chip Exports

Neuro-Symbolic Approaches In Artificial Intelligence

Scientific Exploration And Explainable Artificial Intelligence

U.K. Spy Chief: Russian Troops Exhausted, Putin’s Judgment Flawed

AGI Through Visual Pattern Recognition

Poland Advises Its Citizens To Leave Belarus

Source: National Geographic 12 Of Italy’s Very Best Beaches

Artificial Intelligence And Image Big Data In Neurology

IMF Lowers Global Growth Forecast

EV Competition Heats Up, Elon Keeps Selling Tesla (b$)

Deep Learning Framework For Artificial General Intelligence

Austin, The Efficient Air Travel Hub

Source: Medical University of South Carolina Putting The Brakes On Heroin Relapse –™ Decreased Proteins, Not Amyloid Plaques, Tied To Alzheimer’s Disease –™

Yes, We Inherit Memories Of Our Ancestors 7:03

3AI – More On How Texas Beats Harvard

Source: WSJ Iran’s Protests Are Durable

Computable Artificial General Intelligence

Understanding What’s Underway With Western Economies 9:19

Fundamental Limits On Artificial General Intelligence

A Brilliant Analysis Of Russia’s Nuclear Status 7:41

Artificial General Intelligence The Democratic Way

Herschel Walker Will Lose But GOP Will Take Senate

Source: Jess Wade Signal’s CEO – Snapp™

IRS Adding 87,000 Agents Is Determined By Mid-Term Elections

Peloton’s One Last Try – SpeedO Space™

The Florida Town Built To Weather Hurricanes, And Did

Most Of Putin’s Kremlin Elite Oppose Ukraine War

Source: NIAID Coronavirus Formation Is Successfully Modeled

30 Best Amazon Pre-Prime Day Sales, Up To 80% Off (2)

Europe Surges Right (But Not Far Right)

Source: DeepMind AI For Discovering Agents From Empirical Data

Genomic Changes Of Specific Brain Cells In Alzheimer’s Disease

50% Of CEOs See Job Cuts Within 6 Months, Remotes First (mw$1-

Target’s Best Sale

Tim Cook Thinks Zuck’s Metaverse Sucks


Cognitive Neuroscience

Made In America Is Back – AmericaMade™

Samsung’s 2nm Chip Roadmap Matches Taiwan’s TSMC

Source: University of Michigan Next-Gen Neural Probe Leads To Expanded Understanding Of The Brain

Source: ESI/C Effect Of The Color Red On Brain Waves

Source: NYT What You Can Get For $1.4M

Google’s New “Human Level” Language Model

Source: Visualcapitalist 10 Top EV Battery Manufacturers In 2022

Texas High Speed Rail – No Progress, Deposition Rule 202 Filed


NYT: AI Is Getting Really Good (nyt$)

Huawei To Relaunch 5G Phone Despite U.S. Sanctions


AI Startups Losing VC Backing

$1,000 To $50,000 Utility Bills – SUNz™


MIT & Parker: AI Education Is Required To Lead The World In AI


Neuroevolution Of Low-Level Artificial General Intelligence

Petraeus: U.S. Would Destroy Russian Troops & Black Sea Navy

Source: WWE A Clue To Sara Lee’s Death

AGI vs. Industry 4.0

Britain’s Financial Crash A World Warning

A Dataset For Neural Face Rendering

Beijing Doesn’t Want Starlink In China

Fed In Emergency Meeting – Monday

$200B Of $280B Federal Tech Funding Is “AI First” (nyt$)

Ukraine Bombs Key Crimea Bridge To Russia (2)

Source: Seattle Times Before You Add That ADU

Targeted T-Cells For Myeloma^

Will Lawyers Represent AIs?

Football Concussions & Second Impact Syndrome

UN Chief: World At Life Or Death Climate Struggle

UiPath Buys Re:infer For AI NLP Business Chat

What Really Went Wrong With Britain’s Financial System (op)

VW Can’t Do EV Software In- House, And VW Has Failing Vendors 8:32

Universal Hyperparameters For Machine Learning

UCSD La Jolla & WIS Discover Fungi In Cancer Tumors

Credit Suisse As A Risk To U.S. Financial System (2)

Improve Fairness And Accuracy In A Machine Learning Model

Glucose Monitoring Coming To Watches, Glasses

Automated Machine Learning

How Covid Damages The Heart

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 2

“Super Ager” Brains Contain Super Neurons (2)

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 1^

Some AI Startups 2022

Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Based On Near- Infrared Spectrometry

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 3 – Did The Machines Win?

Sources: World Bank, Gzero Remittances – Personal Money Flow – CASHw™

Top AI Sites To Follow 2022

Dataset Pruning Scales AI Training

‘TriSegNet’ Triple-View AI Feature Learning For Medical Image

Source: Reuters Consider These Photos

AI Natural Language Processing Goes Exponential, As Bill Gates Said It Would

AI Automated Assessment Of Pathology Image Quality

Source: Calculated Risk Lumber Prices Continue Down

AGI vs AI – The Difference Is Everything

Treasury I-Bond Sales Top $27 Billion

First Transformer-Based Framework For AI Hyperparameter Tuning

Source: AP Ian’s Destruction, Months Of Florida Cleanup, Years Of Rebuilding Rising Sea Metrics For Galveston, Jefferson & Aransas Counties, Texas, Florida, Louisiana

Computable Artificial General Intelligence (AGi)

Source: Santana Cycling Cruises Around The World^

Mapping The Landscape Of Human- Level AGI

NYT: Russian Troop In Full Retreat

Source: James Addson

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