Izquierdo Law Firm Testimonial Booklet

“Due to the negative biases in our legal system, when one becomes involved in a DWI investigation, the notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ does not apply. I was judged and sentenced by the FHP department without any tangible facts. Mr. Izquierdo was referred to me by a friend and he truly proved himself a trustworthy ally in my ordeal. Anytime I had concerns, he addressed them right away. He was very involved in my case, reviewed all the facts, and was objective throughout. His professionalism and attentiveness transcended the current ‘lawyer mills’ out there only making money out of personal necessity. He restored my faith in our legal system and its purpose: the rights of the citizen. If you need a lawyer who you can trust, Mr. Izquierdo is the right individual for your case. He will be honest and objective, and he is truly a great person. I would recommend him to anyone!”

–Satisfied Client, Pembroke Pines, FL

“On the heels of an especially bad bit of judgment, I was faced with a DUI charge — my first. I’d already spoken to another lawyer, but I found him to be a bit boorish, unhelpful, and rather unknowledgeable about a subject he claimed to specialize in. Fortunately, I was then referred to Danny. What a difference that made! “People often speak of bedside manner when referring to doctors, however I would argue that an easygoing, infectiously-calm demeanor is equally important in the practice of law as it is in medicine. From the moment I arrived at his office, I was immediately put at ease. He patiently walked me through my situation and my options, making sure that I understood everything as we went along. By the end of our meeting, I was feeling optimistic. Hiring him was an easy decision. “Since he began representing me, he’s made himself very available, returning calls and texts promptly and never going longer than a day without getting back to me. Having him there has really made going through this ordeal easier. I was able to get into the program I was hoping for, and since then, he’s made sure to check up regularly to see how I’m progressing. Whenever any concerns arise — and there have been some, though none due to anything he’s done — he’s worked through the problem with me to reach a favorable resolution. “I’d recommend Danny to anyone for any legal issues whatsoever. He’s prompt, attentive, professional, intelligent, personable, and thorough. He’s an ideal representative of the profession and truly one of the ‘good guys.’”

“I worked with Mr. Izquierdo on my husband’s DUI charge. This drinking and driving charge really shook up our family because this was the first time any of us had ever had any sort of legal problems. I met with several other lawyers and always felt like I was being sold a bill of goods but it was apparent from the beginning that Mr. Izquierdo knew exactly what he was doing and took charge of the situation before it was too late. He was honest and straightforward and answered all of my questions (even at odd hours). I thank him so much for getting the charges dropped and getting our lives back to normal!”

–Satisfied client, Miami, FL

–Satisfied client, Palmetto Bay, FL

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