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MARCH 2020



into the activities you love most. Sports have been an incredible part of my life. I used to be a triathlete and did half an Ironman Triathlon. This April, my son and I will be doing a liveaboard, which is a 7-day scuba diving trip while living on a boat. It’s tough when you’re

therapist, and I loved the happy environment. They created a safe space where I felt welcome while physically recovering, and that was really appealing to me. After deliberation and prayer, I decided upon my career in physical therapy.

When it comes to the power of physical therapy, there’s always one case I think of. Right after I got my advanced certification in vertigo, one woman really proved to me how life- changing that information can be. For 20 years, she couldn’t lie down on her side because of her vertigo. We fixed that issue in one session. school, I excelled in biology and anatomy. My mother was a nurse, so I was always around a clinical environment one way or another. One of my first jobs was working at a beach and tennis club, and there were a lot of doctors there. They gave me a lot of advice about the medical field, which fueled my curiosity from school. I ended up drawn to the idea of physical therapy because it was so flexible. At the same time, though, I also wanted to be a pastor. I had planned to go on a missionary trip my junior year of college. but that changed when my girlfriend (now wife) became diagnosed with Crohn's disease. She needed to be geographically stable, and the life of a pastor isn’t guaranteed to be that way. I’ve always had a passion for my faith, so I was at a crossroads. Then, while playing for my high school tennis team, I hurt my shoulder. I ended up going to a physical Science has always fascinated me because of its potential. Even in high

injured because often, you don’t really want to spend that time

Going to school and getting my doctorate from the University of St. Augustine wasn’t necessarily the end of my education. I still

resting; you want to get back into action.

I’m excited to share a lot of things with you, friends. From physical

study all the time. I’ve earned certifications for every single field of physical therapy I practice

therapy tips to sharing the incredible work being done by Kaya’s Kids and building schools in Africa, we don’t take education and sharing knowledge for granted. Until our next issue, whether you want to jump back to a sport or get a good night’s rest, I want you to know that everyone at our clinic is excited to help you. There’s nothing like waking up and feeling less pain than you did yesterday. Meet our team of experts at Leisure Physical Therapy by calling 631-821-8090 to easily make an appointment.

because I don’t rely on “learning on the job” tactics like other clinics, and I require the same of all our therapists. Our clinic will never give you varying levels of quality therapy. We strive for excellence every single time you come in. That’s why I needed to break off from corporate hospitals and create my own clinic. I was an assistant director in a hospital in my second year of work, and I think the crowded and fast-paced environment can really make a clinician lose their personal connection with a patient.

Have a wonderful April!

I know how tough it is when you’re injured but just want to jump back

–Dr. Scott Paskiewicz

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